November 8, 2021

My dear ones, we are closer to the events now with every moment. Do not let my enthusiasm bring you to the conclusion that it is today or tomorrow for I am unable to contain my positive attitude with the advances that have been made that you cannot see. Forgive me for my joy when you are deprived of it all. Who knew that with our sight on our side we could see so much that was kept from you. It is like someone with a secret that brings great emotion of a positive nature and you have no idea what has caused it in them. The many that were followers of the dark are being removed and it is rather like the clouds are parting and the sun is beaming through on a grander scale than has been seen in decades. It is a beautiful sight for us and I would love to share it with you if I could. I would hope that in your moments of meditation and connection that you feel it and the weight being lifted from earth.

As time has gone by you should be in a state of love and peaceful attitude more and more as you surround yourselves with all that is good in life, regardless of what ill will is going on around you. It is as if you create your own state of being that you live in and hold it to you. This state of being is always alive and readily available for you and all you have to do is connect with it and receive it as your own. Compassion is one thing and service to others goes with that but do not pick up the soul load of another and think this is productive in helping them, or you. Jesus wept for others but He did not remove Himself from the vibration that He had so diligently earned. He pulled them up to a higher level than they were living in for their healing and positive changes. At a higher level than they had ever experienced they were able to see and feel the difference and they visited where love existed and sickness did not exist. Most did not stay there but returned to their previous level of life. Some were so moved by what He did show them that they were changed forever and they sought this way of living the rest of their lives.

This is what I would like to show you today. The ones that cross your path, who are hurting with difficulties can be pulled up by you. Do not get down to their level by thinking you have to do this to help them. Show them by example that they have a choice, as you did, by choosing a better way in the love and light of God. Allow them to notice by your example of living that it can be obtained with study and seeking. You may have to start them off slowly at first but if they are observant at all they will notice that you do not dwell in the same place as they do. Let them know that it can be something overcome and in no way involves artificial helpers that are readily available upon your planet. Alcohol in excess and drugs do not get you where you need to go. It is not a life of deprivation and drudgery but one of fulfillment and feeling better about all ways of life and living. This is how Jesus healed by lifting people up to a place where healing can be accomplished because illness does not thrive in the higher levels. We call them miracles but it follows that only illness can exist in the lower vibrational states. We have to put aside the genetic inherited patterns that are existing at birth here for this discussion.

I am adding this to your meditation and visualizations. When you are creating your realities, do give attention to mentally choosing those higher vibrational frequencies where no illness lives. Choose light within your bodies as they are the temple of your soul while you are trying to connect to the conditions and state of being regarding everything on the outside of your bodies. Then see how you are encouraged to bring about this body. There is no way you are not connected totally with your body. Seek out the joy and fullness of life not only mentally but physically for your body also as you are the engine pulling and directing the cars behind you.

This may be new to you and we touch on it lightly here but I did not want to go further without connecting these two things for we will need them as we go forward. I give you my learning and show you the laws of this complicated issue and we will delve further as we go along. While you are doing that, get to know and feel comfortable with being a better educated person concerning the progress on your path to higher levels for you are no longer surrounded by what was. You are creating a more highly developed being and this will continue. Rejoice in this effort for you will reap the rewards of your study and the execution of His laws in your life. I leave you now with these things to think on. My love, as always is with you.

I am Manning

6 thoughts on “November 8, 2021

  1. Your enthusiasm is contagious and faith promoting. I will work to apply your teaching. Manning will you take a look at the responses of November 6th. I ask a few questions that require your direction. Thank you, for your loving service, your brother, Jay


  2. Thank you for the delivery of hope in your message. I enjoyed it all yet the first part really struck because of being so keyed in to these last developments personally. You are very kind to provide the exuberant update that you did. I pray the developments that you are aware of migrate to our sphere quickly for we are beyond weary of waiting although ready to revitalize should the Great Heavenly Father require. Whatever happens next it will be significant we are fixated upon the radar so thank you for keeping us informed again. Jacob. Oh yea I forgot to mention I noticed you observing me the other day thank you for keeping tabs friend. God bless you


    1. ABC, the leaders or original Dark have either been taken into custody and processed before the courts or long ago saw what was coming and fled the earth for other locations. They are not what is left. Their followers are the ones on earth now and are causing problems. These are the ones being taken before the judicial system at this time or already have been dealt with in other ways, such as death of the physical body. Manning


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