November 6, 2021

I have come to inform you that all is on schedule and will play out as planned. Most has been kept from us as it was kept from the dark and this has been necessary. We are all looking forward to their deeds being brought out into the open for everyone and not just those who were seeking for truth as they have in the past. You are entering the fulfillment of the times and the evidence of the answering of your prayers. It has taken longer than everyone wanted but it was never put aside or forgotten.

Take heart from the chaos which may follow for the catalyst to a new beginning is inevitable as the light is focused upon the dark deeds as they were committed. Such a sorry state of affairs that emerged over the years brought about by a group of entities seeking pleasure for themselves and not caring about anyone or anything else that was in the way. Destruction is not the way of the Source of all things and life is only given by God. It is to be cherished and cared for in the best attempt of us all while obeying the laws that were given.

The energies are such that this message is difficult to receive and this is only part of the effects that are felt by everyone at this time. To say things are turbulent is an understatement and your steady path in the light and love of the Father is keeping things in a much better atmosphere that it would otherwise be. Your presence on earth was planned for a great reason and has proven very successful for those who rose to the knowledge and the occasion came through with extraordinary results and made so many things possible in the huge mission to bring earth back to a state of peace and harmony. This is still continuing until only the Father can decide when the final sentence is written to this chapter.

Please remain in your own personal peace and meditative state for that which you have worked so hard to obtain. These words are becoming difficult and I will try to obtain a better connection at a later date. Do not give up.

I am Manning

5 thoughts on “November 6, 2021

  1. Thank you for the message. Manning, I have many questions, pertaining to God, eternity and progression that I avoid asking on this forum as they may not be of importance or interest to the average reader. Outside of going within and seeking answers there, is there a more appropriate forum for these kind of questions that are not part of the night lessons, where I would be able to remember consciously? Your brother, Jay


    1. Jay, I am not aware of one at this time but that does not mean there is not one. Unfortunately it is a trial and error search sometimes but I encourage you to keep gleaning information where you can find it, if it is truth. This is the question at hand. Keep searching. Manning


  2. Hi Manning, I have an important question that I need to ask. In past posts written mostly by Prosper, she talked about the advancement of your work in not only arresting and eradicating the dark ones, but in gaining control of the gold reserves held in the banks, and setting up a system that will enable a fair distribution of monies, resulting in disenfranchising the world banks and empowering the people by ending world poverty.

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) and other global leaders have been pushing for a “Great Reset” which among its many tentacles includes the reset of physical dollars to Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), controlled and managed through the central banks of each country.

    A rival monetary system claims to be competing with the Great Reset for dominance over the future world economic system. This rival system is called the Quantum Financial System (QFS), a system using satellite AI quantum computing, the likes of which claims no earthly counterpart. Proponents of the QFS advocate a Global Currency Reset (GCR) where all currencies across the globe will be revalued based on the country’s natural resources, and all digital currencies will be backed by tangible assets; gold, silver and other precious metals. Nations who participate in the QFS will be GESARA compliant. Advocates of this system defend the fairness and impartiality of this AI governed system and claim Donald Trump will be reinstated as the President of the US and the first head of this new QFS monetary program. Futhermore those who believe in the QFS also proclaim that indictments are being made, corrupt world leaders are being arrested, children are being saved and shocking truths are forth coming. These predictions have many things in common with those who follow QAnon and share many similarities with the promises you make in these posts.

    For hundreds of years the dark ones who have controlled the dissemination of information have carefully molded the minds of the people across the earth such that otherwise intelligent and thinking individuals are merely parrots of one of their controlled paradigms and serve to reinforce to lesser intelligent people their spoon-fed world view. Part of the clever plans of the dark ones illustrated in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, (notes from a high ranking Masonic meeting translated into English in 1905) report their plans to control the dissemination of information through official sources (Governments and their approved organizations, ie. WHO, WEF, etc.), non official sources (Mainstream media outlets across the world) and opposition outlets which stand against the official and unofficial sources (alternative media outlets). Thus no matter where a person turns they are getting information carefully crafted and controlled by the dark ones (PTB), and consequently the average person never comes to truly understand the truth of themselves, the world they live in and especially the workings of the dark ones. For most people this controlled narrative only serves to divide people, while giving them the inner feeling that they are possessed of the truth, no matter the view point they claim. The dark ones care little about which narrative a person holds to, including Christianty, only caring that it conforms to one created by them; thus all people across the earth are controlled by their many talking heads. Because of this, all people are lead astray and there are few if any (myself included) who see things as they really are.

    In this environment, you can understand the difficulty of knowing the truth and why so many people who go down a rabbit whole end up throwing up their hands and give up, many of them choosing either an atheistic or agnostic viewpoint from that day forward.

    Now I come to my questions. Do the Pleadians stand behind the QFS system I mentioned above? Is this the system Prosper was referring to, or is this just another misdirection to keep people ever hoping, but pointed in the wrong direction? Are the claims and promises of arrests and disclosures in agreement and supported by you our Pleiadians family?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughtful response, and in love and gratitude your brother, Jay


    1. Jay, there is a main theme about the changes in the financial system proposed but in describing it there seems to be variances from different ones giving information. The main theme of the QFS is compliant with what is intended for the world and small changes have had to be made along the way to get where is needed. We support the one backed by metals to uphold a real and accurate financial system for all involved. We also support the arrests of the dark and removal of all who would not work for service to others in the coming times. Labels are used and sometimes this is misleading. We back the financial reset and this has already begun. I hope this helps in some way. Manning


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