October 24, 2021

These next two weeks will be days of action for the world with lots of strange twists and turns. It is well that you are well seated in your Light and direction from within. These last days are full of the attempts of the dark to re-establish themselves and gain back their lost influence and they will fail. God’s hand is fully inserted in the goings on concerning earth at this time and you will see first hand how things will not develop for the dark. Give thanks to God.

Being human is no small task. There are things that will arise that you will never imagine and as you increase your horizons more will unfold and you need to be ready. You need to study God’s word and this is for your own preparation when you meet these challenges that will arise.

There was a question of teaching at night compared with teaching learned during the day. Both are important for they enter the soul’s energy at different points or places and they both have a purpose that is fully developed and meets the needs of the soul. One is not more important than the other for each has its own purpose. That of earth and consciousness will be remembered as known and that teaching at night will seek its place in the area of service to be used at the proper time, if not at the present moment. That teaching at night is more controlled in that it is customized to what is needed at your state of development, where as what you learn during the day may be an assortment of different topics and subjects. Nothing is lost but I believe that it is important to take things that build on each other and therefore I recommend those like myself who can do this and I am not above promoting my experience and sort of advertising myself for your needs.

Let us be prepared for what is to come on earth. Hold steady and maintain your focus in the service of God and listen to His direction. We are down to the changes now and even though they have been long coming they are none the less intense in their presentation and their depth of meaning. This is another short message but feel the love from all of us in my words as we watch you carefully as always.

It is difficult to explain how much our feelings are with you as you go through this time period. Feel our presence at your side and take comfort that you are never alone. Our service to you is freely given and we have become close to you over these past years. We have studied your lives and your desires and needs. This is a collaborative effort and we are highly invested as you are in the outcome. Always find your place of quietness and communion with Creator and wrap yourselves in His love and light.

I am Manning

6 thoughts on “October 24, 2021

  1. Thank you Manning for your message. I look forward to witnessing the hand of God in the destruction of the dark influences that have prevailed for so long upon the earth. As we all have, I know Gaia has shed many tears because of the violation of the Laws of Balance, which have been demonstrated throughout the history of this planet. With Enoch, I look forward to that day when she shall rest and rejoice in the fruit of her 5th dimmensional children.

    As you may already know, I am a student of God’s word, in that I have studied intently from many sources on earth which claim origin from a divine source. My study goes far beyond the confines of the Bible. When encouraging us to study God’s word, do you have a specific source in mind? Is there a source that will yield the highest gain in spiritual growth at this time?

    Also, I may sound like the woman with the unjust judge, but her constant annoyance prevailed before the judge and thus I employ the same method here. I posed a few questions in response to your post of October 10th, the answers to which I believe will prove very beneficial to all who read, in our attempt to increase our creative power of manifesting the good desires of our heart and mind. I would greatly appreciate it if you would provide some pearls of great price that I may add to my collection. Thank you for all you do, in love and friendship, your brother Jay

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    1. Thank you Manning. I second our dear brother Jay is saying. Your words are truly having and impact and the seeds are for some sprouting and others already bearing fruits. Keep up the good teachings. Thank you for being so kind to be willing to help. I have many issues, boy it’s a million piece jigsaw puzzle this life and the missions and supporting others but one issue is tinnitus how is that healed? I’ve tried everything. If you can help tinnitus I’ll be eternally grateful.


      1. Jacob, this is out of my realm of knowledge so I am turning you over to the medical team and they will help you all they can with this issue. I hope you will find some recovery or healing as so many suffer with this problem. If they give me instructions for you I will return. Manning


    2. Jay, as to a specific source to study, this is usually given by your counselors and angelic realm by instructions at night and encouragement by day. You should be led by your own God within to various teachings that will benefit your journey at the moment. There are different needs at different times and you are progressing at a good pace. Listen to what is given from within and you will do well. Manning


      1. Thank you Manning. Yes I am familiar with being lead many times to new sources of learning or even returning to sources already discovered. The process of learning in this life is a slow one of searching, discovery, revealing, sifting, sorting, and going within to discern the truth. I will tune in. Please know of my sincerety when I express to you my love and appreciation. Your brother Jay


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