February 24, 2022

A partial Re-post from Prosper on August 23, 2020.

Now on to other things. It is concerning the attitude of the individual that I speak to about thoughts. Your thoughts are so important in forming your every day life. They are the creative force behind all things and manifest themselves into reality upon fruition. Be alert to your thoughts in that they are positive and not negative or not holding you back with spurious intent and attitude. Building blocks for sure in this formation of what happens to you in life. Your attitude is a creator of your future and has always been. So, keep it building the things you want and the things you aspire to. It is with love that we tell you that you have created your own situation and circumstances. It is true. You are the master of your domain, circumstances and happiness. You are creators in full and do not know it yet. Be at peace with this and use it to your advantage at all times. Do not let the negative put downs creep into your thoughts and attitude. You are your worst enemy in this respect, always putting yourself down as it were. Obligate yourself to prop yourself up when leaning and forge ahead giving yourself the benefit of the doubt in all things for a more prosperous and fulfilling life.

Now onto ecology. The earth is awaiting you to reclaim the pristine beauty that was originally intended and will be once again upon the planet. Water purity is one huge front that needs tending to and there are those already on board giving of their time to do this and they have been for some time now. They need help in this matter and see that this gets done for you cannot live without clean water. You have been polluting the water both above ground and below for many years and this is not a place for your waste products to go. Many destructive things end up in your body and do not leave for they are stored in tissue all over the body. How you manage to continue sometimes is beyond me for the chemicals are quite strong and destructive to bear in the body. You are persistent people, I will give you that. See that this water clean up is your first priority for all concerned. Both ocean and land.

Next is air quality. This is another area that must be cleaned up for you cannot live without it. Do give attention to all types of pollutants that enter the air and see that it is stopped. These pollutants in the air also collect in the body and many do not ever leave. Your lungs will either distribute these chemicals throughout the body or let them collect in the lung tissue and this restricts the necessary oxygen you need for a full and healthy body to perform. Water and air. See to it and you will have help on these issues for sure.

Now let us consider your food. What a mess you have. Additives, additives, additives are the name of the game here and not many of benefit except for shelf life and appearance. What an industry to approach for changing things. It is a massive front and there will be resistance but you have the numbers and the buying power to resist anything but healthy food on your shelves. Use it to control what goes into your food in the stores for your consumption. See that this is done and there will also be those coming to help you come withing the guidelines of what can be done to food before you get it. So many things to delete from the good food that is available.

There is also a big change coming in the farming area before you get the food from the farms. Farmers work long and hard and have been backed into a corner with low prices and pressure of larger yields that they have had no choice but to give in to certain ways of growing. This must stop and the farmer must strive in freedom to continue with their talents and their calling for mankind in peace and without pressure of any kind other than to produce live and healthy food for the public to consume. See that this is done also. They deserve a break and need to be given a chance to work without constraints that have been forced upon them. A high calling and you do not even realize it.

Now in respect to your daily approach to the Father, creator of all things. Be advised that all things do come from Him and nothing is exempt from this statement. Some energy is mismanaged and evil does exist by those who will misuse His power in energy to go about trying to gain control of all and everything they can. For the most part the power plays will stop and life will become more relaxed and much simpler than you experienced before. A certain calm will descend upon you as a whole and you will see what can be accomplished without the taxation, pressure and imprisonment that had you held in its grasp for so many long year of your history. It is coming and you can do this in bringing this about. You have the direction and the focus to better all humanity and will feel like doing it and living it when everything is corrected. You will first be amazed at how much better you feel with your body.

Let us touch on inoculations for a bit. The medical industry has started out with good intentions but then greed and power crept in and now it is a money making industry alone and motivated by other intentions also. You were meant to provide like worker bees and to line the pockets of the rulers. If you were not able to work to make money for them you were planned to die and it is that simple. Useless eaters you have been called and this is true. The old were going to be weeded out and leave in whatever way was the quickest and easiest and this would make way for new and younger worker bees and so on. It was a well thought out plan to inherit the earth for a few and the rest would be in a mental and physical prison forever and ever. You will not have to think about this anymore but you must know that it was planned and well on the way of becoming more of a reality than it already was. You felt it and were beginning to wake up but now you know it was reality for you. Reverse course and make way for the free individual with options now and a healthy body to boot. It is so achievable at this point and is your key to success. Live fully in His wishes for no one should have to go through the nasty things you did nor face the impending future that was contrived for you. It will not happen.

See to it that you think on these things I have said and let them sink in to ponder over and over. It is getting deeper now and you are being afforded this information as required by the direction of God. Part of the recovery and rehabilitation that is in order for you and first the education. It will be a process and it is happening now. Be at peace with this education as much as you can for it is sad in the telling of what has happened to you and will be laid out so that you can see. We tell the truth to you always. I am in peace doing so and that is all for now.

I am Prosper

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