October 16, 2021

My dear children, brothers and sisters, we are coming to the close of an earth chapter and you are wondering how things are going and what is happening that you cannot see. Be assured that, even though things are obscured, that the dark energy is hitting the fan as we speak. It is in such a conflict as we see it and it is like the swirling of the water down the drain. I kid you not. Things are coming unwound and all is unraveling in the dark plans and communities. This is the disturbance you feel at night when you cannot sleep and the uneasiness you feel during the day when you say, “something is up”.

The light and energies that have been bombarding earth these past decades have overpowered the dark and the available good energies have been accepted into the hearts and bodies of the many who choose good over darkness. These same energies, when refused by those who choose the darker ways, go against all comfort and well being of the body and mind and things do not go well when those decisions have been made. It is of their own doing but will work their way into the collective of earth to bring about the discomfort you feel at times. This is why we continue to encourage you to surround yourselves with light and love as this will help you travel through the dark water with no ill affects. You are on a different plane and vibration and living and drawing to you more pleasant experiences. This is how someone can be in the middle of the turbulence of all that is going on but feel at peace and be happy. You are in the earth but not partaking of what darkness is going on. You are trying to enter into and live in the Kingdom of God.

We, on our side, have not seen things this conflicted in the dark hearts of the dark ones in a long time. It is not going well for any of them and if they profess it is, then they are deceiving themselves. Continue to hold yourselves apart from all this and center yourselves in the council of the Godly. This is a short message but I had to speak to you. May all be well in your corner the higher planes.

I am Manning

6 thoughts on “October 16, 2021

  1. Thank you for this confirmation Manning !!!! I do feel this way at night and definitely sense something is up during the day!!! I love how you explain that light is a choice, it definitely is!!!! I’ve chosen it and it has liberated my existence in such a rich and rapid manner!!!! Thank you so much for your messages!!!


  2. I echo Flor’s words! Those who know can not sleep at night. I’m still seeing countdown numbers waking up to them along with the synchronicities. I find that when truth is revealed, the hearts change thus the prayers and meditation change! Godspeed.


  3. Thank you Manning for your messages. I can feel your love, empathy, truth and dedication to aligning with the light. It is truly refreshing to read your messages of hope, and your teachings of how to enter the kingdom of God, live in the will of the Father and create all that you want in your life. Your perspective brings great hope to those who read here, because it allows us to see that good wins out and that surrounding ourselves in light and love will shield us from much of the effects of the dark ones. Despite all that is happening in our world, I choose to experiment on your word so that I can experience the fruit of your messages. With loving appreciation, your willing student, Jay


  4. I would like to ask of the avatars/symbols that is assigned. Each one is completely different. Is there a significants to this? I feel there is! I woke at 3:33 am last night also! Godspeed and thank you for all your work!


    1. Michael, there are many signs in everyday life if we know to look for them. In reality in your world and how it is set up, all things are connected and when you set your mind to knowing this and looking for them more will be shown. Yes, there is significance to this and they do have meaning. There are several different categories to symbols and at present you should be acquainted with symbols in dreams that have meaning and as you mentioned the time factor. We will not get into dream meanings here but touch on the time. These repeating numbers have to do with the conditions at present and mostly they are reminders that you are in touch with higher meanings and the unseen benevolence of the universe. You are focusing in to things behind the scenes and know that there is more to life than what is seen. They are affirmations for you that you are connected. Manning


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