October 20, 2021

I am ready to continue with certain facts concerning your advancement on your journey of life. It can be on earth, on another planet or in spirit, it doesn’t matter. You are still in a state of learning and of being and that is your expression of Creator. You underestimate your importance to all that is and your contribution to all that is. You feel what you do only has an affect on your surrounding area that you can see. This is far from the truth and what you do has repercussions which are far reaching. Do you realize that your collective consciousness as a group of Light workers has brought heightened energy to places far beyond your solar system. Yes, believe it for you are that strong in your mental energy.

Most all of you have had teachings at night while you sleep in the focus of your positive energies and how to use them to elevate all living things in your purpose. Even the animals and the plants and the elements themselves derive energies from what you do to better everything. Mostly you are concentrated with things of earth but know that the love and uplifting vibrations you put out cannot be stopped from spilling over into all facets of life and these are far reaching indeed. It may not have been wise to tell you how powerful you could be right at first for this would influence your work but as time went on it was evident that you were growing in intent and dedication and far enhanced your abilities to determined action. Each of you have endeavored to fulfill your contract in a positive way and have not shirked your agreement or put it aside for any length of time. Each of you have had to have rest periods so you would not burn out but then you always came back and focused on your work and stepped forward to continue.

We come to now when you are more aware of what you do and what you think is vitally important in your learning for this is a must in further advancement. You come to know that all is built now upon your basic thinking abilities to control your power upon that which is Godly and the channeling of qualities and thoughts that promote the Source love and light. It is the beginning of the point of positive power which is your basic premise of correct thinking and actions. Like the mother bear who protects her young, all else is set aside to keep her cubs safe from harm. Likewise you begin at the beginning with your thoughts inspired in the intent of all that is good and holy in the direct expression of your Father. This does not rule out joy, laughter and good times for this is of God. Be of good cheer in your being and hold dear your good times and enjoyment of life for this encourages the love you have in your thoughts and actions. Your service to others has risen in your intent and you have come to feel the contentment and joy in this giving of yourselves to the purpose, the cause, or to others. This may be to one individual or it may be to a group or to all that is as a whole.

I encourage you to grow in this effort to remain in the God directed thoughts and positive thinking that brings about the good fruit from the tree of your life. When you fall into the shadows of non productive thinking, pick yourself up and regroup and bring yourself back into the chambers of connection with your Source and begin again to feel God directed in your thinking. You are no longer wandering around looking for instructions on how to act for you are becoming like burnished metal in the fires of strife and discord and are much stronger than you were at the beginning. You now know where to go for your strength for all things are from God and there is no other source for your life or for your instructions. I am only a pointer of the way for your life was a gift from only one source. Be the strength that you are given and let your thoughts be the God creations as He has directed you to be. You are an enlightened group of immense Godly intentions. Continue to pray and meditate within the Kingdom and be the God expression of your own interpretation and way for we were all created differently for a reason and you have so much to give.

I am Manning

5 thoughts on “October 20, 2021

  1. Wow! Just wow! This is so positive! We walk in the light of the Father, all things come from God! Thank you for your classes! We are just as much spirit as we are flesh.Now to conquer my flesh so I can hear and see more intently.I think I can speak for those of us here that we are grateful for your inspiring words of wisdom!!! Godspeed.


  2. Yes, Michael, you can speak for all of us here. I suspect the learning in the night time classes is an important part of our souls growth and is comprehended and remembered at a higher soul level and influences us in the now. Is there a way that we can pull this knowledge into our 3rd dimensional conscious awareness? Or is there a blessing that can be given from one on the other side of the veil that would enable us to recall what we have learned?

    Manning, I am very grateful for the personal attention you have given in responding to our many questions. I posted a few questions in response to your post of October 10th. These questions tie together and directly relate to your lesson. I would appreciate your advice so that I can better apply your teachings on creation and minimize any retardation of my creative force by not understanding the laws. Thank you for your considerate attention, your brother, Jay

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  3. Gratitude for your teachings Manning. There is the delivery and then the digestion. Thank you for time for the both. On the topic of time I hope sincerely that October truly is the month we have hoped it to be. Most of us who are of the light have been robbed in our capacities to conduct the large scale humanitarian projects we have placed into heart. The iron cords of the false of what value is this world operates with and forces all to contribute to needs to be eradicated. My understanding is that nesara/gesara is supposed to allow for Saint Germain’s works so long ago to come into place. Thank you for all your hard work

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