February 22, 2022

A partial re-post taken from August 21, 2020

Now we will study the spirit itself in its wisdom and beauty as applied to the human soul and body. The spirit is an energy of life and is the indwelling of the God principle. It was created at the time of the beginning and is placed into each living thing as it progresses into a certain stage of advancement. This can be at different times you understand and some people have a new spirit and some much older spirits. It is an advanced intelligence of the God life force and enhances the existing experience to a fuller meaning and experience. Spirit can be housed in all things, not matter what form once the minimum requirements are met for advancement and learning. I understand this is quite complicated but that is what these lessons are for. We gain our spirit and understanding comes more readily available to us through this enhancement. Our lives take on a new meaning and depth is added .

Now to the soul. The soul is everlasting in concept and is the keeper of records of life and experiences and the soul is where your heart lies and your emotions are pivotal around the energy of the soul. When the actions are in a Godly manner the soul is in harmony with all life. When the actions are evil or not in a Godly manner the soul is in opposition with all life and you feel a resistance of sorts and things are in contrast to harmony. Dissonance is created between all energies of the body, no matter what that body looks like or how it is shaped. The soul is everlasting and stays with the person throughout the lifetimes it takes. It remains with the being after death and goes with the life force energy wherever it goes and is the embodiment or essence of that personality and the result of all experiences. This is the real person. The spirit is an enhancement of God’s energy and the soul is the real person.

A soul can have a higher self and this means there are associated separate lives or beings associated with the same soul and expression. A soul advancing to a certain level gives an opportunity for life to be given to another being or person and remains as the higher self while the new offshoot is engaged in the path of learning and is unaware of the higher self until much later. At some point the two can merge forming a stronger more intense being capable of much learning and now the advancement continues. It is not uncommon for the process to involve several offshoots in a chain of progression over the years and that process continues in a long chain of descendants and learning for all involved. This is complicated in expression but works well in reality. Be advised you have a higher self and that entity has a higher self and so on. There is much opportunity in this level of learning for the higher self is helping those under them at all times and that also is part of the service to others.

Now, all life has some spirit given by God and you can feel this spirit in nature and the environment and in the universe. It is energy enhanced and is involved in the creative process. Spirit is to be respected and revered and not destroyed or attempt to destroy. The taking of a life does more things than you imagine and not only brings to an end of the physical body but ends the place for the spirit to dwell along with the soul. This is a double whammy you have caused in the termination of a life. The two are connected but both are deprived of the body now and must go elsewhere for expression. We will take this up again later in a different lesson.

Be advised that this is a deep subject and will take much examination on your part to understand. Let this part sink in for it is fundamental for other learning to come. Be at peace and prepare for what is coming in the dimensional area. I continue to serve as your teacher in this capacity and am happy to do so. That is all.

I am Prosper

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