July 16, 2020

Let us begin. Circumstances remain in place for disclosure. Delays are inevitable but we are on schedule. Briefings given remind all involved to take care with outlooks concerning emotions on the ground. Our time is here.

Things were not conducive for the go ahead at the moment because of prevailing attitudes on other subjects. Serious events transpired concerning aggression in other countries that had to be dealt with immediately before we could proceed. The desire to take lives, and many lives was prevalent and threatening and this was not allowed. It was contained and now on to our plan for disclosure. Keep the faith in this for it will happen. Other events are needing tending to and it is all hands on deck. Yours is such a complicated situation there on earth that it behooves the mind to deal with it all and especially at the same time.

I remain encouraged at our reception for you are ready for peace and have been for some time now The elements that brought censorship are in its final days and there will come a time soon when truth will be spoken to all who want to listen. There had to be an intervention for this to happen. It was not avoidable. Control and domination was the long term goal of a few and they will pay the price as God has given His permission to deal with these elements. I wish we could have proceeded yesterday but allowances must be made when things are this serious and eventful. You would understand if you knew what things were planned for your world. I will not dwell on the destruction and sadness that was prevented.

Keep looking for us as we will be there in force and I tell you God’s plan will not be thwarted. It is with high hopes that we prepare for this and you can make your plans around this event. I continue to see grand things for your world and freedom is the one thing that is at the top of the list. It was a long time coming and you have paid an incredibly high price for your incarceration in lies and greed. Things will be set right and you will feel the joy of living as was intended upon your beautiful planet.

I take my leave now. I feel good.

I am Prosper

July 15, 2020

Let us begin. Efforts are beginning for disclosure and all is atwitter here. The schedules have been made and instructions have been given for this monumental occasion. I have much hope for all involved this day.

Let us talk about perception of us. We have touched on first impressions and this is so important for us to begin on the right foot. I am in agreement that this be done in a certain way so as not to engender fear in anyone. Seeking a connection with people of earth takes mental acuity and much background research on our part.

Preparation for a voice to speak to everyone, and this includes all languages, has been decided as to the avenue of delivery. We have chosen a bright intelligent official having experience in this field from the past. He is Angelic in nature and is not known to you as yet. A mighty Light to behold is he. I am impressed with him in every way and aspect of his being.

He comes highly recommended to us . You will be amazed at his knowledge and wisdom but more so his ability to impart information to you in an understandable way. This plan is from God and looks good in its execution. Do not tarry to inform all that you can for it has begun.

Please engender a non aggressive attitude in all and listen first to what we have to say. This is happening one way or the other. Better to do it God’s way than throw caution to the wind. I have high hopes for a smooth transition in these matters and think all will be well for there are too many upon earth that know us and are looking for this day in a grand way. We feel welcomed in so many hearts already that it is a grand relationship with many.

Hope springs eternal in our hearts. Are there any questions? (An observation. So many people tend to lump all aliens together as if they are the same. It needs to be corrected) Good observation on your part. It will be done I am sure. Thank you. This is about to unfold today in most places as your world turns. We are under a great Light and directive from on high and we will succeed in this if my prayers and wishes are answered. No harm to anyone. I must be off. See you in the skies soon. Sounds like a movie marquee.

I am prosper

July 14 2020

Be at peace my little one. I am headed for the last and final meeting of the day and it precedes the visual part of the UFO sightings. We have come together on a method of understanding what is needed at this time for the people to get on board with us.

I pray this all works out as planned and there is good fruition from this procedure. Of all the things we have been through it seems the biggest hurdle is the toning of our appearance upon your earth. I am most happy concerning your abilities and see a future for us in them.

At this time I proceed with our plans and wait to see what transpires. It is all good I hope and we pray there will be no bloodshed anywhere. Be at peace little one for our journey is coming to another crossroads.

This is optimal communication time for me. I am grounded in this venture wholeheartedly and it is consuming all of my time at present. We wait and see how things turn out so we can know what to do next. I am optimistic about this and scans of reception look good . It is my hope and prayer that all will go well.

Any questions? (Readers want to know who you are with and where you are from) I am with The Pleiadian forces and come on a wave length of light from far away. At present I am lodging on a ship with others for these meetings and we gather here for brain storming concerning your planet. Yes it is a connection of some importance that I speak to you but all is important with this long held occupation of ours for the betterment of earth. The mind boggles with input of information involved and it all has to fit together well or it won’t play out according to God’s plan. A huge concerted effort on our part considering how many different heads are involved. I kid you not there are thousands that meet repeatedly on these problems and how to carry them out. Sometimes we are dumbfounded at how things have played out with delays and setbacks but we go forward for it is our duty to continue to help.

Exacerbated delays have been the theme in this long drawn out saga of freedom for your people. The dark was truly entrenched in their determination to not let go, no matter what the offers on the table have been and they were good ones at the time. Now they have squashed their last chance into the ground and we have had to take drastic measures to see them out of your lives and that is our goal.

I am aghast at the dastardly deeds they have carried out and taken so many with them. God forbid! They will never do this again upon any earth plane. We promise. I feel strongly about this. It went on too long as it is. They forbid any compromise whatsoever and that was their stance in the matter. It is a shame for anyone to have to go through what you did on earth. My conscious feelings shudder at the thought of what has happened.

All that is now in the past and just for the history books. We see light at the end now and on to the next step. Communication. I am encouraged at this. It is a start.

I must take leave now. It is OK to publish all my words if you like. It is done.

I am prosper.

July 13, 2020

I am ready. Be it ever so humble there is no place like home. We here are interested in keeping your homes peaceful and prosperous so that you may gain strength and continue your journey as planned. It is God’s way for you. Conditions at this time are not conducive to that plan. Our efforts strive to attain the best conditions for your advancement in the ways of God’s plan and we won’t give up on this part.

See to it that you work to achieve this also in your every day life. Trust that we are getting to where we need to go but it is a bumpy and rocky road at best. Carry your head high and leave the heavy lifting to us. We are continually at work on smoothing out the way as much as possible for you. Our constant efforts call into play thousands and maybe millions of volunteers that work round the clock to achieve order from chaos.

It is done. I am on my way to another meeting. Christ help us.

I am prosper.

July 12, 2020

I am behooved at the response to your messages to the public. You’d think this would garner more attention than it did. Little do they know how important this time is to all of them. We aim to bring such freedom and prosperity to your planet but our intentions go unheeded. It is with sadness that we continue to attempt disclosure on a grand scale but are still thwarted on every turn It is inevitable that we must make a showing in force to get attention. Then will they listen?

We have many with knowledge that we come but few are listened to by the majority of people. It has to be this way to continue. We gather in your skies to proceed with fervor of intent and hope for the best.

After there is a showing we seek a voice to all. Will they listen? Maybe not but we have a duty to carry out. I implore you to speak at every turn, to enlighten wherever possible and bring this part of your destiny to a close and therefore a new beginning.

It is a must that I am called away at this time. I leave you with hope and a duty to fulfill. I am Prosper

July 11, 2020

Let us begin. Offering contact has been on the table for quite some time. It has been met with obstacles over and over again. There is no time left and we must begin to at least attempt this objective. I am of the opinion that it will be met with aggression and fear. It was not my design for this to happen but we must go ahead anyway.

It will commence rapidly and the onset is immediate. World wide sightings will begin immediately for time is of the essence. I pray for the safety of all involved and wish no one harm in any of this. Our duty is large and we feel the weight of carrying this out successfully for there are steps to follow. There is a control issue ongoing concerning aggression in other countries. It must be stopped at all costs and it is serious. The last great gasp or stand of the dark. I am saddened at this event and wish it were different.

Can you please attempt to follow up on what you can do at this time to initiate this dissemination of information about? (Yes, I can) I am at a loss to any other avenue at this time. Our presence must be known and God help us we must be seen as friendly. We mourn, it is sad but we must face the inevitable and get to it. I am on call at this time and must depart. Al be well with you.

I am Prosper

July 9, 2020

I am designating individuals to serve in their regions and this will help in the long run. Their talents are different and their contributions will not be the same. It is time for all to be aboard on this. Many minds have collaborated on this avenue of progress and it is time we started getting certain things done.

One area is ecology. Nature needs help with pollution and clearing away of certain industrial waste This is a big concern and will involve many. Have your people informed of this need so all will be on board. We can no longer remain hidden in your skies and must get started in earnest. It is with great concern that I initiate this project. Time is wasting. We have been improving your planet for some time and we remained hidden but things will now change. Our ships will be uncloaked and there will be witnesses to these projects.

Another area is politics and we have discussed the difficulty on this front. We continue to make inroads into the challenges that prevail in this area. Suffice it to say it is difficult but must be done. You asked for help and now we give it in the best ways possible.

Contacts and connections will be made in this area and they will be as a shock in most cases but that can’t be helped. This day was bound to come and now it is here. It is our sworn duty as we combine efforts in your best interest for earth. I have spoken in meetings and committees at length and so have others and now we begin at this point in your history.

Let us get to it then and I will keep you updated as to how things go. Hopefully it will all be good news. Deliberation time is over and action time is here. It is done.

I am Prosper

July 8, 2020

Afford that which is good to all things in life. Pay attention to little things and notice how synchronicity plays a big part in connecting the dots of life so that it plays out in harmony. Be concerned with all things of God in your choices and fear not concerning practical matters for they play their part in the grand scheme of things.

My lectures provide every day suggestions for a grander life as it is lived. We aim to please for what is life but an attempt to travel further down the road to happiness. I am a philosopher and delve into the meaning of everything. There are reasons behind the fitting together of plans, schemes and everyday happenings. I kid you not. We see things you cannot see and give you good advice from our point of view. Trust us when we speak for ours is given in love so that you can make the most of your hours there on earth.

I practice the same things you do in that I meditate on the questions of life and I seek answers as you do. Life is simple really. We seek the ultimate place with our Creator where peace is abundant and love is freely given in abundance. In that respect we are the same. I seek God and it is as simple as that. Do the same for yourself and see where it takes you.

Things are progressing slowly at the moment but that is to be expected under the circumstances. Change takes time while tending to the details and they are important. We would not want to get the cart before the horse. We would get nowhere. You would laugh at that scenario and I would be embarrassed for sure. We try to set a good example for you to follow if you will notice. I am part of such a large organization that it behooves the mind to keep it all straight at times. So many people involved in this time of earth change.

Follow my lead for yours is an exciting time to be in and we must get it right now that we are here. Teach each other what you know and look to heaven for the rest. The answers are within each of you and you have the key. As close as your breath is the answer to all questions, there is no secret, just time spent within. Don’t look so surprised. You thought it was always locked away from you? Of course not. It is calling your name. Delay not in this endeavor.

Turn to God in your time of need but also in your time of joy, happiness fun and peace. It is the same thing, you see. It all comes from Him. All of it. A constant application to be used at all times and this also is simple. Can you not see it? Love is simple. Give of it freely and take of it freely. It is the way of things. The philosophy lesson is over. It is done.

I am Prosper

July 6, 2020

Although it is necessary to avail myself of negative thoughts about some conditions it is overcome with all the positive things going on right now. I see tremendous advances brought about by members of various groups who band together and join energies bringing about changes undeniably for the better. Everything is improving and our view is greatly optimistic for the future. I kid you not, we are happy with what we see. Although I am concerned with individual advancement in certain areas I have hope that this will improve in the future.

Bringing about change is not easy, especially when it has been thwarted on all sides by strong adversaries who are practiced Do your best to uplift and spread more love for all to benefit from. This is a requirement for change here on this planet and is what is needed at this time. I am certain things will improve in good time and am counting on it.

Our message today is one of joy and consternation. The joy is for advancements made and the consternation is for the roadblocks we have yet to overcome. Our path is hindered and laden with small stones and a few large boulders. The small stones we can handle, the boulders are a bigger problem. Let us say they are political in nature.

Your system is complicated and many avenues are dead ends for us. My engineers tell me earth is progressing nicely with her adjustments but clean up is on going and will take awhile to get to where we feel comfortable with everything. So much has to be done. I am dumbfounded at the political maze that looms before me and scarcely know how to attack the problem. There is no way but to start and see how far we get Very few can be counted on to cooperate and fewer still that understand what we are trying to do. I fall short in trying to explain it to them and I hope they enlighten themselves rapidly.

We can only hope this picks up speed as it goes along. Your challenges on earth for changing the political structure are great and I don’t envy you in the least. This is your country and for you to handle with our help of course. Committees, committees, committees and it never ends and this is for me also. We here meet to find the best way to travel for optimal results. We are doing our best. Be patient with us as we search for the feedback offered from our current approach to your problems.

It is done.


July 5, 2020

Our instincts are to stay where we are and not move out of our comfort zone. This is necessary for us to maintain the status quo. Circumstances at this point require us to make changes and defy our usual behavior. Lest us look at some of the needs on our horizon.

After much consideration it has been decided that great effort is needed to implore everyone to ignore policy as usual and get out and drum up interest in making this contact with us. Our input is vitally necessary for you to continue in the right direction. Delay is not an option. Inform others of our desire to do this. Instructions for your well being are mandatory for you to proceed without fail.

Declare our timing is imminent and we come in haste for your welfare. There are things you do not understand and things that will affect millions. We are coming regardless but calm acceptance is the better option as you can see. Our plans are made and we implore you to venture out of your comfort zone and get this done. Do not let your reluctance keep you from taking this in hand. I am concerned for the many that do not know us in any way. Our help is needed for your understanding of the laws concerning your planet and the structure of the process it must go through.

Preparation is necessary on your part for what is to come. Be informed and save lives, this is a must for the best outcome. There is so much you do not know that pertains to your continued lives in this matter. Do not hinder our giving of information to you for you will suffer consequences of not knowing and reaping the cost.

Our love for you is great and cannot be quantified. You are the children of God and it is our duty at the request of the One to take charge of your welfare. Our duty is great and we intend to carry it out to the best of our ability. Help us to do that in a timely manner. We beseech you in the name of God to be open to our request.

Time marches on and we have come to a pivotal point in time for action. The thing is upon us now. You will see but best to see before instead of too late. Have faith and trust in us. We are from the Father on this matter. Take heed for it is now that we have come. My message is counting down. You do not understand how serious this matter is and how can I impress this upon you? WE COME!

Prosper out.