March 10, 2022

I have come to you at this time from a very busy schedule that has kept me tied up with work. So many things are going on at one time and it is taking everyone working on this transition. Even the angelic realm is doing their work as a whole to help the people of earth and Gaia herself with meditations and prayer work. This is using your descriptive wording for what actually would describe what they do mentally is not quite like that but something a bit more immediately constructive as they have great power as a whole and a collective. This is very interesting in itself as they have been endowed with certain powers they are asked to use on planets as a whole when advancing.

Again you are not aware of the paces forward in the dismantling of the dark intentions but this is happening. They are fewer in numbers and also power as Light has always been more powerful than dark. Their intentions do not bring about the same amount of completion as they once did. There is still the attempt at disruption of weather with some success but our side is trying to lessen this interference. There is also the attempt to frighten the masses with higher gas prices, news of food shortages and disruption of bringing goods to the consumers. This is still going on at present.

There is no food shortage. There is enough food for everyone. There is no gas shortage except what has been artificially created by certain ones in control. There is free energy also that has not been given to the people and several highly developed medical and technological advances that have been kept secret to this date. There have been several attempts to bring these into the public view for use and have not met with complete success and had to go through more private channels to bring forward.

Where do you stand at present? There is progress being made and in spite of all the attempts to keep advances from progressing they are happening anyway. Do not give up for this war is not completely over but it is in last stages if all will continue to work in the same vibration and frequency of love and Light that they have been exhibiting so far. You have come a long way and will need a long rest when this is over. This will give us time to explain why certain things had to be done in a certain way. It will become more clear at that time.

We are in this completely and are aiding as much as allowed and as much as possible when allowed in all avenues concerned. My charges, I ask you to continue and try not to be discouraged as nothing is standing still but progressing. Yes, it is not as fast as we all would like but we will succeed in the finality of things.

I must go now and continue my work and please bear with me in this for I have you on my minds and in my heart. My love to you all.

I Am Manning

3 thoughts on “March 10, 2022

  1. Thank you Manning for the update. We pray for your success and the success of all those on earth who love the light, and are working to defeat the operations of the dark ones. May those in harms way find safety and peace. Jay


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