June 15, 2021

Let us begin. We have been waiting for this moment for a long time. So have you. It has taken a lot of work to get this far but it has been done and you will see the benefit of all your trials and challenges. The dark has been defeated and the last remnants of their influence are being rooted out and removed. It is a beautiful sight from our side and we rejoice we at every inch that is gained in your victory. There are things waiting to manifest into the physical on your earth and the way is now clear. You continued your work and you will never forget the difficulties nor the rewards of your labor. The clean up is continuing and soon you also will be able to see the difference and feel the change in your environment.

I would like to speak now of the meaning of finality. The infiltration of the dark was so complete that the destruction of your souls was threatened and that of your children’s also. We now have a different situation and never again will this circumstance take place. You will soon see the fruit of your hard work and the overcoming of it all. Your challenges remain in the rebuilding of your earth but your sight is clear concerning what you want and it only remains that you attempt and continue with this endeavor. Of all the things you brought forth in this battle the most important in my thinking is your will to continue, for that is what kept you going through everything and has brought you to this point in time. The finality of closing out this chapter of earth history does not contain all of the emotions involved in the every day of work when just reading about it. More than millions will read of what went on concerning your earth but you were the ones in the middle of it all and you know what an impact it had on your entire life and how you accomplished the challenges that arose each day. This record kept in your personal history, which can never be removed, contains it all and this is the finality that I am addressing. It is yours and it tells the true story of earth and not some words on paper or in a book. Our recording of things brings with it much more emotion than your printed word but still the full impact of it all will be kept with you in each life lived during this time. This is the finality and true end to it all I am speaking of. When someone in your future says, oh, yes I remember reading about that time on earth, this will not tell the whole story for you had to be here going through it all and so many of you will be asked to share your feelings and perceptions of what took place and this will be told before thousands.

Some stories are finished with a good ending but there may be dark elements to come back and visit the story again but your finality of this ending does not leave any room for energies of this kind to ever come back and visit earth. For one thing the earth circumstances will never be the same for that type of opening to be available to anyone again. This is what I mean when I say that you have a need to know the details of what went on behind your back so that you will have all the pieces of how this was done and you will be knowledgeable to any attempt in your future. Your wisdom in this matter of finality is growing by the day now and it continues with each piece of information given concerning corruption and manipulation. With each step back the dark influence takes, you take a step forward into your future of freedom and this determination you have developed not to be controlled broadens out into your future as far as we can see. This is the finality I am speaking of.

So now you have before you to listen to what is going to be revealed and with each word are the nails that close the coffin on the past that you will never let happen again. This completion is now in front of you to process and to finally rejoice over and this will happen. I am being positive here and it all sounds lovely, and is more than that but there are still things of discomfort to go through. It is not time to relax or drop your guard for difficulties remain. We are so pleased that you are better prepared mentally now in your fortitude and overall approach to whatever remains. Your focus is here at this moment and your abilities are still to be used in the loose ends that remain and some of them are whoppers. We share with you our encouragement and our love as you see your future unfold before you in the only way it can. Only the reaction of all the people is not certain for the dark will be completely defeated.

We need to mention here that the road is once again free to travel forward with scheduled events and will transpire in due time. If it is possible be in good cheer, even in the dark revealing of it all and know that this telling of the details is necessary for many reasons. The victory celebrations will happen and you can plan them later but for now the finality of the ending is upon you and its events may be difficult. Take heart and prevail in your strength. The way is busy with revelations but at the same time is clear in its overall meaning. Do not get so caught up in the details that you loose sight of the Godly ending for make no mistake about it, this is God driven.

I leave you now to think on this finality of it all and what you have left to endure. The players are standing by for their last scenes and lines and they are ready. Be prepared.

I am Joseph In His Service

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