April 23, 2022

This is a re-post from September 1, 2020

Let us begin. Consequences are the result of past experiences and actions. They are not out of the blue or accidents. They come from thought patterns and continued forming of mental energy into reality. This is natural law and does not change. Think about what you focus on and spend time on and realize what the end result will be. If someone spends all day watching video games or playing video games their whole result will be no bigger than the name of the game. If you spend your life helping others or making the world a better place then your energy goes on to multiply in the lives of others and good things will always happen. The energy goes out into the world and is brought forth into the lives of others by your influence and you have literally changed the world for the better. This is fact. Train yourself to mentally clean house of your negative thoughts and turn to positive ones and see how this improves your outlook, your disposition and your life. It will not fail. I am not saying you will have no problems but the positive aspects of your life will be multiplied.

Now let us discuss proposed reality or time lines. The collective consciousness will exhibit energy that determines what your time line will be and what happens in that time line. There may be several time lines created as possibilities and you will choose the one you want to live. Consequently there are options at every second of your life. There are those who create improved time lines and go on to live them out. There are those who create and choose destructive time lines and choose to live them out thinking all the while that it is something that is happening to them created by someone else. Not true. You, on an individual basis and a collective basis create and choose your future and time lines. They are possible realities for you to experience. This will become more clear to you as time goes along. We will discuss this more at a later date.

Now for education. Once you finish school or a university or trade school your education should not end. Spend time learning how your physical laws of life work and how the commandments of God are placed for your happiness and joy. Do not close yourself off from continued learning in all aspects of your life experience. This applies even if you are not in a physical body. We continue to learn here and never stop learning. It is a continual process no matter what form your soul takes. It is not dull or boring in any sense of the imagination. Stagnation gets you nowhere and life is a moving forward process, or at least should be. Be at peace with this thought and do not see learning as a drudge or something to be avoided.

Now, we come to spirituality as it pertains to receiving energies from the universe and from nature in general . The universe is benevolent and will see that you are given what you ask for if you are in need. It is there to serve this purpose for all, not just a few who seem blessed with all things. The universe does not discriminate in this respect. God was not kidding when He said that you would be taken care of. Put your needs out into the universe and let them manifest in their own way to fulfill your needs. They will come to you and this process will be talked about in depth at a later time.

Now, what does this have to do with spirituality, you ask. The same spirit that dwells in your soul is the same energy that is in the universe that will manifest your needs in your life. It all comes from energy and is used by God to enhance your experience of existing and experiencing. It just manifests in a little different way. Do not make the mistake by thinking you are ever alone or not cared for. You just need to learn how to cast your needs upon the waters of life in a respectful manner. The energy of the spirit enhances your connection with God, the Father and brings you in closer contact with Him if you allow this to happen. There are many helps that you are not availing yourselves of at present and I think this is one reason you feel so alone. You are not left out in the wilderness alone and without help of any kind, never. God set things up for your benefit by His love and has never forgotten you. It has always been His way. Be at peace with this help He has given for He has always been there for you at all times.

It is with continued hope that I take my leave now. Go in peace.

I am Prosper

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