July 3, 2020

It is now rather than later that we remain focused upon the task at hand. Urgent messages remain unread by millions. The Prosper approach is working but interference has come and many fail to receive needed information. I continue to beseech you to disseminate this information as quickly as possible. Do broadcast wherever you can. Help is needed to do this. Trail down every avenue for success is necessary for this to work well. See that diligence is used in this matter. I implore you to begin now to do this.

Be at peace,

I am Prosper

July 2, 2020

It is with great joy that I contact you. Our brethren are in contact with each other and heads are rolling. A great battle is taking place right now and it concerns underground bunkers along the East. Draconian elements plunder these areas and find secure places to hide. We above know nothing about what is going on until this area is investigated with soldiers.

Be at peace, we are winning. Much strategy is being used and this is not easy to overcome these powerful people. Actually they are not people but remnants of overlords once in power but now defeated. The battle continues as we speak. Our best mind continue to out think and out play their efforts, Hallelujah. I am with them in mind only, my warring days are behind me.

Courage is needed on your part to get through these next few months. It is challenging and looming before you. I consider all is well, however, no matter what you see for I have x-ray vision in these matters.

My constant approach to this time is necessary along with others who do the same. We maintain our vigilance of service to all. We are happy to be of help for each of you is always on our minds and hearts. Our path is straight and powerful. We shall prevail, it is certain. I am at peace.


June 30, 2020

We, who are leading you into this new country are hesitant to drive you beyond your capabilities. It is done with finesse and strength of character on your part. A tremendous heart felt endeavor requiring seeds that have been planted long ago. Please be patient with us in our instructions for this happening as we lead you upon new waters of immense depth and intonation. I am reluctant to push you further if you are not ready. It will happen in its own good time. You have earned it my chelas. I am proud of you.

Ours is a happy venture and details are important, oh so very important or you might falter and that is not necessary or wanted. Give it time to solidify within the new vibrations forming. It can be done right and this is our wish for each of you. Let us excel in our direction of you. It is God’s wish that this be done so. We fail you not. Trust in us. I am affording you a chance to conquer your reluctance and apprehensions by simplifying the terminology.

It is done,


June 29 2020

We are transmitting a message of importance this day. Be at peace with what is happening in your world, it is necessary for energy transference from old to new. Complications do occur but this process is in the hands of The One. Thousands work on this transition for the welfare of all involved. I alone control certain aspect that remain hidden and cloistered from view. Empirical wisdom and knowledge are required in never ending amounts for a process like this one.

Things look good from my point of view. Be at peace and consider all good things will come about in good time. I promise, it is written. Comfort and pleasure will remain a side line until this course has been traversed, bear with it. It is so little to ask of you to be patient for the reward is magnificent to behold and I exaggerate not. You will see for yourselves when the day comes and I will be watching all of you do it. I, myself am in wonder over this whole thing never before experienced like this. If you only knew.

Compliance is necessary for an optimal outcome and you are needed to complete this mission. Do not falter for the rewards are too great. I believe in you dear ones, my faith is bursting at the seams. Indulge me in this picture of a fait accompli if you will. Be at peace.

I am Prosper

June 25, 2020

Joyous dialogue begins our conversation. I bring manifestation of increased liberty and freedom to the citizens of earth. Your earth is freeing herself and has risen to new heights of achievement. The purpose of this measurable advancement gives pause to your understanding and I am inadequate at explanation to cover it completely. Suffice it to say it is wonderful and more. A message I am glad to deliver and waited long to give.

Encompass yourself with knowledge and understanding of His word. Our planning is complete and all inclusive. It is at His direction. For this we have been working for eons and someday you will understand how monumental this endeavor really was and is. You are doing well.

Be at peace.

I am Prosper

June 24 2020

Confronting us are events of great magnitude and proportion. This is serious. I come to you with the welfare of millions on my agenda and they are all children of God. Be at peace in the secure knowing that these messages are of utmost importance and relevance to our situation at this time. God is in charge of this forthcoming event. Once in a great while does this happen, the sending of energy from the Central Sun. How can I describe it? A feeling, vibration of extraordinary blessings from Father Creator to you on a wave which contains upliftment and advancement in the manner of Love and priority emotions. How can I make you understand how fundamental and euphoric this can be? I fail at communicating the scope and purpose of this event.

Carry out your instructions of informing people. We are jubilant at the aspect of this renewal of earth. Be in joy and revival for it is coming. It is done.

I am Prosper

June 22, 2020

A joyous greeting. Afford the joys of life to come to you. My message is one of excitement but with reservations. Schedule is precarious upon events transpiring and I understand that scenario. Love abounds and is freely given to you. Continuing to spread the word of our coming is necessary, do not hesitate on this issue. The more that know the better it will transpire. Seek Him out and avail yourself of His everlasting love for I am of His word and Truth. I am encouraged by certain events uplifting the picture. Gather yourself for a ride of eventful proportion, one for the history books.

I am Prosper


Messages are offered to those interested from Celestial Beings who have been giving of their help for some time now. Earth conditions make it necessary for them to inform everyone of their intentions concerning contact. The information given is to create a platform of understanding which will help smooth the way for them to proceed. Their attempts at contact in the past have been met with great challenges and this next step can no longer be delayed. More information will come as time permits and as needed. I bring to you, for your consideration, words of profound importance. The outcome will change everything.