December 9, 2021

My dear Children,

I come to you with visual evidence that I have witnessed myself that you are making progress and your efforts to usher, not only yourselves, but others along with you, are indeed propelling you forward into higher vibrations and this is wonderful. Many of you are daily divesting yourselves of the lower vibrations of the 3rd dimension and are rising in light into the lower 5th dimension, a few even higher. This thrills my heart and I wanted you to know your work is paying off in big dividends.

Now, about the earth in general terms. It is unfortunate that all efforts to get everyone to open their eyes and see what is going on is falling short with many and they are comfortable where they are and refuse to take the hints being given. So be it, after all it is their decision and they are entitled to remain where they are if they so choose. Try not to let their refusals bring you down no matter how much you want or desire to make a difference for them. It is their choice in all respects of free will. There is usually the storm before the calm and that is what is happening now with all the quiet behind the scenes and all the confusion out in public. Could there be any more degree of opposition from one side with another short of all out war. The lines are being drawn and the mandates are falling short of being received with success as more and more are standing up and thinking what is this that is happening. They may not come to the right conclusion but they are questioning. This is good and may lead to more steps forward.

It is taking longer to get this done than anyone thought and this is disappointing to say the least. By now we had planned to be much further ahead and long down the road to having everything in its place so that secondary plans could begin. How often this has happened with the earth struggle. I am speaking in generalities here but I’m sure you get the picture. I was hoping to have many of my readers in front of me for a heart filled greeting and a taking of names for some of my teaching classes but that has not happened. Be it known that many of you are sitting in my classes now and then while you sleep. This is also a great pleasure for me but falls short of the physical body presence before me so that I can see your colors and know your understanding of my words which leads me to the next words I use. Sort of a custom designed lecture or teaching. This has been one of my wishes or fantasies is to have you in my classes but then you may have your own fantasies of what you would like to do when you get home. I am somewhat of a wishful thinker.

I know you have questions and one is how much behind are we. It is hard to tell but earth is continuing with her plans and major adjustments have not been put off. I ask that you still be prepared. If the dark have worked to keep anything and everything in question, they have not succeeded in most cases. Only slowed somewhat but their contrivances have not penetrated Gaia’s intent to proceed. She is impervious to their dark deeds and she will continue. Earth rumblings continue to increase and are still being either disregarded in readings or under reported in strength. Continue to pray for her strength and accomplishments to sling off dark pockets of negative energy, no matter how embedded they may be. Her methods are proven successful and these pockets of negativity will be replaced by certain improvement in light and energy. Be at peace with her activities as much as possible in your thinking for it is her way of getting this accomplished.

It would be hard for me to explain how busy I have been. Let me say I rest very little and continue to give all I can of my time and experience to the cause of getting things accomplished and getting earth down the road. Continue to give of your light and visualizations regarding what is needed for the coming new earth and don’t forget to surround yourselves in protective light, thoughts and vibrations for your own safety.

I continue to make contact with you as much as I can to see how you are doing and my love surrounds you when I do. If you feel me do not hesitate to say, hello Manning. You are getting there and we will all celebrate when the time allows us.

I am Manning

3 thoughts on “December 9, 2021

  1. Hello Manning !
    Thanx for all your messages.
    We’re on our way now, and i can feel the support from all our loved ones who are still invisible.
    Love from France.
    I am Flavie


  2. Thank you for your words of direction and confirmation. It is comforting to know that you can see we are making personal progress on a dimensional level. As for me and my house, we are prepared temporally and continue to effort toward higher light, knowledge, and godly expression. I cannot say with conscious awareness that I am in your night-time classes, but my will desires it to be.

    Manning, I am honestly, tired of being in the same world as the dark ones. You will know what I am talking about if you look into what I have just read. My soul wearies, knowing the horrific “now” realities that so many innocent ones experience in this dark sphere. I thank God, knowing that He is with His children in their darkest hours, that he does not shy away because of the awfulness of what we must experience, but bravely continues with us, to strengthen us in all that we must endure. I thank Him not only for His infinite benevolence, wisdom, mercy, and patience but for His everlasting justice. My soul longs to be freed from this world and live among people who are filled with love, joy, happiness, and peace. A place where obedience to Father Aton/God and creation are commonplace, not a struggle or the exception to the rule. A place where the natural man is no more, a place where truth is known by all and not hidden, covered up, or corrupted. A place where I can advance my learning into all the mysteries of God, a place where my soul can truly sing the song of everlasting joy; for as of now, while I have come to know great things, and my soul stands in awe and wonder over the infinite nature of the Father and His Creations, my soul cannot sing, really sing, knowing that so many suffer under the left hand of the children of the dark one. I have asked Father why I have been given to know these things, and what I am to do about it, and at least at this point, it seems beyond my power to change anything. Therefore, with all of my heart, I thank all of those who work faithfully to rid this world of this dark influence.

    As for earth changes, my soul wants to pray that Gaia will make her changes soon (in man’s earth terms) even now, for I know then that you will be allowed to intervene with your evacuation efforts and we can experience the homecoming you and others have so often mentioned. You are not the only ones who want to be together bodily. However, I am not certain this desire is in the timing of the Father, for it appears there is still a work that must be done, and a final trial that we must pass through, and as Esu prayed in His darkest hour, so do I, “Father, if this cup may pass from me…”

    Nevertheless, after all of this, I thank Father/God/Aton for the opportunity to experience the world now, as dark as it is, for the greater capacity of the soul that only breadth of experience can afford. I heard it once said that those who placed Jmannuel on the cross allowed him to manifest a love that not even the angels can express. I believe that and in that light, I thank the Father for allowing me to exemplify greater godliness than I would have been able to manifest in a world where only love and peace reside, and for this cause I say, “Father, not as I will but as thou wilt. Thy spirit dwells within me, wherefore I know thee, I love thee, and I trust thee, for thou art worthy. In the palm of thy hand, I place my soul. I desire to be thy highest expression. Teach me to climb that where you are, I may be also.”

    Manning, please send a message to Sananda with an expression of my love and continued sustaining vote, for He is my commander and chief. Tell Him, “You know I will”. He will know what that means if He tunes into my dreams. If delays continue because of agency and the weakness of the flesh, please know that there are those on earth who feel underutilized and wish to do all that they can to hasten the Father’s work. Please express my appreciation to Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn and Ashtar for their wisdom and sacrifice. Please ask them if my family and I have been added to their roles. I have requested it be done. Finally, please know of my love and appreciation for all that you do and those who tirelessly effort to prepare Shan and its people in this transition period. May the God of All that IS triumph and His will be done on Shan as it is in Heaven, your friend, Jay


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