February 21, 2022

This is a re-post from Prosper on August 20 2020.

Let us begin. I am offering a chance to play a part in the scheme of things for this transition and it is voluntary. Be it known that all will change when this turn around takes place. Those of the Light and knowing will have the right to persuade others that this is a natural process of sorts and is part of the way for all to enter into a better life . It provides an avenue to use more of your capabilities such as mental telepathy and mind creation for what is desired in life. Other things and abilities will come in time. Lean into the wind with it and offer help to others when the opportunity arises. Seek out time for yourselves to explore the capabilities you have that laid dormant for so long for it will take time to bring them back into activation again.

Display your courage at all times and those around you will see your confidence and come to appreciate your intelligence in this matter. Be a leader and show the way for others to follow. This is the time of service for you and yes, you are ready and capable to do this. It is what you have been training for for not only this life time but others and sometimes many others. This is the culmination point of history and the peak and transition point of a new beginning for everyone.

There are those who will not react well to what is about to happen. Most do not understand how much more to creation there really is nor do they want to explore it. It is scary to them and they will try to go back to what they think and feel as normal, but there is no going back. This is the way of the future for all. A promotion so to speak. Actually this is the demise of the play that has been going on for many years and the war between the dark and the Light forces and since we, the Light, won it is now time for the curtain to close and reality to set in.

This is a time for celebration and recognition of those who worked so hard for decades on earth to bring this about, even though most did not realize that is what they were doing at the time. You have shown your Light and worked with tireless efforts to accomplish what was thought to be impossible at times and we are celebrating here and are more than pleased at the result. Hallelujahs are in order and are spoken quite often around this group.

We started celebrating early here but are waiting on your return for the real deal and oh, what a reunion it will be. So much happiness and joy will encompass you at your return. Memory will come at stages and not all at once for your own protection. We do not want to overload you with information at this time. You have risen to the occasion, with much prodding at times and delivered the goods and the dark was summarily taken down in a long hard won battle of Light over dark. Pat yourselves on the back for we certainly do. There will come a time when you will learn and realize what a momentous thing you have done and the ramification of your defeat over the enemy. Another Hallelujah is in order here.

Enough of this and now onto the lesson. In the order of life it is imperative that you consider all your options to serve and do so within the parameters of the laws and commandments. Opportunities will open up to you on this front and you will be placed in the position and location for this service. You are now well experienced and have the love and desire to make earth a better place. Unfold your heart in this matter and get with others and be directed to fulfilling the recovery and growth of earth for she is waiting on you now to live her fullest expressions of life. See it through and do not be afraid to take things in hand and go forward in this endeavor. I challenge you to see what more you can accomplish now that you have freedom and leadership to do so. Let your talents come forth whether it be leader or follower or worker or whatever is your calling and your way into the new frontier of earth. Earth II so to speak and let your Light shine in the fullest my darling Chelas for you have amazed us in so many ways at your courage and formidable desire to succeed and continue. I, and others are in awe of your displays of fortitude and courage. There were times we had to take a back seat at your ways of doing things and we have learned a lot from you. Do not hesitate to feel good about this and it will be recorded in the history books of all things. Soon you will know.

We come to a close of this chapter in history and what a chapter it was. So many said it could not be done but Christ Michael and Esu just kept right on directing and laying out the path for you to follow and you came right along with your faith and hope in the matter and showed so many they were wrong in their doubt of you to accomplish what was needed and it was a huge need that you faced. Enough of praise at this time.

Turn to lighthearted avenues for a few moments before another challenge confronts you and take time to relax and reflect upon my words. Feel good about yourself and your service waiting on the next chapter to unfold. I give you my love in these matters and encourage you to reside in peace and in the Father’s Light always.

I am Prosper.

Thank you Prosper and in response I am going to speak for others, boots on the ground as we have been called, without their permission and hope it will be forgiven. Christ Michael and Esu always sustained us in the Light and directed us in our calling. There are so many others under their leadership that provided help that was always available to us.

We may have been in the same boat trying to overcome the challenges but without the support and encouragement that was given it would have been much more difficult if not impossible. You propped us up when we faltered, you watched our tears fall when we cried and you kept us focused and motivated at every turn. You provided the compass we needed and turned us in the right directions when we veered off course. In the most loving ways you helped us continue when we wanted to give up and you felt our pain.

We salute you in a most loving tribute of respect for what you have done for us. The bonds that were created as this team worked together will not be forgotten and this also will go down in the history books and is cause for celebration. Thank you from all of us.


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