April 26, 2022 From Prosper

Greetings to my old friends. I come to you as a surprise, no doubt but in good spirits. So much has transpired since my last visit and several have been good enough to give lessons since then. My thanks to them. I did not want to leave you as there was much love from this group and I was always eager to come to you with what I thought would help.

You have traveled a great distance since my last message and I mean in your advancement and also in your travels with Gaia as she proceeds to conclude her journey in the third dimension and into the fifth. We tend to somewhat overlook the fourth as it is more of a decision place but I dare not disregard it. It is important in its place holding for those who are trying to go forward but not sure exactly how to do so. A place to prod you to take a step and for many this is helpful.

You are deserving of much but I go by what you are ready for in learning. You, by now, know that what you have been experiencing is not the “real” reality but a proving ground for the struggle to overcome the dark imprisonment you were strategically placed under. What cunning and disregard for your freedom took place. That in itself is a long discussion for learning. The big battle is over but the wrap up and conclusion is still taking place. So many last minute decisions have had to be made as move and countermove took place. You have been hard pressed to endure what has happened and there are already organizations and groups in place to help you through your adjustment after this is over.

I can hear you now saying, “but what about help now while we are still in the conflict of the matter?” and you are right. It is imperative that you do realize that this conflict is coming to a close and it is only a short time now that Gaia will make a turn on her axis and the earth will be evacuated for those who choose to do so. There is much disappointment that more have not come to at least listen to Father Mother God’s voice to open their hearts. So be it as this is still individual decision. My readers, it is my love for you that grieves me that you have suffered so needlessly. It is time for you to come home and for answers to be given. Listen for the call to leave and know that there is much in the way of love and better times waiting for you. The time has run out now and I feel this happening at present in my knowing. Only Gaia and Father Mother God know the moment. Be at peace as much as you can. Come home.

I Am Prosper

18 thoughts on “April 26, 2022 From Prosper

  1. Prosper,

    So pleased to see you back here. I am, however, conflicted about part of the message. Whenever I hear of evacuation, it just doesn’t sit right with me. I am extremely open minded and have even dreamed many times of being on ships, etc., but do not feel like that is in the future for myself and my family… will it be all of earth that will need evacuated? Or just certain parts? I would just like a little more clarification on this if you can, please. Also, is there a scenario where this might not happen? My intuition is usually pretty good with what feels ‘right’ or not with me and I just don’t get that ‘rooted’ feeling with this. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,



    1. Prosper: Yes, there have been many questions over the years concerning this issue. Unfortunately surviving the change of the poles and the tilting of Gaia brings about many large changes between land and water and would almost certainly not be possible in almost every case. Do not hesitate to take your family and leave when offered the beam of light to walk into for it will be offered. There is a point that we have to choose where the evidence of what is to come is plain to see so that all will know it will not be safe to stay. At this point, however, it means there will not be much time to dally or to wast getting away from earth. You must act immediately.

      There should be plenty of clues as to the fate if someone stayed upon earth and we hope this will weigh heavily upon the minds of everyone. We have tried so many times in the past to get this information out to the public so they would know what is in store and each time we were deceived about this message to viewers of TV and listeners of the radio. We had to do what we could in print and we have repeated this information often and it is also in the Phoenix Journals.

      My dear one, thank you for asking about this and I assure you that you are not the only one that does not want to walk away from your life here on earth. This event has happened before in your history and is scheduled to reoccur now. The decision is up to you. Consider wisely.


  2. Welcome again Prosper and may you be met with love. I have a question regarding the coming excursion. Is it true the trigger for such flips is due to the Galactic current sheet encompassing our sun and causing it to have a reoccuring nova? Will there be another “Carrington Event” prior to evacuation? Will there be leasons required during those harder times in order to solidify those with positions attuned to higher frequencies or will those challenges be an unavoidable part of the coming event? Thank you for everything you all have given us and may we go forward in peace and love.


  3. Hi again Prosper. It was a sweet moment for me to see another new message from you, as I am sure many of the readers of this blog remember the messages you have given and the virtue of your soul which delivered each message into the hearts of your readers. As this blog is intended to instill in men/women an “Offer of Trust” needed to facilitate the greatest success of a future and divinely sanctioned intervention (evacuation), I hope you know not only how important your messages have been, but perhaps more importantly, the value of each souls perception of the individual behind the messages in establishing that trust. Prosper you are greatly loved and appreciated by many who read your words.

    Considering the subject of your new post, do you think it would be of value to speak on the following? As each subject will help those interested in preparing for the evacuation.
    1. How one can be added to commander Hatton’s preboarding registry.
    2. How one can be added to Ashtar’s list of first evacuees.
    3. The frequency we should atune to in order to enter and travel through the beam of light without harm to our physical bodies. (I won’t give the frequency in case that is not appropriate for this blog.)
    4. How to raise our body/soul to that frequency.

    We already know that living by the Laws of God and Creation is a requirement for entry. (These laws can be found in the Pheonix Journal #27 for those who want to read them.)

    As always, with love and appreciation to you and all those in the lighted rhealms who are in service to the Father/Mother Creator/Creation of All That Is, for in truth All is One.


  4. Hi Prosper, throughout the night I could not help but reflect on Amy’s comment as I am certain it represents a great number of people.

    In an effort to increase the level of comfort, from a human perspective, when considering the need for a near future earth evacuate, I ask if you would elaborate on “The call” and the surrounding events that accompany it, as an understanding of these details has given me greater peace of mind. More specifically, I am referring to the restoration of the memory of who we are, our many lifestreams, the soul contract we made when we came to earth, our eternal family, our relationship with Source and other memories that will be restored at the time of the call.

    This understanding is important in helping us know that we don’t have to trust you and your messages alone, but that accompanying the call will be a soul remembrance of who we are and a knowing of what we are to do. More than the learnings gained from these written messages, this remembrance and soul knowing will instill within us the peace of mind needed to stay calm, centered, and balanced during the 15 minute window of decision.

    Prosper please be patient with us and understand that part of our hesitation with feeling comfortable with the idea of evacuation is due to the fact that because of the world we live in, the level of trust which most people have in others has been reduced to close family and friends, as most other human interactions are selfishly motivated and usually centered around money or control. Indeed the love of man has waxed cold. Furthermore, the reality of global lies, corrupt governments, dishonest world leaders, war, depopulation plans, the realities of human trafficking in its many horrifying forms, satanic ritualistic abuse, adrenochrome extraction, and human abductions by the Ananaki/Draco/Grey satanic alliance for various self serving purposes has been making its way around the alternative media for years making it that much more difficult for those who understand this sad reality to trust anyone.

    For these reasons and others it would be helpful if you would elucidate on the call and it’s surrounding events (the return of Nibiru, the souls continued growth and transition with Gaia into 4th/5th dimmension and the family reunions attendant for those who accept the offer of evacuation vs the death and soul reassignment to another 3D planet for continued soul development for those who elect to stay.) There is so much more to this event than merely choosing to board a ship or trying to survive a pole shift and these details will help all to make a wise decision.

    I do not claim to be an authority in any manner on this subject outside of the time I have spent studying it. Prosper as I do not want anyone to trust me, will you please confirm or deny the reality of the events surrounding the call and evacuation which I have given here?

    With love and appreciation to you and those who serve with you,


    1. I think he is referring to the many intolerable offences that have been tormenting us endlessly without let or hindrance. It’s a condition of being on a telestial world that has had come against it and prevail in many ways fallen nature. Many of these wounds will not be so keenly felt as when they are finally healed and seen for what they all are in the light. Oh Heaven cut short to that day we humbly ask.


  5. Thank you Prosper! We are enduring as we wait patiently. I have dreams in the past about the evacuation.I feel this chapter is closing now. I see the numbers and experiences of synchronization. These numbers are now countdowns! I know that all don’t see the numbers, only a low number of loved ones do! Many are called but few are chosen. I await, my contract is finished. Thanks again for you insight!! Godspeed!


  6. Thinking of you all today as I often do teachers and students alike and I send to you all my love and blessings. We solder on looking up:

    (JST Genesis 9:21–22):

    21 And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant, which I made unto thy father Enoch; that, when men should keep all my commandments, Zion should again come on the earth, the city of Enoch which I have caught up unto myself.

    22 And this is mine everlasting covenant, that when thy posterity shall embrace the truth, and look upward, then shall Zion look downward, and all the heavens shall shake with gladness, and the earth shall tremble with joy;

    Were looking upward and know our friends are looking downward. Thank you. May you be ever more pronounced in the lives of those who are seeking.


  7. Hey fellas, just a request that next post if there is time to touch upon the topic of mandella effects. I have experienced many that are NOT false memories. I know this. They are happening it seems more now. Many small things yet some big ones come to mind. Oh how you are loved


  8. Saw this on a webpage and noticed how many things align with what is being taught here. Looking to hearing from our friends again.

    Seraphin Message 491:




    Through Rosie, 13th May 2022

    Dear inhabitants on earth: a very poignant time is approaching. Those of you who have been light-heartedly and naively continuing your daily routine and your pleasant lifestyles without considering what is going on in other parts of the world will suddenly be jerked out of their complacence. They will be shocked about their own failure to see what was going on, and they will be extremely disappointed in themselves for failing to anticipate and failing to make provision. Some will panic. Others will sink into depression. For those on your planet who are accustomed to hardship, this will not hit so hard, yet they too may be awakened from their slumber.

    We would like to put some emphasis onto the word “may”, since not all will awaken. It is only those with the mental capacity to review a situation, and those who can recognise where they and where everyone collectively has actually “gone wrong”, who have a chance of survival and of changing the situation around. Others are simply not capable of this.

    Recognising “broken records” of all natures is paramount in this process. Many of you are accustomed to the fact that many things take their time, that processes are dragged out, that the cogs of a machine sometimes stop whirring. For you, this is commonplace. For celestial eyes viewing the proceedings on your plant, this is almost a joke, since we see so clearly what these obstacles are and how easy it is to recognise the path to complete and continuous functioning. Yet you cannot see. You accept it all as “normal”. You accept that there is nothing you can personally do to make a difference, and this acceptance has been very successfully drilled into you by your slave-drivers.

    Failure to realise that much of your society is at a “broken” stage, and that failing situations are on endless “repeat”, means that no progress is possible. You have come to a veritable dead end. Yet complete stagnation is not the plan for your earth, who after a long time of service to your enlightenment and spiritual progress now wishes to continue her own spiritual path. YOU ARE HER BLOCKAGE, AND YOU MUST BE CLEARED. She is on her “last legs”, so to speak, dedicated to the very end, but the breaking point is very near.

    Not only is recognising “broken records” of prime importance: it is also necessary to recognise that which is absurd. Absurdities – and there are many examples of this – are also considered “normal”, thus there is no inner impetus to change anything. End times are always marked by extreme developments, whether this is dangerous experimentation with human DNA and machine intelligence, whether this is a breakdown of morals, whether this is ritual and widespread abuse of children (and abortion is part of this), or whether it is a society riddled with pointless pursuits. None of this is in service to humankind. All respect for life in all its myriad forms has been largely lost. The “norm” in future will be circumstances which further abundance, peace and harmonious living, in accordance with a strict moral code and a desire to serve each other. Exploitation of any sort – either of each other or of any system in place – will be eradicated. Contributions will be expected from everyone. No one will be able to “opt out” or remain “unemployed”.

    If we return to the title of this piece, it is necessary to recognise what is broken and what is absurd. Because you fail as a global population to do this, you also fail to realise the necessity to change, and thus you do not go into determined action to rectify the situation. You do not “decide what to do next”: you simply continue, procrastinating and thus allowing the same horror scenario to continue. This means continuous demise and certain death.

    In view of this situation, we, the observers of your planet are forced to step in. In fact, we have already “stepped in” without you knowing it, thus allowing you a little more time – just one more last respite – to see if you will actually awake. Your situation and the various warring factions on earth is very complex, so our description here will necessarily be over simplified. Suffice to say that each individual is undergoing a learning process, if they are capable of it, and that there are many knots and entanglements. But the day will come when everything is laid bare, and all knots will be untangled. At that late stage, at least, you will recognise the broken records and the absurdities, and you will no longer blunder along or feel helpless: it will become very clear to you what to do next. We leave you with these thoughts on the eve of great change. Seraphin.


  9. Thank you Jacob! I love Rosie’s channeling of Seraphim, I usually find them on the Abundanthope.net site. Sometimes they resonate with me and sometimes not, this one now speaks volumes and is a great summation of what’s around the corner for us all. Thanks again!


  10. You are welcome. It is so nice to have a place to communicate online without any trolling or negativity at all. I know our hosts feel the same and also enjoy reading everything we write. Prosper, I have asked a delegation of Divine onws who I work with to visit you and add additional light to the work you are all about. You are loved, keep up the good work. We know you would like to answer each question yet are constrained by virtue of a variety of very extreme matters that occupy your full attention. God be with you and may your burdens be light in Him


  11. It’s been a month since the last message. A lot is happening on Earth Shan, while I have hope in the messages that the Satanian empire has already been defeated, their dark minions continue on with their plans, seemingly without interruption. Reports are surfacing of a Chinese strategic nuclear attack, followed by an invasion of the United States that is scheduled to begin between July to Nov 1 of this year 2022. China’s intention in going to war would be to occupy the United States, thus from the sources I am studying, this war will be a territorial expansion of China not just a regime change. If they are successful at launching their attack, America as we know it may be in her last days. Whether this war happens as they are planning or not, only time will tell, but it looks like China has committed to this time frame. Any situation updates would be greatly appreciated, Jay


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