July 31, 2021

Let us commence. I need to inform you of what is to come in the way of information given. There will be one or more to come forward soon in your time to reveal information of truth and they will be able to back it up. Dates, times, names and places will be given. We on this side are anxious to find out how it will be received. There is a term, cognitive dissonance, that is very apt to this situation and that means that some who will hear the truth and have it verified will still not accept it for the reason of this cognitive dissonance. It is easier to continue to think along the same path you have been comfortable with and to change would be upsetting for you. This will be a hindrance for you in accepting the truth, no matter what it concerns.

For some it will be a process to turn from deep ruts of thought and climb out of this comfortable place into one of uncomfortable truth. This process will be disturbing for some and take an undetermined amount of time. Please give it to them to make this change. Do not expect everyone to automatically see truth and change sides. Let it happen. More will come out and it will be difficult for them to consider such change concerning one subject, much less several. You are looking at two or three big subjects here.

The verifiable evidence concerning the deception of the election in November in the United States, the information concerning the cover up of UFOs in the United States and the agenda of long standing, and I mean many years here, of the dark. Be compassionate in your attitude of others and give them some time to adjust. We are talking here about the ones who will adjust, for there will be those who will never give in or give up of their previous thoughts. They will not admit to being wrong. Do not exclude yourselves as being the ones with total truth concepts. Listen to what is being said and examine the information yourselves. There will come a time when truth will not have to travel through the maze of elements and distortions it does now to get to you. There will be a more direct path and it will not be distorted, thank goodness.

Be of good cheer in your thinking for to receive truth is Divine and to be respected in its authenticity and source. Let the unfolding and revealing begin and let it come forth in the Divine will of our Father for it is at his directive that this be done. So, in this meantime until it begins, be in prayer and not in discomfort but in the feeling of being held in the arms of Creator, for you are. My children your lights are beaming and we can see you clearly from far away. A beautiful sight after so long toiling in the fields of conflict. I leave you now continuing your work as needed.

In His Love,

I am Parker

8 thoughts on “July 31, 2021

  1. I am ready! I have neighbors all around me that I’ve prepped regarding the stolen election, berserk Biden, UFOs, and other subjects. I’ve snuck comments in during conversations, proposed “What if?” Statements and tried to get them to think outside of the box and spoon fed from the media. All I need now for the flood of questions and “how come you know?” type statements, is for the TRUTH to be revealed. I am waaaaay past waiting and sooooo ready for teaching!! Bring it on for the Creater’s will! In loving (and a bit impatient) support. Dan


  2. May the truth be revealed in all things and may the light penetrate through all darkness that God may manifest himself in His majesty and might unto the laying down of all falsehoods and lies. Let that which eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor as yet has entered into the heart of man be revealed, that all may know the mysteries of God and choose for themselves whom they will serve. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord, and to Him be all praise and glory forever and ever.

    Parker thank you for teaching me that we are expressions of Father. I choose to represent the highest expression of God that I can manifest at this stage of my progression. Your brother, Jay


  3. Please know that the covid pandemic is an elaborate and coordinated hoax which is being used to further the globalist dark plans on numerous fronts. For those whose eyes are opened, the covid crisis is now being used to justify the forced injection of an untested, and unapproved bio-weapon spike protein upon every US citizen. From the White House Joe Biden admitted that his administration is investigating how they can force the so-called vaccine on every US citizen. Many doctors across the globe are raising their voices of warning and presenting the evidences that are coming out from studies conducted on vaccinated people. A UK study showed that 83% of pregnant women who recieved the fake vaccine spike protein injection in their first trimester, lost their baby. Another study recently published showed that 62% of those falsely vaccinated, have micro blood clots. The covid vaxination pandemic is a global government genocidal program, which has the potential to exterminate millions of people directly and billions indirectly through other national and global cascading effects.

    The US is currently moving from asking people to be vaccinated to forcing mandated vaccinations. All Federal employees are now required to get the deadly vaccine and now some large health care industries and private companies like Walmart and Disneyland are requiring the vaccination.

    Joe Biden will attempt to impose a lock down by mid August, which they anticipate will lead to mass protests and resistance. The word through many valiant and brave men and women, who know about these plans is that the FBI is planning to use the protests to stage a false flag attack targeted against anti-vaxers, which they can use to fuel a war against people who are apposed medical tyranny.

    I appreciate the work you are doing to help. Disclosure is needed to prevent the globalists from furthering their global depopulation plans. I cannot encourage more forcefully. This is the end game. There is no longer any time for delay. The impact you make must be huge. It must be global, and it must be impossible for anyone to miss. If disclosure does not slow down the plans of the global elite, we will see mass deaths excellorate as the effect of the vaccinations, civil wars, drouts, food shortages, supply lines crater, and the global economic system comes to an end.

    I said in an earlier post. At the rate things are unraveling on planet earth, I am concerned that the dark ones will exterminate billions of people before Gaia makes her move, which will allow you to intervene by appearing in our skies with global evacuation operations. Can you give us any comfort that your rescue mission will come before the dark ones exterminate the greater part of humanity?

    Thank you for your concern, and I pray to our Father that he will allow you to intervene not only in Gaia’s changes, but to save us from near global extinction from the hands of the dark ones. Your brother, Jay


    1. Hi Jay, was just on my way to make some similar comments and am pleased to see you what you already wrote. Thank you. Joseph, Parker we are approaching it all aren’t we? I wanted to ask you about some feelings that I’ve had all day and believe you will have some information for us. I second Jay’s concerns and ask you in addition about Saint Germain and how his work fits into all of this. Somehow I can feel that his work is about to take on some new developments. The sacred texts all teach us about the vital need for proper weights and measurements or in other words equal energetic exchange being fundamental to any society’s healthy development. Since we do not have any agreement really on earth at this time of value our money system is way out of balance. We have a very small handful of people who control all the resources through secret combinations and machinations. (The Mars trading port was something that really got to me when you told us about it also by the way.) What role will the divine intervention have in cleaning up the financial mess we are in? I just read about a reverse repo operation for the first time exceeding 1 trillion USD that just recently occurred. This isn’t good. It’s got to be a marker of some type. So much is happening all at once right now. Just as you forewarned us earthquakes have started to increase also. Alaska just had its largest earthquake in over 50 years the other day. Any additional information you can give us at this time about these topics or anything else would be very much appreciated. We love you and look forward to our upcoming family reunion. Jacob


  4. Dear Offeroftrust.com there’s alot of topics I’m feeling like I may be violating in diplomatic protocol as I review all other ongoing areas of my life and and attempt to do my best. I hope we have cultivated with you a name worthy of your url at face value with an open heart. Appreciate and acknowledge all of your sincere efforts as well.

    Looking forward to the next steps.


  5. Thank you for all your love and kindness.
    I live in France. Could you tell me more about the role of my country in this process, this plan?
    With all my love.


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