December 23, 2021

My Dear Ones,

I have come to the conclusion this is a long drawn out endeavor because those who cannot come to rational thinking continue to bring as much havoc on all of us as they can. How disgusting was their behavior in the past and how disappointing their behavior now. There has been an all out assault on everything good and all attempts on our part at correcting the wrongs that have been perpetrated. The remnants of the dark influence have made it their business to disrupt and destroy all they can here at the last and all because they continue in their thinking. This is in spite of the obvious truth that prevails. Surely they can see what is before them, and yet they continue. It is beyond my thinking that they do this. Their days of review and charges before the court system are scheduled and yet they continue. I do not understand.

I have missed my time with you but our Father has been determined that the dark influence not get any success in their attempts and this has caused all of us to be involved in mitigating their energies of a negative kind. Our Father’s plans will go forward with the hope they are totally uninterrupted. This is what has taken all our attention is the preventing dark energy from causing any problems. We hope this is the last of it. I, for one, am having trouble with my charitable thoughts toward their actions of late. I will continue to work on this within my meditations. Love is the answer in all things.

Now, I know you have questions and I have not had time to take a look at them but I feel there is uncertainty regarding the days ahead and what to expect. Do not worry about Planet X, Nibiru or such like, for events on earth will take place as God intends it to. This planet, or heavenly body is only one of millions in your skies that can possibly have meaning for earth, and yet you are under God’s hand and things will continue to be in His wisdom of events. Take heart and contend yourselves with that which has been given to you to do. These tasks will be varied but remember how important your efforts are, not only for you but for others who will take notice and follow. You are bringing along many with you on this journey of enlightenment and advancement and for most of you this is paramount in your efforts.

Forgive me for this short message as I must return now. Your positive thoughts are seen by us and your focus is there upon Gaia, as it should be. Continue your work and I will try not to be overly inflated with pride in your works so that I do not tell all who will listen that these are my readers. Another aspect of my personality that I have to work on. Remain safe and surrounded by protection in all facets of your daily life. Please know that the number of individuals turning to the light are growing.

We know you are weary and worn in all aspects but do not give up. All will be worth your efforts when you finally get to look back upon your lives. What you are doing has no way of letting you know how important you are. You are making a difference and it is far reaching. I send you my love and I will return.

I am Manning

10 thoughts on “December 23, 2021

  1. Thank you for touching base with us., it’s hard on all of us in these trials and tribulations, but we carry on. As I’m typing it is 6:54


  2. There is talk of the African continent roll and I assume it means tectonic movements of a large degree. Along with this is also mention of a great tear or rip in the mid Atlantic ocean.

    This is all according to certain sources to go along with the New Madrid unzipping from the tip of central South America (Mexico) continuing thru the Gulf of Mexico up the Mississippi valley to the Great Lakes. Is the east coast of the Americas going to get tsunami waves from the movement of the African roll and the mid Atlantic rip or will Europe be more likely to have the tsunami waves?

    How are we best to prepare ourselves, mentally, physically and emotionally for this cascading of earth changes and lives lost?


  3. Hi Manning, thank you for your continued gentle and so positive messages. Boy gee I don’t like to ask this of you, yet it is important. I can’t say much but would you please send a message to Joseph (with my dear love of course) and ask him for me to do as before and have his security specialists look into what’s going on with me and my friends and render all aid in our personal protection. Thank you for this. Oh how I wish I could tell you more. You certainly will be debriefed on this. Trust me such a request would not be made unless it was absolutely warranted and mulled over and contemplated over profoundly. You’ll understand I know. A big hug brother. We are almost there aren’t we? Before I wasn’t holding my breath but now am. God bless you, may the Holy order of Shuel be with you friend. Jacob


  4. Hi Manning, can you explain what your protocols will be and how you will communicate with us in the event that a natural or man-made event wipes out the internet?

    There are a lot of rumblings circulating about increased earthquake, volcanic, and meteor activities. Can you let us know what your instruments are saying? Are we looking at the New Madrid fault or the San Andreas fault or others going off in a big way in 2022? Back in July of 2021 Joseph was warning about potential evacuation based on your earth readings within a couple weeks to a few months. What does this look like to you at this moment? Thank you for your considerate attention, your brother Jay


  5. Hi Manning, I am feeling that we are running out of time and there are still many unresolved issues, and much work to be done.

    It is clear that all of the signs of the times have been well under way since the 1980s. The promise was made by our beloved Jmannuel that the generation living on the earth when the fig tree brings forth its leaves would live to see all things fulfilled (the fulness of the transition). Well we are that generation and for the last 40 years have seen the evidences of all things being fulfilled.

    In addition to the questions in my earlier posts, I have two questions relative to the signs of the times that I wish to be answered.

    Can you share information about the anti-christ and his work upon the earth right now. The Pheonix Journal Volume 3 states he would begin his work in the 1990s. What can you tell us about this character?

    Also, can you share information about “the child” who appears to be born of man but is born of God and shall come unto us as God? Is he living on the earth now? Can you describe his mission and how we can recognize him? With loving appreciation for all you do, your brother Jay


  6. First a shout out to Randy Hobbs, from Dan from our AH days!

    Second, Thank you Manning for taking well appreciated time to fill us in on the further seeming inaction and delays. You are right, we are very worn out and weary, and I for one have almost withdrawn from any belief that anything tangible is going to happen at all. I try to connect to my inner self but seemingly I feel I never can get through and am blocked somehow. Then it occurred to me that blocks like that are an illusion, all well meaning thought always gets to where it needs to be, any seeming block is an attempted thwart by the dark idiots. Their remnant will stop at nothing to impede the light but they’re too stupid to know that the entire darkness of the universe cannot hide the light from one candle – even if it’s a dim one like mine, lol!

    I know and feel different somehow lately, I know I’m on the right track here and have stopped relying on dates and the nasty four letter word “soon”. This I’ve learned from too many disappointments in the past. I’ve been in this since awakening in 2004 and I am here to see it through unless I’m called away and then will continue serving from the other side or where ever else I may end up.

    My blessing to you and as much Light and Love that I can muster!

    Thank you for all you and the rest of Fleet do for us!


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  7. The following information has been posted on my Facebook. I have made numerous comments based on Zetatalk writings and my own observations and angelic communication. If any of you find the information helpful please share it, after doing your own validation of my comments. Sometimes we tend to make this sight a blog. It is true we all have inquiries and concerns which we would like addressed. And some of us like to discourse a bit on our previous knowledge based on our various spiritual backgrounds. Yes, brothers and sisters I understand this very well.
    I am not sure if Manning will address all the questions we present but I do know that he enjoys teaching and working with us. He is a very knowledgeable and seasoned instructor and I learn much from his channeled teachings.

    I do hope if the administrator approves my comments about the New Madrid and various other topics it will be of assistance. I make no claims at being a journalist or prolific writer but I do offer up this information that I hope you will find helpful. If it does not , then please excuse my desire to provide some answers….

    The unzipping of the New Madrid fault line has begun. Minor earthquakes and tremors are being recorded from the west peninsula of Mexico all up the coastal region mostly in the 4.0 range. Earthquakes of higher magnitudes have occurred off the southern coast of Puerto Rico. The Gulf of Mexico has an asphalt volcano under it’s water. There have been tremors and earthquakes going up the Mississippi River Valley region clear up to the Great Lakes. There is an east coast fault line which starts in the southern states and runs up to the Boston area. Earth movements have been reported in Ga, TN, NC, SC, VA, Washington, DC and states further north.
    The last time a major earthquake happen on the Madrid fault line was a little over a hundred years ago. All signs from tectonic plate movements are growing stronger with each passing week. It’s only a matter of when it will pop. Preliminary movements may not be that alarming but when it does let out the pressures it will be massive. The islands of the Caribbean, Florida and the lower Mississippi valley up through the mid western US to the great Lakes will experiences major damages. Some estimate that the Mississippi River may be 50 miles from bank to bank.
    The poles of the planet are shifting more rapidly as time passes and the continental and ocean plates are all in motion.
    A mystery comet may be known by some by the name of Nibiru. In the Old testament Ezekiel talked about strange formations in the heavens and one in particular is called Ezekiel’s wheel which gives a description of the aforementioned Nibiru. It has been called a battle planet, a planet of destruction and many names throughout history by both folklore, Prophets and Indian tribe Legends.

    Nibiru is talked about on various YouTube channels and it’s main source will be found on which is a website dealing with off world beings and World events.

    You might ask yourself why don’t I hear more about this if it’s such a dangerous situation that is to occur and has been prophesied to occur? There is a valid reason for all of this but most people’s minds are not prepared to hear it and it’s out of the normal construct of organized religion and how things are to play out in the last days, but that depends on how you read into it.

    Planet Earth is currently being bombarded by traumatic earthquake and tremor activities going from one side of the planet vibrating completely to the other side of the planet. We are a witness to volcanic explosions and also the building up of major volcanoes that have not erupted yet. It has been speculated that those responsible for recording seismic activity are not doing so with complete valid information. Allegations are that seismic graph instruments are either being turned off, turned down, and the actual chart printouts are not showing all the high points or all the low points. As they do not give complete and transparent information it does not keep those in America properly informed in case of emergency situations.
    It still is not right to keep the populace from life threatening information or the timing that they could utilize to relocate themselves from places of danger.
    I have provided various messages through numerous sources as I have also provided you emergency Management channels on YouTube that you can access for information to find out the validity of what I state here. I share this information not to scare anyone or to make fear a major factor but to inform those that I can make contact with to consider and be prepared in the event of emergencies and disasters. While some of those are more informed that others it is unfortunate there are those among us who would rather avoid the whole situation.
    My faith is strong in the power of faith and doing as Jesus taught us.
    My credentials are that of an ordained non-denominational minister wherein I do not have a congregation but I use this to facilitate however God needs to use me as his laborer. I also practice Reiki as a Reiki Master Teacher which is a form of light work healing. Some could call it laying on of the hands but most appropriately it is an ancient healing modality that has been passed on for centuries and thousands of years to help bring about well-being to those who submit themselves under the caring service of the practitioner. Reiki is not magic, nor is it voodoo, nor is it demonic but as with any form of energy work that energy can be used for good or bad, for it is the administer of the energy and the intentions that are put forth. I take my light work as a Reiki Master Teacher extremely sacred and I advise all my clients that I am not the one doing the healing but it is their faith that will make them whole. As a healer in this type of service there are many that would testify to the healing qualities of the energies.

    We are definitely in the last days of this civilization and earthly cycle and as such will witness many diversified and curious actions in both humanity and the planet. I believe that Earth is a sentient being that cares about those who dwell upon her surface. It causes her great pain to see one’s suffer through her evolving processes. Earth is a life form that is very loving and like a mother she protects her little ones as she has done for thousands and thousands of years. When it comes time for cycles to end and New beginnings to commence she does what is necessary in her moving forward and it is her desire to take us with her in her dimensional transformation.
    However, the planets population is so diversified and I do not mean specifically speaking of race Creed, color, etc… There are ones who walk among us and really have no clue as to why they are on this planet; what they are about to do or even have thought for tomorrow. So many high numbers of people walking around like programmed zombies doing as they are told and never questioning. For those that question them antagonistic results may occur to the inquirer. Far too many people give their freedom and Life choices away simply because they are too involved with what’s directly in front of them. They seem to have no concept of world or community unity. Keeping vital information such as the unzipping of the New Madrid fault is one of our major problems.
    I have many things to communicate but the main purpose of this stream of thought is too warn those within reading of the words that I post. Some of my words have been subtle and some have been very direct and to the point. This statement I now make is very direct and to the point.

    The New Madrid fault line will unzip starting from Central South America, Mexico, up through the Gulf of Mexico through the Mississippi valley all through the different states that follow that route up to the Great Lakes. When this happens there will be great catastrophic events that will be life threatening. Now it’s so easy to say that God will take care of me. Yes, God will take care of you but God will also give you warnings of things to come that you may either take in as valid or ignore as silly conspiracy theorist ideas. God always provides a way to bring his children to safety but the problem is; that When these scenarios arise of danger the people may think.. it doesn’t pertain to me so I’m not going to worry about it, God will take care of me. Yes God will take care of you,whatever is for your highest good but he will give you various opportunities to avoid a situation or situations. The old saying that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink applies in this case. Noah warned the people anciently that there was coming a great flood but they saw no rain and as the days progressed and the ark’s completion progressed they continued to mock and ridiculed Noah. Then the rains started to fall. Then the waters came up from the deep. They were then in peril, but the time was past for action. They met their fate and drowned in the waters that covered the Earth.

    The New Madrid will unzip dramatically over the next two to three weeks. No one knows the effects of the east coast fault line in relation to this unzipping.
    Also know that a great rip will occur in the mid north Atlantic. We do not know to what degree how continents will be affected.

    And we have not even mentioned the Cascadia region on the west coast of America, Alaska, Hawaii and South and central America, the Caribbean islands and Puerto Rico.

    Be prayerful and go within. I am in my Heavenly Father’s service as a son of God. Head these words as they are not given lightly but with much love ad concern.


    1. Thank you Randy for the time you took to put this important message together. I am glad to read responses from informed, intelligent, well spoken, and spiritually seeking individuals.

      Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear have faith in the eternal purposes of the Father and will not discount His messengers or call them crazy. I hope this accounts for the greater portion of this audience. With all that is transpiring in the world it is comforting to know that God has His workers on this side of the veil and the other. But sadly how many on earth today will see the Hand of God moving in His Majesty? Or how many will take His Hand when He offers it? These questions we will each have to answer. May the Lord grant you success as you are about His work, your brother Jay


    2. We love you brother. You are not crazy. Thank you for sharing. It will be soon, perhaps a day or two I reckon we will hear from our friends who post with some new insights to bless us. God bless you dear one. All you said is valuable and I am grateful. 🙂


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