February 28, 2022

It has been my duty to tend to some rather important issues and they multiplied and left me no time to share anything with you and for this I apologize. These issues were of vital importance and I could not delay as there is a connection between some other issues and what needed to be done.

This is not at all unusual when terminating a planet’s chapter or in the event of a dimensional advance as things all come to a point of change. You/Gaia have quite a few things looming at the moment and most all of us are trying to deal with them in our own avenues of expertise. If it takes a village to raise a child you can imagine how many it takes to undo or to correct many years of deceit to all the people on earth.

One issue is the Russia/Ukraine event and I wish to clear up some misconception concerning Putin and his actions in this issue. We have been in contact with this leader for some time now; at first in a small way as not to have him turn completely away from us, and then more ardently as he became accustomed to our communications. It took some time for him to trust us completely as you see the mental suggestions are hard to tolerate and not think you are somehow deficient in brain normality.

He became aware of some unsavory activities across the border regarding the making of biological warfare and this was the target of the destruction. The labs of the hazardous materials being manufactured had to be stopped and taken down and this is what he intended and it was accomplished. The people behind this manufacturing process were the dark and the involvement of the people of Ukraine were not at all involved in the intended destruction and only a few working there were becoming aware of the final intent, or at least they thought it was the intent.

Another issue is the ascension process itself and this involves many issues with codes, vibrations and directing darker energy in the right direction so that it can be transmuted into more workable energy to be used for a positive purpose. You just cannot turn dark or lower vibrational energy loose and let it wander out into the surrounding universe, it has to be converted into something more positive or it will attach to something else and continue to cause problems. This is a big task and involves many since there is much dark energy being released at this time form your earth.

The round up of people responsible for bad deeds is still being processed and many are being replaced with look alikes so as not to corrupt things any more than necessary and this takes many to see that this is done properly on planet and off. This has been going on for some time now and it will continue.

Your earth is in movement and this will also continue and become more active. The tectonic plates are shifting and there are several things up next. One is a movement in the mid Atlantic and another is the Ring of Fire itself making adjustments. All is connected and until that moment it is difficult to say which will step out in front for movement first. Your governments are losing control of the citizens as far as the Covid situations requiring staying at home and keeping people separated. Everyone will soon put this on the back of their minds as the earth changes regarding earthquakes and volcanoes will take the stage.

You are accomplishing more than you know with your prayers, meditations and affirmations and I wish, as I have stated before, that you could see how you are helping. This could not have been done without you and was the purpose for you coming here at this time. I implore you to continue and know that all will be accomplished and things will either come to an end or be changed as directed by Source.

I long to sit down with each of you and look into your eyes and tell you the many things that go through my mind each day that I want to relay to you but do not have the time to do so. This was not the plan I had and not the impression I wanted to make upon you by leaving you without my communication but this is what had to be for now. I follow the directive of our Father/Mother God and am happy and privileged to do so. My thoughts are with you as much as possible and you are most certainly not forgotten nor are you an afterthought. My countenance is upon you in all ways it can be during this momentous time. Be at peace as much as possible and you will be coming home soon and I dare not say more concerning the time frame on that subject for Gaia now has the reins on the speed of the events commencing.

In all thoughts I wish you continued strength and understanding of your purpose and your importance during the earth history. It does this old man good to know that he is missed and you await word from this mind. I am flattered. Thank you.

I am Manning

3 thoughts on “February 28, 2022

  1. Hi Manning thank you for your post. The idea of doubles is not a new concept for many on earth, especially for those in power. Clones that are actual living, but soulless beings, who look and act like their original is harder to believe, but not beyond the realm of consideration. Many of us have seen photo comparisons, which give measurements and analyze features to “prove” this person is a double or clone. Some claim Biden is a clone, Trudeau a double, Hillary Clinton a double, etc. I have seen a list of those who have been allegedly incarcerated with doubles or clones acting in their place. If this is true, why do the doubles or clones continue to carry out the same dark deeds as their original? What is the benefit of a double or clone if they just do the same thing as their original? I hope you will find this comment worthy of response. As always, thank you for your attention and support. Jay


  2. Thank you Manning for Your presence and a Lift in Your current messages; Offer of Trust! I’ve been following this site and other positive ones of Light and Love.
    I’ve had the same question as Jay above. No make sense to present clones that continue habitual habits of destruction. Is it to keep the one’s asleep… not to lose it, according to their normal? Anyways, anticipate your response to that 1!
    Secondly, I’m over-coming my own habitual/addictions. 6 months ago i stopped smoking cannabis and the occasional use of illicit drugs, to prepare for a better life in 5D. What a change….and I get it, thank you!
    What I need to know is the use of a few beers and nicotine, as I relax at the end of a day or days. I’m committed to the Father, walk a humble life and listen to the karma as it hits me to change, pray often for the change we all want of Peace and Aloha for All.

    So, Is it a requirement to leave all addictions as we walk this 3D world to pass the grade and graduate to 5D?

    Addictions come in many forms: To always be right, Acquire money/cars/house etc., no respect for All as One, the list is deep. It doesn’t make me better than others but recognize where we All are At during these times. I’ve been waiting Patiently for many years as an artist and engineer! Serving the best I can in my capacity and hope to never lose the connection versus the past when I was done and wanted out of this Life here.
    I never leave comments on sites but felt the urge to leave these questions open to your advise and teaching.
    Much Love and Light,
    Mahalo Nui Loa,


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