February 23, 2022

Re-post from Prosper on August 22, 2020

Let us begin. It is imperative that you listen to what I am saying here. Not all people will do well at this turn of events and act out badly at others. Some will not know where to go and how to cope with the impending changes. You must protect yourselves and not venture out into the public if you don’t have to. Caution is required in all dealings with other people as they will not behave rationally. There will be no one that is exempt from these changes in dimensions and reality. Remain calm and unaffected in your faith and understanding that this is a necessary step in the progression of your planet and is viewed by us as positive and we are glad to see it come for you. Others will not view it this way.

Onto other things now. We are seeing that you are still in for some economic pattern changes and may still be having banks closing for a few days. Hopefully they will sort things out in little time and little inconvenience to you. This is no cause for alarm but you must prepare so that continuity will be maintained in this area of your life. Have cash at home for necessary things so that banks are not needed. They will reopen shortly with much improved laws and backgrounds establishing your rights and will be set up differently in your benefit. Needless to say you will not be robbed in interest anymore like has been in your past. Such a shame that this was done to you. I am continually amazed at the dastardly deeds perpetrated upon all that lined the pockets of a few. This will stop. You were told that this time would come and it is here now and things are rolling out as you were told. A more open society full of compassion for one another and better leadership in all areas.

Now let us get on with understanding. Our soul is everlasting as I said but it has much energy to create your lives for you. It knows what you need and how you should conduct you lives for all to go well and your life to vibrate in harmony along with your body. This is the synchronicity you must have in your life that has been missing in the past. Suffice it to say things will be much better now that your eyes are being opened and your vision for the future is much clearer than ever before.

It has come to my attention that your schooling system is lacking in the freedom for your children that they need to learning a more structured pattern of free will. They are not soldiers to be commanded but learning individuals that must have loving discipline and proper concepts of the pivotal information that will be the base of their understanding of all things. There will be help in this area and some of the rules need to change for what is needed and people will be provided to give you the guidance that will develop the school systems to a loftier height of learning and will be looked upon with more respect in all areas, especially your teachers. They are the keys to this whole project and they have been overworked so much so that the pressures upon them are overwhelming and this is not going to be allowed in the future. You have a resource that is wanting to teach and they are abused in large degrees to a point where it is debilitating for them to continue. It is a shame. They must also be freed in their duties as educators and leaders of these young people. Do not hesitate to make these changes when they are given to you and they will be.

So many areas of life need upgrading and overhauling. Some areas need to be scrapped altogether and done away with. Some of them you will be glad to see go and leave your lives. Taxation is one of them. Not any more will you be taxed for black projects that lie behind walls and curtains so that you cannot see or know of. I am getting down to the serious stuff now and take heed that these are the changes you were told about years ago when we described your new world. It is happening for you now and you would benefit to support these changes and help bring them about wherever you can. Pay attention to what is happening and let your voices be heard. Pray on these things and hold them close to your heart for this will be the way of your future and at this time you are in process of paving the road to it. A construction job so to speak and there is lots to do in this area.

Now, for the other thing. Your eating habits are atrocious and you must take care of your bodies in a more responsible manner. The smoking and illegal drugs must go and you will have help with this. Be advised a change is necessary for the body is the Temple of the soul and God has commanded it. This may take some time for you to adjust but it is upcoming. You still have freedom but once you understand and see the benefits of these changes you will want to eat and drink more responsibly. Soft drinks are not going to cut it loved ones. They are too acid for the body and cause major problems but you can still use them on your battery connections if you need to. I told you I would not lie to you and I will not. We are here and will help you weed out the list of must gos. It is what must be done as I have said when God directs He does not accept a no form anyone. I have certainly never heard of it happening. No one I know would have the temerity to try it! His requirement is compliance.

Now that I have your attention it may be that you are backing off and having questions. Good, this is normal and ideas are slow to form sometimes in your minds but they will come and it will be the way of your future along with the paving of the path or road to the future. Be at peace with it as much as you can and we will progress at a fast clip here for we are behind schedule. We will not be deterred in this education part and by now we had planned to be talking to the world. We will hope for the better outcome for this and not give up.

Thant is all.

I m Prosper

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