March 28, 2022

This is a re-post from August 25, 2020

Let us begin.

Let us continue with talk on serenity of mind and peace of living. It is coherent that values be studied and brought back into the daily lives of individuals. These values, based on the laws of God are tantamount to supreme living standards for all. No one is exempt and no one is outside of the laws. They are God given and do cover every one. Think you do not qualify, think again. They are the gold standard, so to speak. Study them and keep them handy for reference. If need be post them on your walls and read daily. Let them sink in and more importantly let the reason behind them sink in.

Now on to other things. Here we go again with the government. Let us examine your representatives you have elected. Do they really represent you and your wishes. Are they playing the Washington games that are so evident. Do they reap the rewards of monetary gain by bending the rules or the wishes of their constituents? Pick up a microscope and do not re-elect the ones that need to be moved out. Consider wisely your choices in this matter. Some of the truth will come out but do not depend on this to be handed into your lap. Be responsible for your own study of the matter and take each candidate into your own hands to examine.

Let us talk about joy and happiness. It is with sadness that I see the lack of real joy and happiness upon the face of the earth. Where has it all gone and how do we get it back? So much has been taken from you that you have forgotten the real purpose of life. God does not take the joy out of living, man does that. You are so consumed with paying bills and getting ahead that you don’t take time to realize it comes at a great cost. Live more simply in that you cherish the family, friends and simple pleasures of life. An outdoor walk and study of nature and maybe the wind in your hair and sun on your face. After all you are in a physical body and this is afforded to you on this planet. Many do not get this opportunity of the physical body and the pleasures of your senses are many and tremendous. Have you picked up a sea shell on the beach? Have you looked at the Grand Canyon? Have you studied flowers and plants? Do not let this time pass you buy while you are still in a physical body. It is without price.

Now onto our dealings with other countries. It has come to my attention that this area is redolent with deceit and downright lies of all kinds. Espionage and spying is rampant and one up man-ship is the name of the game here. People this needs to be changed. Can you envision a world with countries trying to be honest in their speech and dealings with each other? Do not let this area get by you in your prayers and visualizations of what you want for the future. Each country is responsible for an honest dialogue with others and the spying games must stop. Do not spend your tax dollars paying the way for deceit in any form. Let that sink in for a moment. Now begin a change, take it by small steps if need be and focus on the goals, even if they are long term. This can be done. Help other countries if need be but do not and I repeat do not let this be at the expense of your own countrymen. You have children going hungry in your communities and needing education and clothing. Many need parents to love them and care for them. Do not take money for programs away from these children, please.

Have it your way in dealings with doctors and medicine. Ask questions and avail yourself of education concerning your own bodies. Let this be taught more in school that you are responsible for what is done to your bodies and not the money hungry drug companies that feed on your infirmaries. Check your reluctance at the door when you go to a doctor and see it through. This is your life and your responsibility to do so. Get references and take names of those who do not push unneeded tests and procedures. This whole industry will be changed in time and there will be many new ideas and concepts that will be given to you and you will be amazed. There are cures and remedies now that will blow your socks off and we will give them to you. Take them, please and use them to heal the sick and mentally handicapped. In some cases we have been able to grow new limbs if the circumstances are correct. This is a possibility. We gladly share our knowledge with you on this front.

Of all the concepts available to you this is the biggest sudden change that can take place. We have healing beds and techniques that improve most all problems and so many things can be completely cured. Let us show you how this can be done by you on your planet and under your control. This also has been taken from you and held you back for decades. Do not continue as you are in this area.

The things I speak of are real and it only takes a few steps to procure them. First you must be informed accurately that we exist and then we must make contact. We are not fond of being shot at or being murdered, let us be clear on that subject. We come in peace and it make take some time for that threat to us to go away completely. We are also not prone to take a chance on being shot out of the sky. We are kindly folk that have come from far away to fulfill God’s directives and give you a better life. We are not threatening aliens wanting to take over your planet or to eat you in some sort of ritual or frenzy, God forbid. I exaggerate, but not that much. You must have a collective consciousness that will welcome us into your realm of things on a friendly basis and then we can dialogue on these items of interest and change.

Just think what it would mean to your world to have the health care I have discussed with you. Your parents, children and you greatly improved in good health and your programs for health care reformed into healing industries with honesty and well being in mind. It is freely offered and given to you if you will just accept.

This is all for today and I hope you go in peace, I will.

I am Prosper.

7 thoughts on “March 28, 2022

  1. Thank you for the repost. It is good to revisit some of the things Prosper informed us about, namely “There are cures and remedies now that will blow your socks off and we will give them to you. Take them, please and use them to heal the sick and mentally handicapped. In some cases we have been able to grow new limbs if the circumstances are correct. This is a possibility. We gladly share our knowledge with you on this front.” While this sounds wonderful, before this learning can happen mankind must have a collective consciousness that will welcome the Pleadians into our realm on a friendly basis before a dialogue on these can occur. I cannot change the collective consciousness of mankind. I can only change my own consciousness and will.

    I make a formal request that you privately work with people who are already friendly with you and who are willing to listen. The healing of which you speak is so needed, but waiting for the collective consciousness of mankind to be ready for contact is likely to take a long time, especially when considering the reality that the dark ones have made everyone think that aliens only exist in science fiction, and if they exist at all, they are the reptilians and greys who want to experiment on mankind, make us there slaves and as you have mentioned, eat us. Please do not wait for all of mankind to wake up before you contact mankind. Check your monitors to see the individuals who would welcome this kind of communication and share with them privately this needed understanding so that they may bring this blessing to their fellow men in the 3rd dimension.

    I appreciate the admins of this blog and the scribes for the time you spend providing this content. I also express my love and gratitude to Manning, Parker, Joseph, Albert, and Prosper for the many messages given.

    It is clear that at this time you are all busy assisting in the ascension process and that all hands are on deck attending to other matters.

    Manning, I officially request in behalf of myself and all others who value regular daily messages, that you please pass the baton to someone who can dedicate his/her time to providing regular new messages. Events on earth are increasing by many magnitudes. Nuclear war is actively being considered and the dark ones are doing all they can to escalate the Russia/Ukraine war to WWIII. I do not make this request lightly, or because reading your posts is a past time amusement. I make this request because your updates are crucial to my understanding of the workings of God and man. I see every day the dark hand of man moving upon the earth and the wake of destruction left behind. I need to see also the hand of God moving in behalf of the brotherhood of light and all those who love Him, not only in this 3rd dimension, but from those who have been sent by Him to help us in this our hour of need. Please do not leave us alone to wonder how things are going any longer. Your messages are truly appreciated by me and many who read here.

    With love and gratitude for all of our Pleadian family, your brother, Jay


    1. Jay our friends already work with private people. They do it every day as a matter of fact. It usually has to do with the mission that person(s) agreed to accomplish with Gods support before they came. I have known many such people, some of whom have paid the price of direct contact with their lives working constantly trying with all their might to bring Pledian and other off world technology to the world. It isn’t so much as our friends holding back healing technologies as it is the evil still wielding influence in ever diminishing ways as they continue to surpress it. Then the next issue is healing humanity out of comas they have been placed into their whole lives and get them to clearly see that there is more to reality than television (unless its Star Trek which is the exception haha, chicken soup for any sincerly seeking soul).

      It’s always the same story. Someone is chosen to bring innovations for the benefit of mankind from other realms and then as soon as it enters the massive consciousness of the people it is attacked because the people are not ready as a whole for it. (This has been changing for some time thankfully.) You don’t give a 4 year old a Ferrari in other words. We are just in this world full of conditons which harm us in ways never before known in hostory. We are just called to be in a world that is in process of awakening out of many deep and buried traumas and these technologies of a higher vibration would be too sophisticated for people to handle appropriately. Its as simple as that. If the Pledians or any honorable advanced off world race/group etc gave off world technology to just anyone it would be a train wrek of legendary proportions and they would be accountable for such being wiser and more developed than the ones to whom it was given. God forbid someone gets ahold of sacred technologies and tries to make money off of it. There is a very long and detailed real prime directive and it’s principles are held dear to every advanced soul of light who comprehends it. Read the original Wing Makers website and learn how evil off world entities in combination with evil men have had their hands in these topics (doing things the wrong way) for ages. The difference is now light is permitted to overwhelm all levels of darkness and disperse it. The evil ones know this and are in a frenzied panic that their time is up.

      Our formal requests ARE heard and officially entered into the logs and always remembered so to speak (trust me our cries pierce their hearts) it is just while the request is a proper part of the protocol there are other variables most of which are not known to us here and now.

      In an infinate creation there are endless levels of intelligent beings. More variation than Star Trek. For some reason everyone has their hands in this end game here on this particular planet. We have to be patient even yet and realize that God often will not tell us important key things except in the moment. Jay, the goals you espouse are noble and shared by our friends. The Pledian delegation is only one of those who have come at Eternal Father’s call for intervention. If we make a direct appeal to our Pledian friends and they honor it which is thier desire it may put them and us into some hot soup because this winding up scene goes far beyond all our pay grades. In most ways our Pledian friends are watching the same things we are albeit from greater/higher and more varied perspectives. Only God has all the cards. Suppose there are a million variables/parameters in all of this (theres more or infinate, but let’s say a million, for example). If you know 10, you are a genius. If you know 400, then you are a white hat military general. If you know 10000, then you are Jake Simpson on project camelot haha. Even Angel’s don’t know all million. Manning you are doing great. Jay didn’t mean to pass the baton in any negative way he just is eager for more updates and so enjoys the light that has been so abundantly given on this site. Perhaps Jay’s remarks can be considered by those who together decided to create offeroftrust in the first instance seeing that it has grown in many unique ways even they may not have anticipated. (Firstly I fully respect Joseph’s prior remarks about security.) They reach out to us in a beautiful way and not only got trust but direct pleadings for help and support. Conditions here are that dire. Many of our friends have had mortal lives here on this earth and understand quite well our conditions and concerns. Many are also very empathic in ways that allow them to feel what others feel and they have worked on and magnified their gifts and abilities to be able to feel precisely as others do. So don’t feel like the lone ranger.

      Think of the intervention representing the kingdoms and orders of higher Telestial and in some cases, Terrestial glories. Many space faring peoples come from Telestial worlds that are not grappling with the fallen nature that we are here. Nor do any of them desire to get mixed up into fallen nature by associating amongst it so long. Some are here to observe only. Everyone here and beyond is learning from this earth’s journey. The gospel is so far beyond any one perspective all at the same time we are dealing with history being made every moment because the circumstances we are in here on earth are truly that simple and unique.

      Anyway. I ramble. I am curious knowing the intervention contains races and beings who’s ships and technologies are so advanced they are impermeable to any weapons humans have learned to use. And I include the black budget tech and evil et tech Jake Simpson talks about. So I am curious if the divine intervention will include using ships which cannot be damaged when they make first contact. Don’t expect them to discuss any sensitive issues on this blog. We can speculate yet back to those million variables – There is only one who knows them all, holds all cards, and who’s work and glory this entire process of progression is all about. Truly we are all in His service.

      Ps. Oh a bit of good news is that it has been acknowledged by the majority of the people living here on this planet that humanity is now well into the age of space warfare. This gives our friends and the entire intervention many advantages. Some game changing advantages. Ponder over it and you’ll see!! God bless


      1. On a lighter note but just as true for this actually happened. A friend of mine a direct father son line of Daniel Boon. He also had the same name. Anyway he has since passed but while here he spent alot of time around Mountain Shasta in California. Oh what a place! Anyway he was frequently in contact with the adepts there and one time he asked to go to a certain place within the mountain. He was told no because if he was taken there the women there were so beautiful that when he got back he would spend the rest of his mortal life digging to get back to those higher advanced beautiful women. This really happened. The adept answered with a strait face. It is from him and Mt. Shasta experiences that I learned much about protocol. God bless you Daniel!


  2. Reposts are fine and have great educational information but we need current and up to date information. Trying to go inward and get that information does not work for most of us and we are so bogged down by faulty thought processes and mind chatter, that we can’t accurately gain true information and know that it is correct.

    I for one make a request of someone, up there, that can communicate with us regularly. Not necessarily every day but not once or twice a month either.

    We are in the dark here, this is a dark world and from our perspectives, the dark state is in full control and winning on all fronts. We’re on the verge of WW III, we have a total incompetent seemingly in charge and the two backups are just as worthless and will cause much more damage than the idiot we have now if they were given the full reigns. We are about to have a communistic socialist brought up to the Supreme Court who cannot give a definition to a simple word such as Woman and who believes in the most simplistic slap on the wrists to hardened criminals and child molesters. In simple words our country is in deep S&*t.

    Yes, I know that we are to do all the work ourselves to get us out of this but our hands are tied, anything we can do is always many months away – in reference to the upcoming midterm elections. When those elections are done, the dark can easily tip the scales to their benefit and we are in still left in the cold. Even if some miracle that the outcome is favorable, the dark will still be in charge until so called “leadership” from the top is done away with. We can complain all we want but we are often silenced by those in control and we have no way to topple that balance. We need help now in overthrowing the dark now so we can have the freedom and controls to actually roll up our sleeves and get to work.

    With Love and Respect, and of course Thanks for all that you were able to do behind the scenes up to now.



  3. Every moment right now on the planes that our dear kind friends are apart of are engaged in somethings so intense and of such a weighty nature that they simply cannot communicate right now. Think of it in terms we are familiar with during war there are times when comms simply must be stopped or encoded. Right now is critical. They will all be back to say hello and interact. One thing they work on is protecting us as well. So know that all questions and concerns will be addressed in the most proper and expedient manners. No one is forgotten. No one is insignificant.


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