November 11, 2021

We see that there are those on earth that will not change and no amount of truth or information of a correct nature will sway them from their erroneous beliefs. They have been indoctrinated quite literally with mind control and repetition for decades and they will not budge. Therefore waiting on them to come to the light is useless in our opinion and a waste of time. Those who were approachable have been moved with the energies coming in and are at lest thinking on different lines. It is sad when we see the low numbers for we were hoping for a bigger response to the energies and our words.

This brings us to a point of wanting the announcements to go ahead and come out and encouragement on our part has been put forth and our will, or suggestion, is known. Time is a high factor now because of the earth changes and they are large ones. We are hoping that those in the position of these announcements will go ahead now and make their move. This has been left up to the individuals involved.

Let me make a point here of those who give of information gained through their own searching and meditation and make their findings public in some way. It is difficult to always receive 100% accurate information and this is for everyone. I try here to review my words with my scribe for accuracy and even then it can be difficult to receive the correct word usage I intend. I am not complaining for my trust in my scribe is great and I feel we have done well in our accuracy. There are those who mean well but are misleading many with their words. No one around me has any influence of anything but Source light and this has endured under the scrutiny of many much higher than I am. We strive continually to see that our words are truthful and not only that they are timely for your needs. Truth given at the wrong time can do harm for several reasons.

Please, when reading words from others, including me, go within and bring them before the fires of God and see that they ring true within yourself before taking them in for remembering. Your road is difficult enough without falsehoods being spread out before you for your review, but when they are see that they are tested, as always. Unfortunately the vibrations now make it difficult for information to stand and be uninfluenced. There are many now touching our side and trying to gain information and it does not always turn out the way it should. Be careful with what you bring before the alter of your soul.

Continue in your light, as difficult as your road may be to travel. I know we have many in dangerous places and situations that are difficult to imagine. Life is not always a sure thing for them at the end of their day. My Chelas, pray for others of light who are in harm’s way that they will find the security and safety they need to continue. I try to reach out and touch each of you and your paths are surprising to me. I cherish each of you reading here and know that you are sincere in your learning. You spend much time on my mind. Always surround yourselves with the protection of light and the love of God.

I leave you now with heightened anticipation of forthcoming announcements and at least more information of truth. Let it come forth as an artesian well with pure water. It will not be received by everyone as truth, but it has been directed to be given.

I am Manning

16 thoughts on “November 11, 2021

  1. Hello TM and Manning,
    I know the disclosure is getting closer judging with events unfolding in the world, sometimes i think how hilarious it can be to have our galactic friends making themselves known while there is a shortage of everything coming in and a incoming systemic crash, but then the people will have the time to listen and wake up, they will literally have all the time in the world. Cheers yall.


  2. Thank you for your message. I hope you are able to act in greater haste despite those who will not change their mind no matter the information provided. It has been a while since we have heard about Gaia’s earth changes. Can you provide some insights into where we stand at this time and what we may expect in the very near future?

    I cannot speak for anyone other than Jacob, but you are never far from our thoughts and discussions. We pray regularly for the success of your mission and long for the homecoming you have extended.

    Manning, will you please ask those who are in authority, if Father will permit early boarding for the people on earth who are ready to join you so that they will no longer have to wait for the stiffnecked ones who will never see the light? In loving appreciation, your brother Jay


  3. We ask for help from the Most High! I call upon the Legions of angels in the Fathers heaven to assist us at this time. Devine intervention is now necessary Globally. The wicked shall fall and the righteous shall stand! Godspeed!


  4. Thank you Manning and also Parker and Joseph before you. I just want to say that I’m translating all the messages in French for the public here in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec, who are following and reading these on the website “Messages de Joseph” I created therefore and on my FB page. This is very helping for all everywhere.


  5. Gee fellas thanks for getting the party going. I see we are all eager to see something other than festering trynny when we look out the window each morning. Appreciate you Manning and your scribes in all you do especially in keeping this bunch up to day and beyond excited for light to prevail here. Manning we have seen evil have its way here in all of our lives in many ways as well as seeing it in society and we have all had front row seats these last few short years see darkness grow by quantum jumps. So we are tired of it. I won’t say my sob story but it is a fine one for sure. Manning thank you for watching after us. I was in the kitchen the other day and noticed you observing and trying to come up with ways to be of support. I and we all sincerly thank you for your shepherding. I appreciate the gentleman here earlier who said he is working on translating offeroftrust for others in his native language. That’s great! Perhaps someday these messages and our comments will be known as some form of “first contact official dialog” or something. The content is worthy of this. Manning can we come up onto a ship if this gets out of hand longer than we’re all hoping it ends by. I ask because it’s got to be possible. We are in uncharted territory in many ways and it is good to know we have friends overhead considering the enemies we typically have had below. To be this close to the end of having to constantly deal with the choking, smothering, strangling, suffocating aggressive form of the dark in all the many ways we do is surreal. It also at least for me causes each day that passes without the hoped for, expected results to be intolerable. Perhaps this is something I need to overcome personally yet there must be a time where one is free from all those negative things and not have it be that one expects for the dark that has become one’s nemesis and enemy to continue to come against one’s peace and even very being. Can I ask that if we are still up the river by December it be considered that we be allowed to visit aboard if nothing but for a morale boost? Just yesterday I read a very plain, very to the point serious as can be letter put together by the nation’s armed forces currently in service and also those who have served. The letter called upon those who have been compromised by the falsehoods of the plandemic, the eugenics fake vaxx and upon all those who have allowed corruption to govern their lives to cease all evil unconstitutional (the letter proved the Supreme Court to be captured and compromised) actions such as the murder of the children now with these satanic forced shots (the red line) or in a very short time the Patriots would arise and put down the corruption. It was very boldly written and stirred the soul. So Manning here we are on one precipice or another. We love you and are in gratitude for your love and works for our welfare temporally and spiritually. Jacob


  6. I enjoy reading all the comments and Manning’s thoughtful responses. I would like to second Michael’s and Jacob’s statements and add a few words of my own.

    Manning, I often think of the parable of the Wheat and the Tare as illustrative of the world we live in, and I would like to share some thoughts about this parable with meanings in parentheses.

    In this parable the Lord’s servants (Light workers) plant the wheat seeds (Father/Aton’s children who are good and live by principles of truth, learn from their errors and repent) in a field (the world). Then the servants fall asleep (not consciously aware of what is going on around them). During their slumber Satan and his minions (Astral dark beings, global elite and their institutions) plant tares (weeds – false teachings, traditions, practices, and people whose lives are contrary to the Laws of God and Creation and who will not repent). As the wheat and weed plants are young (early 20th century), the angels (Astral and Etheric light beings and Pleadians who serve God and the Law of One) plead day and night before the Father that He will permit them to harvest the wheat. The Father’s consistent reply is to wait until the plants have matured so the wheat roots are sufficiently established to be able to withstand the disruption of the soil caused by uprooting the weeds (Pleadian disclosure and education: Difficulty of people to accept the truth – Laws of God, creation, balance, worldly deceptions and the evidences brought forward about the works of the dark ones beginning in the late 1980’s with the Pheonix Journals and continuing today with the Offer of Trust). Finally comes the time of the harvest (Evacuation, Gaia’s earth changes). The angels work diligently to gather the wheat (world wide boarding), placing the harvested grain in the garners of the Lord (Pleadian ships), after which they bind the weeds into bundles to be burned (Judgment and incarceration of Satan and his followers, Astral and mortal beings).

    There are a number of things I find interesting about this parable. The first is that the delays of the Father in harvesting the wheat shows His greater knowledge, understanding, and wisdom when compared to the angels, and also the obedience of the angels who in seeking the will of the Father, only act when given the divine order to do so. Second, the divine timing of the harvest was in the best interest of the wheat. Third, the parable suggests an order of harvest. First the wheat and then the tare. Fourth, while the parable, shows the interest and concern of the angels for the wheat, it says nothing of the thoughts and feelings of the wheat. Afterall, it is the wheat who are being choked out by their neighboring weeds. What of the wheat? Are we not as the angels and our Pleiadian family also one with the Father and all creation? Are we not also expressions of the Father, with infinite worth and divine potential? Do our cries not also matter? Will Jacob’s and my request for early boarding be heard with love and compassion? Or are we just 3rd dimensional pawns in a greater galactic battle? Fifth, I know that the wheat like the angels have to wait for and trust in the will and timing of the Father, it is just hard to do when you feel the roots of the tares twisting themselves around you, and with every passing day threatening your mortal existence. I pray the Father will hear now, not only the pleads of His angels, but the call and cry of Michael, Jacob, myself and all those unspoken but equally deserving wheat.

    In loving gratitude and one with all that is, I am Jay


    1. Thoughtfully sincere Jay. It often appears as our status is limited but Joseph and the Lord have reminded us who we are. We are a God Child. Not a full developed being like our Eternal Parents yet through the eons and varieties of experiences one day we will progress as our Eternal Heritage has before us. It’s Eternal progression. Not as much detail has been given how this works as we would like but it is an eternal principle that we continue to progress. Don’t discount where you are brother Jay right now in your progression for remember we are greatly veiled. We don’t see who we really are. True our endurance is being tested to the extreme and there are times of frustration and confusion I suffer through myself. You are much more than a pawn. Think in the overall scheme more like a general or admiral who has had to exist in the most awful filth that exists here. Give yourself a pat on the back and realize that you have done much and ARE much. In our Eternal Family of Light there is no one ‘better’ simply younger and older with more or less experience and advancement. We will get through this yet not as pawns but as leaders in the Kingdom of God involved in His Latter-day wonders.


      1. Thank you Jacob, yes I know who I am, which is why I raised the question, what of the wheat? We the wheat, who are God’s in embryo have infinite value and worth, just limited in this third dimmension, which is why I wonder why we our requests to separate the wheat from the tare are not responded more readily. I trust in the mind and will of our Father, but I must admit that I don’t always understand it. In his love Jay


      2. In short a Kings request is always responded to in haste, while the pawn is seldom heard or appreciated. If we are kings, why are our requests not heeded more promptly.


  7. Saw on and thought to paste it here for reference and info:


    On the 19th, because the Moon is plotted for well after dark in the Central time zone, we see it here after it has already crossed the Pleiades-Aldebaran line.


    The Moon, just past full, shines in early evening almost exactly halfway between the Pleiades above it and Aldebaran below it, depending on your location. The Moon is precisely in line between them around nightfall for much of North America’s East Coast.

    Holding up a ruler or a pencil to the sky, how accurately can you time the Moon’s passage across this line? To mark the center of the Pleiades, pick Alcyone, the cluster’s brightest star.

    Watch the Moon move farther east of this line hour by hour through the night, as it creeps eternally eastward in its orbit around Earth.


    He who made the Pleiades and Orion, who turns midnight into dawn and darkens day into night, who calls for the waters of the sea and pours them out over the face of the land—
    the Lord is his name.

    With a blinding flash he destroys the stronghold and brings the fortified city to ruin.

    There are those who hate the one who upholds justice in court and detest the one who tells the truth.

    You levy a straw tax on the poor and impose a tax on their grain.

    Therefore, though you have built stone mansions, you will not live in them; though you have planted lush vineyards,
    you will not drink their wine.

    For I know how many are your offenses and how great your sins.

    There are those who oppress the innocent and take bribes
    and deprive the poor of justice in the courts.

    Therefore the prudent keep quiet in such times,for the times are evil.

    Seek good, not evil, that you may live.
    Then the Lord God Almighty will be with you, just as you say he is. Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts.

    Perhaps the Lord God Almighty will have mercy on the remnant of Joseph


    1. God being the King of all things is not the point of this discussion. The point is that shouldn’t the feelings of the wheat matter? And if we are important, why is the plea for our deliverance not responded to with greater appreciation? Jay


      1. Jay, My answer should have been more explanatory. I am thinking you are wondering why your pleas are not responded to with greater appreciation by those in a position to grant the plea. Every one of your pleas are known for your hearts are known before you speak the words or think the thoughts. The transgressions upon you are well documented and your self worth is not judged by the length of time you have been transgressed against. It may be difficult to understand why a wrong has not already been corrected. There is man’s thinking and then there is God’s thinking. I know by now you are tired of hearing that you will understand things more clearly when you return home or when the veil is lifted and your memory returns. I assure you that God’s thinking is perfect in how He conducts His actions and how He allows questionable things to continue. I do not profess to understand everything God does but I do know from experience that there is reason behind what is allowed. I assure you those in the higher realms see your suffering and will rejoice when the suffering brought about by others ends. Saying that you are important is an understatement. I wish I could convey the feelings of all here to you. This is lacking in further explanation but maybe this small part helps in some way. Manning.


      2. Thank you Manning for your wonderful explanations. As always your insights stir the soul. You did well presenting all you could within the parameters. Jay, our friends above are indeed aware of our desires it’s just one of those protocol issues that their realm of glory and existence follows very well as is their custom to follow higher directives to the letter which dictate what they are permitted to do and how. I know I ask myself to leave but I do it half joking knowing if they could directly intervene and support us they would. Kinda like Spock watching Kirk fight the gorn he would have helped him but wasn’t allowed. Another quite accurate portrayal of Joseph, Parker, Manning etc exists in that episode as the “Metrons” themselves. Kinda interesting the parallels.


  8. Thank you Manning for your consideration of the thoughts and feelings of those who reply on this blog. Please know of my love and appreciation for your selfless attention and the time and care you have shown in your thoughtful responses. To say I am grateful is also an understatement.

    I do trust in God/Aton, in His Son, Esu Immanuel Sananda, Germain, Ashtar, Commander Hatton, the Melchizedeks, our Pleiadian family and all the Brotherhood of Light. I stand all amazed at the love, patience and long-suffering all of you have shown for as long as you gave been in the service of humanity. I can only imagine how exhausting that has been.

    I was saddened to hear in a recent post how few there are on earth who are actively paying attention to these things. There is a scripture that I am reminded of that I love, which is fitting here. It says in essence, and if you should labor all your days and bring save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy in the kingdom of my Father. And if your joy shall be great with one soul, how much greater shall be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me. Manning, Parker, Joseph, Albert, Prosper and all others engaged in this effort, I hope you find joy in your labors with me and others like me who are doing all within our power to fight the good fight, learn and progress as quickly as our souls can, endure to the end, and hope and pray that we shall one day fall upon each others necks and in love for all that is and all that we are kiss each other (even if that is only metaphorically speaking).

    My constant prayer is that as we are so close to the end of this cycle, that all the children of the light will have sufficiently proven to be qualified to advance with you into the rhealms where reincarnation is no more, and our souls can continue their climb to know more personally and perfectly the Universal Father/Mother/Source. Then shall my joy be made full. Your, chela, Jay


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