October 26, 2021

Be it known that I am here to give you the information I think you need for this day. I do keep in touch with things on earth and what is necessary for you. I am deviating from my focus on advancement and concentrating on earth conditions at the moment.

We, and I do canvas others for this information, see that big changes are in store and prepare for truth to be revealed from several different sources, hard core revelations of what has happened and what is being stopped now. You, my readers, are somewhat prepared from your own study and seeking but others will be confronted with these heavy subjects for the first time and we think there will be a lack of acceptance and disbelief at first. There will be a process of acceptance when it continues, for first person testimony will come out and it will be progressively more difficult to deny. Be careful when you let it be known that you have known this for some time. I know you are used to ridicule in your lives but this will be a little different.

At first when others hear of this you will be seen as the guilty party with your words of agreement with what is being said. Caution is needed here for they may think they have the right to stop you or to impede you in your voice. It is unknown how far they will go as they will believe they are in the right and do have the right to stop you. Let this begin to sink in with them and pick themselves up to a better level of acceptance with what is. There is always the group that will never believe also. Travel cautiously in this time of first beginnings for others. Think clearly about the proper timing and words you will use when asked for your opinion. Do not deny your beliefs but try not to offend at first. This is a volatile time for them and this makes it also a volatile time for you.

On the bright side truth will be coming out and it will be felt at first like a harsh blow to the mind and body. From there it will become a steady stream of information difficult to hear for everyone, even you. Be good to yourselves and continue your communion with Source and surround yourselves with the Love of Father and His protection. Try not to give in to outwardly exhibiting the feeling of “I tried to tell you and you should have listened to me”, even if that is what you feel on the inside. You have every right to feel this way but let the love that is God given direct your feelings for others and also for protection of self.

I needed to come to you this day for your own benefit of safety. Go with the flow of release of truth and give thanks for these days ahead no matter how bumpy the road. My Chelas, you are loved in all ways from our side and these are the days you have prayed for. It is hard to put yourselves in the minds of others for you have lived with truth as students for some time but this will go harshly for so many others and compassion is needed. This should not be at the expense of yourselves. It is good to love others and have compassion for them but protect the you that is the God within. These are my instructions and also of many others whom I have consulted on our side. People react in different ways and so much in this respect is still unknown. Hold onto the peace within.

I am Manning

5 thoughts on “October 26, 2021

  1. Thank you Manning for the guidance and direction about how to navigate through the disclosure and education phases of your mission. May the God of heaven and earth strengthen you in your purposes. Your friend, Jay


  2. Let the truth come forth like oil to the top of the ground, unstoppable! We ask for strength and a calm state during possible chaos during this time.We ask that you go before us to prepare our way! Godspeed!


  3. Thank you for this admonition. I will follow it with determination. I can see how wisdom is so vital in the midst of the instabilities which exist. These will continue to degrade completely separating the wheat and chaff. They say the Lords mill of justice grinds slow, but it grinds very well.


  4. Manning what can you tell us more if anything. Apologies for getting Joseph into hot soup for the operation security issues that came from conversations here. I don’t know how well you can identify with the feelings here of endless waiting and waiting for some type of positive development. I am learning to step above that true, yet it is a form of torment the anticipation which robs the precious present. I am seeking the art that comes in waiting grateful to know both opposites. I am curious how you are all organized and interface and how the hierarchy works pertaining to the intervention. Manning you are quite a unique teacher, I don’t think I’ve ever met a teacher more eager to somehow teach your students something that will benift them in the unique ways that you do. Thank you for your services.


    1. Jacob, there are many different levels of hierarchy and the instructions come from very high up down to the lower levels and are carried out at every level that is contributing to the end result. No matter what needs to be done, whether it is intervention or just every day adjustments, all who are involved hear of their directives and follow them explicitly. In this type of action there is no room for deviant interpretation and directions are followed exactly. If questions are raised they are addressed before action and cleared up. I hope this helps. Manning.


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