March 30, 2022

This is a re-post from August 26, 2020

Let us begin.

It is with narrowing of thought forms in your mind that you learn the lessons of experiences and most of the time these include failures of some sort. You end up finding out what does not work in life and strive to use other means to achieve your goals. Failures are a good way to learn and work well in these physical bodies and on this platform. Until now it has taken quite a long time for these conclusions to take form in your mind and this becomes a somewhat long process and takes sometimes many lives.

Still this opportunity is the fastest one available for you at this time. Now, the learning process can take place quicker if you pay attention to all the laws that God has placed in effect and we learn on a more tranquil basis with less trauma. You can always take the scenic route and try the same ill advised action over and over to bring about the same end result that the action does not work. Same thing, same result. Your soul is there to guide you into these learning experiences and it does you well to listen to your inner guidance.

There are God’s angels on duty and all have one or more and they will attempt to get through to you and give you suggestions for action to any situation for you to learn lessons on a quicker route than the failure road you are on. Listen to them whenever you can and heed their urgings. They do not pressure nor do they demand at any time. It is a gentle urging for the right advice or action. Most of you ask for this information in your prayers or in your thoughts in the first place and most of the time you fail to listen.

This takes practice and you would do well to learn this practice of listening to your guidance. Sometimes it comes from many sources but God has placed this help at your disposal in all things and is through His love that this exists. Do not waste it .

Now onto another topic. It has come to my attention that the majority of you renounce your ancestors as being old and outdated. You fail to honor them and do not give them the benefit of the doubt in their wisdom and experiences. They have lived the years and learned their lessons and most of the time they know what doesn’t work in life. At least listen to them and seek their council. They have been through the many failures and can council you in a lot of topics and their information is available to you for free. Of course there are exceptions but for the most part this is the case. It is always available to you that you make your own mistakes to learn your own lessons but take a short cut if you can and listen to the elderly and their advice and give it consideration when posed with a problem in life. Seek their answers to problems that confront you and weigh their answers. It may surprise you in what they have to say. This goes for younger parents also. They do have more experience than you do at the very least. It seems that respect for parents and the elderly is gone.

Now for ecology again. Trash is a huge subject and there are many trash heaps on you planet. There are other ways to dispose of this refuse and we will help you with this challenge. Defacing your planet’s landscape is not necessary and does not work for the best result in the long run. You have a build up of methane in some cases and that would be good fuel that is now wasted that could be used. There are ways to make the most of this product without much cost and it would diminish the bulk of the trash as a result. We will give you help with this condition. It involves using a chemical process that gives off the best quality methane and you will be surprised how efficient this process can be. We have many such suggestions for you that will improve your lives and enrich your travels upon this earth.

Let us discuss theater. I am talking about the theater of life and the interactions with others. There is no need for this much drama. It starts with youngsters in their communications with others and continues into adulthood and continues in your dealings of communications with all situations. Be honest and straight forward without the huge emotional displays of anger and other unnecessary emotions you have learned to combine in your theatrical displays. This wastes energy and goes overboard in your attempt to transfer the ideas from you to another in an accurate way. Be more at peace in your dealings with others and this includes communication. Displays of great emotion are for emergencies and do not bode will for future relationships with other people. It has become a way of life for you and should be brought forth into your attention and focus to be worked on . Bring it down a notch and learn to express yourself in a much more quiet tone and display in your talk and discourse in the public arena. Not so much theater, which is for the stage only. It makes your words more real and gives the listener a chance at a better reception with more accuracy in your wishes to convey a meaning or thought. See how this goes for you.

Take time to stop and smell the roses. This is a good thought and can apply to most anything in life that gives you pleasure. You have the senses to enjoy oh so much and most of the time you do not take the time to do this. Slow down a bit and look at that sunset, smell the flowers and listen to the birds. Take a sail boat ride or bicycle through the park or woods. Go with friends to a picnic and talk to your friends over a meal. With better nutrition you will feel more like spending time doing this and less time sitting on your couch watching TV with a beer or a glass of wine in your hands. This can also be enjoyable but not as a lifestyle every day of your life.

There is a world of things to be experienced and examined in your life that will bring you tremendous pleasure and you have been backed into this corner of small enclosures and left there to become worker bees for the dollar that will eventually go into the pockets of others or into secret programs that you know nothing about. This will change. There will be more time and more money for you to enjoy life other than on your couch at home. You will see and we will assist you in this transition and it is one of the things we are here for. So be it.

I leave you now with these thoughts and the hope that you will look at the words with open eyes and an open mind and heart. Be at peace, I know I will.

I am Prosper

2 thoughts on “March 30, 2022

  1. Thank you for the re posts. They are very relevant to current events and themes. Something tells me they were written that way. God bless you all. You are loved and with open arms we welcome you here.


  2. Hello again. I didn’t expect to write again today yet something took place where (don’t ask, don’t tell how) yet I was able to manage creating with the Divine a window/realm/dimension outside of time and space where any of you can come and give the desired message your hearts have been pondering to share. Your right when you say the Angelic realm is fully involved. Every realm is. I am grateful for the divine commission given to allow any or all of you to step away for a moment and deliver anything in peace aloof from current affairs if you seek such. It is nice to know in the higher realms there continues to be prayer. Thank you for all that you do. It is also nice to be able to work together and experience miracles together. Keep up the good work!


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