April 7, 2022

This is a re-post from August 27, 2020

Let us begin. It needs to be said here that security in our lives needs to be strengthened and confidence is also in short supply. The internal feelings of the state of mind need to be at peace at all times and at no time do you need to dwell in fear or foreboding. Spend time with your Heavenly Father and draw on the love that is afforded to you for it is freely given and is how your Father wants you to live. Living in a state of love from Him brings about a richer life and a more harmonious life in all of your dealings in life. He is the Grand Sustainer and once you experience this state you will not forget it and you will strive to maintain it. It is offered to you at all times and you have the right to reside in his love with security.

On to beholding the new world. It is in your sights and in your thoughts and should be brought to vision whenever possible. The world you want and how you want it to become for you are the creators of this vision. How it comes about is strictly up to you. Peace should be up front and food for all should be next. There are thousands starving and most in other countries than yours (the US), but still this is a priority subject that needs to be remedied. See that somehow it is taken care of and that all have decent food and water to live on and we will no longer see starving children on your TVs asking for your help and dollars for food so they will not die. Have mercy upon them and do your best. A lot of this is left up to the country in which they reside and that government is in question at present and will be addressed by us in the near future. Assist if need be with help or prayers.

Let us discuss ecology again. Food containers are in question and plastic is not that good for containment. Some are better than others. The worst part is if you heat your food in the plastics. It releases chemicals into the food and particles are trapped within the body and remain there to wreak havoc on your whole systems and are causing large problems today in your young children. They are maturing faster in some cases and this should not be. The body should mature along with the mental state of advancement and the two should go together. This can be fixed and if possible go back to glass for heating of food and if possible for storage also. There are many things you need to learn about chemicals entering the body and anything placed upon the body such as lotions, perfumes and makeup are in question. We will research these for you and advise you on these areas of research with the results. This is part of the whole process of recovery for your better life.

Your means of transportation has advanced quite well for you and with free energy this means of getting around will flourish further. We need to talk about self driving cars and the computerized systems that are used at present. Unfortunately the systems are subject to the energies that are around and can cause errors and this can lead to big problems when driving. Your safety is imperative while driving or riding in your cars and trucks and this needs to be adjusted somewhat for these errors not to occur. It is a small thing for us to explain but a large concept when installed into your vehicles for you to consider. It can be fixed.

We go on to economy. We have lived without any monetary system for eons now and done quite well. There should be a shift in your thinking to do this in your future and there is a system that will work out quite well if you will just give it a try. You will be surprised at what problems it will eliminate in your world. It most certainly will not be forced upon you but examples will be given to you to consider. At least take a look at this scenario.

We continue to mobility and long range transfer of products. Long haul trucking has worked well for you and is a good industry to depend upon but we have additional alternatives for you to try. The disassembling and reassembling of items over long distances is doable and we can show you how to cut out the distance between. It is not really magic and can be established upon your earth with a little instruction on our part. It is within an instant and is cost effective for you at present. Abracadabra, it is done and that is something else we offer.

We come to a topic I am hesitant to speak of and that is cocaine, and other illegal drugs. There is a pipeline of this material that has been going on for years and has made billions for those in charge. Many die in wars for control and there are several reasons for this plant and process to flourish. One is the control of the people and how some of the population can be eliminated altogether. The other is the money. Some people manufacture this product to make money for their families and this is a noble cause but this whole system and pipeline must be stopped. These people seeking a better life because of the wages will be given an opportunity to find other means of living. Those in power of making this available will be brought to task for their actions in this monetary grab and they will find what justice is.

Your problems are huge as other drugs come on the market and your scientists find different ways to make new drugs available. Feeling better about your life or running away from it is not necessary if you take away the pressures and bring about the sustained peace that will be an option for you to consider. We can and will help with this drug fiasco that is well established upon your planet. It must go. No one should have to live this way.

We move on to the stock market. What a system you have contrived with your stocks and bonds. It is quite imaginative and I must give you credit for this impressive display of checks and balances. Advice from us will also be given here and the invitation to cheat using this system with insider information will be removed and do I hear a collective sigh from a certain group out there. Yes, it will be removed. What’s fair is fair and that is not what has been happening at present. Your earth will change. It is God’s wish and it will be done. There is no reason some should be making millions off this stock market system and others are living in poverty with so little in life. Yes, it will change.

We have covered many subjects by now and you get the idea where we are coming from . Let us continue with the lessons and we have much work to get down to with the details of how these areas will be improved. All you have to do is let us continue to give you help and this comes with your trust in us. Then on to face to face communication getting down to the details or the nuts and bolts of the subject. It will take time but the hurdle from our point of view is the beginning and the trust. Let us work on this first. We will prove ourselves worthy of doing this and you will see. Our purpose remains the same as it has been. I go now and I hope you are in peace.

I am Prosper

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