November 3, 2021

I am here to give you more information and hope that behind the concerns you are still trying to follow His word and educate yourselves in spite of my delinquent absence of this subject. Now, be it known that corrections are being made and at present there is a big push to bring certain dark ones to justice. This is somewhat a private matter, especially for those who got caught up in the dragging net of dark and did not set out to overtly cause anyone harm. The flip side of this are the ones who knew what they were doing and deliberately chose their wants and desires in spite of the dead bodies along the way. They have not been decreed any privacy and their deeds will be, or can be known. All, of course, will go down in the record books and the gross infractions from the laws of God bring about a correction to be paid and they will not escape this.

You are wanting something you can see. I hear that so many want what has been talked about concerning the dark days, whether they be of communications or actual dark days with no or little sun. Also you are waiting for the EBS to proclaim what is scheduled to be said there and this will be known by all who hear. This is the type of announcement beginning that will be proof for you. The EBS is still pending and will come about. The days of darkness have had many from out side working on this for the perfect action is for communications not to be interrupted any more than is necessary. We are trying to make things kept as much as they are in this respect but it will take time to remedy some of the programming in all avenues of certain communications. There are big adjustments being made in the social media arena and also dark programming in the way of allowing pornography concerning adults and children. We will not get into the news media at this time for that is fluid now and some are being confronted with changes at a voluntary level, while others are having to give up or do without certain leaders who will not budge.

The lack of expediency is evident and causing much concern but I do caution you not to loose your hope or faith. I have researched several type incidents somewhat like this in principle, but not scope, and this happens when there is much resistance. In all cases the end result was accomplished according to directives given and they were carried out. There are always those who fall away in these events and they will all be presented with the accuracy of what transpires. It is the time line that is concerning you and I am not a fan of it myself but I have to keep in mind that considering everything, this is the Will of God.

Nothing has been planned to make you ill at ease with how it is progressing and all has been planned to bring about the desired results. So many on our side are set to bring you comfort and out of your state of distress with what you perceive as not progressing. I have a different stance and view and I can see so much action happening. I wish I could find the words to bring you into a state of joy over the changes that are being made and being at a loss for words is unusual for me. I could use a thousand words and it would bring you no relief. What is needed is trust in the power and will of the Father to bring about what is desired. Many dates have come and gone and this is disappointing for all of us, no matter the circumstances but remain in the Kingdom of God and live in His Holy Word. His Will is being done, no matter our time line we have set from what has been given. The event is happening.

I am Manning

4 thoughts on “November 3, 2021

  1. Godspeed and bless you all. Let the light shine on the dark ones and reveal their deeds! People earth need this to happen. NOW.


  2. Thank you Manning. I wish that English had more ways to express gratitude than it does for oft as I read your lessons I’m at a loss for words other than to just say thank you. Things are now extreme here from a veiled mortals perspective. Many people are still in ignorance or even apathy as to what is going on. At this point it really does appear to be the case that the military is the only way.


  3. I am assuming the EBS stands for the Emergency Broadcast System. With all who read here and many more, we look forward to the announcement. With love and gratitude we pray that all the pieces will align and all your work will come to fruition. Your brother, Jay


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