November 16, 2021

I am considering bringing forth information more often of conditions because we are getting closer to the end of this chapter. There are some things that are coming about that I do not want you to miss as I feel they are necessary parts of the whole. I know how busy you are with your daily lives and the work you find necessary just to live on earth. Some things are most necessary elements that have to be comprehended for a good foundation of what is to come out and have it make sense when looking at the bigger picture.

So, here we are at the precipice of change with so many elements fighting for center stage. The first that comes to mind is the political stage and my opinion is that the people behind political issues think they have center stage because they are self centered. Some are fully invested in the future of the earth arena and are well meaning and immerse themselves in this field and are not aware of a bigger picture. Policy and procedure are about to change and the ones engrossed in self promotion will fall away and new faces will appear. There will be a new set of requirements brought about by the masses for office holders and the people will have to represent the citizens in a better fashion than ever before. A lot of dead wood will be cut away and this will bring about a better governing agency for everyone.

Now regarding the new information coming in I see a shifting of focus for the average person to include a broader view of the known world. There is coming a wave of expanding reality including beings not of earth that will take some getting used to. This will be a process and will take different times for different people but it will not go away. It has to be for it is one of the things included in the advancement of your society in that you are not the only ones ever created. There are many others around and most of more experience with a few of lesser experience. I think this transfer over to accepting of this fact will take a shorter time than most imagine for the reason that those proposed to be in contact with people of earth have been condensed to well meaning service to others type entities. It does not mean there are no more harmful willed beings but it has been secured that your area, for a time being of this adjustment, will be off to a better start, for it has been ordered from high above. Your history will be given.

Also now there has already been a shift for the clean up of earth and quite a few have jumped in and started working in this area and have been quite successful. I see this going on and growing, especially in the area of oceans and waterways. Your air quality is an open field of need at this time and is an area that will be addressed sometime in your future and many helping hands with a desire to dedicate time and energy to this cause are needed. Consider this field more in depth if you feel interested.

There is about to be a topic and field to be directly created by means of need in child care and education. Two branches will be established and one is a branch of reconstruction of educational material for children of school age and the other is care for children of special needs in the way of love and individual correction. You might not understand how skewed children who have been abused are in their thinking as it regards to their approach to life itself. It will take some time and a very educated attitude to assess the needs of everyone on an individual basis, a sort of customized education for however long it takes. This needs to be done and it has been ordered that it will be done.

Now we get to the educating of the adult who may also have a skewed attitude and foundation of life itself and there has been and will continue to be a need for this. This is unclear at present as to how many fronts will be approached on this issue but needless to say there will definitely be more than one approach when it comes to bringing new ideas to the public. There is much work still needed in this area but it is coming and has also been directed from higher above.

These things are all thought based and have been for some time now and you would be surprised at how many have already been involved in these issues. Your earth conditions have been the focus of so many experienced, and I mean for hundreds of years, people with energies of love that have dedicated their lives to improving the concepts of the people of earth. Many have seen the roads you have traveled and wanted to help with giving of truth and correct information to everyone. This includes many fields such as medicine and health care. These are not wagons that are just now being jumped on but streamlined propulsion systems already constructed in form and means of application formulated by millions who have given of their lives so that others can come about to a more healing way of life. You are blessed in the attitude of others who have traveled their road to Source long enough to see that their happiness is in your happiness. It is their way of life, so give thanks for their dedication and desire to try to undo so much harm brought to you for so long. It is a dream come true for you and your challenge is to allow it to happen. We are all hoping that at some point the bigger picture will come into focus for you and you will comprehend what is being offered to you. You are in God’s hands and will and it is necessary that you see this and understand where you stand with the things being offered. And so we continue until the time you do see and understand.

There is much more but I give you these things that are on the horizon for you so that you may know what is happening and what is ahead. Be of good cheer for the light is getting brighter for everyone.

I am Manning

5 thoughts on “November 16, 2021

  1. As long as we are in Gods hands, we have nothing to fear! I have always known Father creator created more beings than those of earth.Therefore we are all of his creations.It’s been too long, agreements have been broken but we know Father knows best.I will assist in anyway I can helping others cope with the revealing, grant me strength in the process. I am happy to hear the order has been given! Godspeed!


  2. Hello Manning, Thank you for your time and attention. I have three important questions.

    1. It appears from your posts that disclosure will happen through a number of mortals that you have been working with. David Wilcock claims to have been in communication with Michael the Arch angels since 1999. He speaks about the history of the positive and negative extraterrestrial involvement with mankind. He has certain technologies which if he is successful releasing will revolutionize the world. He is putting on a seminar series online for purchase called “The Disclosure”. Is this in alignment with or part of your diclosure operation?

    2. D.W. states that Michael the Arch angel said any one can communicate with those of higher dimmensions. Can you provide lessons that will teach us how to communicate with those of the light who are in service to the Father and Creator of All That Is?

    3. D.W. speaks about Lucid dreaming. Is this a method of gaining information that we can trust and if so, can you teach us how to do it?

    Thank you for all you are about. In loving gratitude, your brother, Jay


    1. Jay, I am unfamiliar with the details of David Wilcock’s seminar. Remember this is his interpretation of what he has received as seen through his eyes. From what I remember he is in alignment with the releasing of technologies and major thoughts of the extraterrestial involvement with mankind. Make up your own mind no matter who gives information and I am not in the habit of passing judgement on all that is given from everyone. This would be too time consuming for me.

      I have not been authorized to delve into the communication teaching as I understand this has to have permission from those in authority before this is done. Needless to say the dark ones do not care and do not get permission to communicate with anyone. My opinion is that not anyone can communicate with those of higher dimensions. It is that those of higher dimensions can communicate with anyone if they so choose. This is a serious venture and needs direction for your part in this and I am not authorized to teach this. I am more of a face to face and paper and pencil teacher.

      No, I do not teach lucid dreaming as I have not studied this but briefly. Again this needs a good teacher for you can venture off into uncharted territory if not guided correctly. Be careful with this if on your own. I hope this helps. Manning.


    1. I appreciate your patience. I hope my questions are not overbearing. I ask them because information given often requires a question. I simply want to be the greatest advocate for the Father as He wants me to be. Thank you for all your wisdom and direction. Jay


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