December 12, 2021

My Dear Ones,

Let me clear things up in some respects. You/we are making progress and this is important but know that Gaia is somewhat in charge of her reciprocal actions coordinating with the planet some call Nibiru. Yes there is a planet close enough to cause a reaction and Gaia is very much aware of it. She is working very closely to the planet’s movements and this is as it should be. You have heard that the New Madrid movement is close at hand and this is true. It is hoped that the Nibiru cover up will be seen by all soon and the truth will come out.

For so long you have known of the rather harsh adjustments of earth and the pole shift but it was not always in tandem with another heavenly body coming close to earth. These two will be in concert for this event and this is almost beside the point for the offer of evacuation is still planned and will happen. Does it matter about the influence of the orbiting unknown to many, heavenly body? Yes, because of the massive cover up and its part in the coming changes. You were not to know of the massive changes until it was not able to cover them up anymore. This would give time to the “elite” to take to their underground cities and try to survive. This would leave you in the lurch trying to live in unbearable conditions and failing to do so.

This information does not really change things for they will continue to happen but it is an integral part of the overall picture and there in corroborates the validity of the predicted actions of earth and our messages of the severity. This has happened before and will happen again this time. Take heart for this is part of the Creator God’s synchronicity of all things working together for good. You were never meant to be deceived in such a manner. I bring this to you for His Will Be Done. Place this in the proper perspective and do not be unduly concerned. This is just another piece of the entire puzzle that has been denied you and is now being revealed. I bid all my readers steady travel in life’s difficulties. You are the strong ones.

I Am Manning

8 thoughts on “December 12, 2021

  1. Thank you, Manning for confirming the reality of Nibiru. On Earth, the primary source of information about Nibiru comes from Zachariah Sitchin’s translation of ancient Sumarian tablets which also provides supportive documentation for ancient alien theories, and introduces the Draco and Ananaki. For those interested in learning more about Nibiru, you can read the Kolbrin Bible which describes, in ancient wisdom texts, the effect of Nibiru (also known as the destroyer and the red dragon) upon the earth. The Kolbrin Bible detiails Nibiru’s effect on the planet resulting in Noah’s flood and the miracles and earth changes that were attendant with the exodus of the twelve tribes of Israel. Many believe that the end times events described in the book of Revelation are caused by the influence of Nibiru upon the earth. Didn’t Jmannuel say, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the son of Man”?

    There is a lot of false information circulating about Nibiru, most claiming it is a hoax. The most credible information from a scientific view is done by Marshall Masters, owner and editor of He has worked tirelessly to document the evidences of Nibiru including up to date earth changes. My hat goes off to Marshall Masters for his dedication to this work.

    Manning, I have reached out to Marshall personally to let him know about the Offer of Trust blog. I will reach out to him again to help get the word out.

    It is believed that right now Nibiru is on the back side of the sun relative to Earth in its elliptical orbit around the sun. Do you have any estimates on when Nibiru will pse a threat to earth as it passes between the Earth and the sun? Thank you, Jay


  2. As I was reading this, my local news was on reporting a small earthquake occurred just a few miles from where I live. Like Jay asked, when will we see it coming in? I still have been seeing synchronization of numbers and countdown numbers for some time. I awoke at 3:21 am a couple days ago. Let the lord’s light of truths shine for all to see! Thank you and Godspeed.


  3. This is truly big news, especially that you mentioned “This information does not really change things for they will continue to happen”. Question: can you tell/update us where is Nibiru right now (distance from Sun and Earth)… unless this will change things.


  4. I can feel that you have been touched in watching us Manning and becoming acquainted with our various challenges. Thank you for attending so tenderly. I do notice you as you know. I wish you could audibly speak back. Out of curiosity what provisions prevent us from personal contact at this point? The request has been officially made. I guess the protocol with those who have higher pay grades than me set those terms. At any rate it first contact cannot come soon enough. Thank you again for your support.


  5. Manning quietly dropping bombs in here, hihi, so Nibiru is a real thing then? Ive read somewhere that it took it 3600 years to orbit the solar system, is it true? Anyway thanks for the update galactic friends, take care y’all.


  6. I have read numerous articles discussing a dramatic increase in earthquake, meteors, NEOs, and volcanic activity especially in the ring of fire. Can you confirm if this is directly related to the Nemisis brown dwarf star system among which Nibiru is apart? Thank you, Jay


  7. Is the increase in earthquakes, volcanic, meteor and near earth objects related to the Nemisis brown dwarf star system of which Nibiru is apart? Jay


  8. Hi Manning, I am sure I am not alone in my desire for further communication. It has been a long time since your last message. I hope you are finding success in your endeavors and joy in your service.

    For a brief moment we could see light at the end of the forced covid vaccination tunnel and it looked as though the vaccine mandates were going to be defeated. Now it appears that the 6th Circuit Court has overturned the 5th Circuit Court ruling, and mandates are once again on the table and pose a real threat to those who are against the covid vaccines.

    Unless serious opposition stands against the PTB, 2022 is looking like it will be a year with many man-made disruptions beginning with what many are calling the “winter of death”, with the CDC projecting 15,600 (Covid vaccination) deaths per week in the US. Warnings of cyber attacks on financial institutions, global economic collapse, a digital reset of the dollar to CBDC crypto currencies across the globe, supply line shutdowns, food shortages, and wars on many fronts reveal the goals of the dark ones for 2022. If this is not enough, add to that the dangers of earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, psunamies and other record breaking earth changes, causing massive devastation and loss of life and you can see how 2022 is shaping up.

    It is difficult to put into words what it is like living on earth at this time. I liken it to living in a real-world suspense/drama/thriller movie with a star cast of sinister characters who occupy key positions in governing organizations across the globe, all working in lock-step to destroy the last vestiges of freedom, without any apparent opposition to slow them down or hold them accountable as they steamroll their global depopulation, transhuman/cyborg hive-mind, digital transformation, and social-control agenda forward in front of a largely apathetic, ignorant or beguild global population of usefull idiots who believe that by complying with the tyrannical dictates of their despotic leaders that life will return back to “normal”. Those who know what is happening are doing what they can to resist these draconian measures through peaceful non-compliance efforts and legal actions, but as long as the politicians, media, police, military, and courts manipulate, lie and violate the laws and liberties of the people, mankind will be reduced to slaves as the shackles of tyranny are forced upon us. No Hollywood director could create a more intense movie than the one we are white-knuckling through at this time.

    Manning, I have faith in the Father and His great and glorious plans as also the work of the brotherhood of light, our Pleiadian family and the galactic alliances. I believe that good will ultimately triumph over evil and all things will work out for good, but right now, it is difficult to see any real wins for the good guys.

    We are anxious to learn more about the timing and affect Nibiru will have on us. Please answer the questions we posed in response to this blog post and provide other information that will be important for us to have that we may be better prepared for evacuation and these challenging times.

    Please know that we pray for you and your success, for we find in you an expression of the love and mercy of Father/God/Aton for His children during these winding up scenes on Shan.

    Thank you for your loving sacrifice and selfless service, your brother Jay


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