August 14, 2020

Let us begin. It is with agonizing temperament that I take this time to place a hold on education, other than in these posts. Our team is working on a new avenue of informing and it is being examined in depth at present. It may take some time, so things are placed on the table for now. I will continue here and hope that advancements are made soon. There’s that word you don’t like. It is appropriate, though.

Let us look into the aspect of language. It is a constrictive medium to use and our thoughts can become misconstrued quite easily. One person thinks one thing and uses a word and the other has a different meaning for that word. The message is lost in correct meaning to convey a message. Our way of communicating with mental thought is more accurate because emotions and other aspects can be transferred that way. It carries more information with the thought. We have been communicating this way for some time now. I am not suggesting that you drop your vocal communication but I will say that you all have the ability to develop the mental thought process and it is more conducive to accurate conveyance of messages. Just a little idea to put on the back burner, so to speak.

We continue to fly low in your skies and are being seen with a vast number of people talking about their experiences. Larger ships are being used and we will continue this approach. I am encouraged by the sightings and slowly word is getting around with no thanks to your news mediums. The internet is a great source for this and is being used by many to relay sightings and they are describing their experiences in detail. Please continue this.

Amazing to me is your method of skirting an issue because of peer pressure of consideration of what other people think. Important issues need to be discussed and at least faced and addressed. Aliens from other planets should at least get a few minutes of conversation during your day, you’d think. What is going on that you can avoid a subject for decades of your life and attempt to ignore it altogether? It is something I don’t understand. The elephant in the room! I am continuing to work on this aspect of your personalities and trying to find ways of breaking the silence in closed groups about this subject. There is such an opportunity for you to benefit from this give and take of dialogue.

We are not controllers of your lives, we are liberators of them. We are here and we are staying until our job is completed and this will take years and the time depends upon your ability to get things done on your planet. We are in no hurry.

I see that your congress has issued more restrictions on your lives with their machinations and the rhetoric just becomes more complicated with time. More and more words do not make happier people. Things become so complicated that even the attorneys have to crack the books to keep up with ways to proceed in court. Original ideas are done away with and laws become necessary to pile on top of other laws to continue the status quo of things. Where does it stop for you? Now it would seem that you need to re-group and start over with examination from the beginning and weed out the unnecessary rhetoric in your laws and start with the original objective, a free society and country based on individual freedom based on the laws of God. He is the original writer of what should be done and how life should be lived. You can’t get any better than that. Go back and review His words on the matter and use your heads to come up with government that is by the people and for the people and let that stand the test of time.

Yes you can combine government and God’s laws and have them compliment each other and work together for a tremendously happy life. Examine where you are today and see with clear eyes that do not glaze over concerning certain issues. There is still free will on your planet but the allowances to so many ideas have let undesirable practices come into your societies and prosper and it is detrimental to your living to have such erroneous ideas being practiced in your country. Allowing everything is not a good idea for you to be living by. There are restrictions and there are those who go directly against God’s laws and this is not good on any level of accountability. Be astute to rule out those ideas which go against love, compassion and loving one another. It is only common sense to disallow harmful actions against others. Need I go into detail? You know.

Let us begin with a new world, one that pays attention to their past and where it has taken them. Re-plan your base of thoughts and procedures and re-work your laws and your governments of the world and start from there. We are here to help you but it does no good to continue to live with the same corrupt ideas that have not been working for you in the past. Consider a change of big proportion and venture into new territory with your governance of the people. Start with new leaders of higher character and thinking and then revamp your laws and court system. It can be done.

I give you these things to think on and consider. It takes time to change things and you have the time now to get this done. I bring this before you with hopes that you will take time to consider.

I am Prosper

August 13, 2020

Let us begin. It is with proper consideration that I propose an alternative to the broadcast and that would be direct intervention of other means of communication. This would involve computers and it might be best if we do not go further with our plans at this time. It would get the word out and encourage education but limit somewhat the number of people that could tune in so to speak, because not all people have computers. I am at a loss to come up with something better at this time.

It will commence shortly and we can get on with education which is so very important. I dare not jinx this avenue of expression and am crossing my fingers at this prospect, I kid you not. It is with great hopes that we have better success with this than we did the other.

In the mean time I continue to expound here as I have been and we will get into another lesson.

The soul is permanent and develops along with learning and experience. There are those walking among you that do not possess a soul and are more of an automaton. These are droid like people and I am reminded of Data on Star Trek, only these people are not as smart. They have been made, or produced, on an assembly line with a human body but have no moral conscience of any kind. They are used at the whim of the dark forces to accomplish whatever they want done and some assignments are dastardly deeds.

Some of these droids are in high places and control a vast area of people. It is so deceiving the work that they do. Fortunately we can spot them a mile away, or more closely 50 miles away. We have vast technology to do this.

So much deception among you and you cannot tell this is going on . You have been so deceived for decades when these droids were placed among you and they had time on their hands to work their way up into the positions of power that were needed. We are seeing that they are taken out of your society and they will be dealt with in our legal system with the appropriate manner and laws.

Until that time they will still hold some of the controls. We will see that they fade away for various reasons. It takes time to do this and has been going on now for awhile. One of our things to do list items to accomplish.

We continue to aid you at all turns where we can and see that you are given a chance to develop with your own abilities and not be coerced into certain ways of life like cattle. You are in the process of being freed from your prisons. Develop your abilities and talents now and see how far you can go with them. So much talent out there that you have and it has been stifled in the past. God never meant for you to be held back like you have been and this has been sad for all of us to see. We have mourned for you as the years and dastardly deeds have been heaped upon you. It is with pleasure that our eyes now view this transition for earth and a “feel good” feeling for us to be part of this transition. We beseech you to take advantage of this time in your history to take wing and fly. Soar to the heights and see what it feels like to be unburdened with restrictions and limits and laws that hold you back.

Think on these things and look at what is going on now in your world. Solve your problems by looking at your leadership. You outnumber the leaders and have more power than you think. View with microscopic eyes at the behavior and mostly the reason behind the restrictions that have arisen before you. Take note of all that goes on and be brave in your scrutiny of others. Rule your nations with courage and strength of character and these are the people you want to lead . Your choice is right before you and it is yours to take in hand and run with. I wish you good choices in your government and leadership. For it all takes agreement in this area and not the bickering and diversity that is going on now. Work together and you will be amazed at what can be accomplished.

I have said enough for now. I take my leave and continue with our plans for education. Go in peace.

I am Prosper

August 12, 2020

Let us begin. At present my mission is stymied and stagnant. It has happened before but I was surprised that it occurred now. We have overcomed more difficult challenges but this is a large one. We will not be defeated and continue to give it our all on the matter. Some possibilities are open to us and we are availing ourselves to explore every avenue. We do not give up and it is not in our nature to do so. We accomplish nothing by doing nothing, so we are quite active at all times on issues. It behooves me to find such roadblocks in this one area and I am constantly amazed at your country’s lack of cooperation on education. You’d think they would want the advancement that this knowledge could bring to not only N. America but to the world. It is beyond me what thinking brings about such rejection and for such a long time. I have never known of others who wanted to remain ignorant of truth.

The soul is everlasting, along with Spirit, which is of Godly measure and content. It is sacred and not only individual but collective with all creation, or nature. All is recorded on this soul level and remains with its learning so that advancement can be made. It can be a tremendous tool and needs inspection from time to time to evaluate what circumstances bring about such learning . Be aware of how you think and how you learn. Do not pass up an opportunity to advance in love, compassion and the desire to be of service to others, the earth and the environment. It is what life is all about and how God created us to be. It is also the most fulfilling of emotions and brings about the happiness you so desperately seek in your lives. How can I explain that service is not something that takes away from you but gives you the food and sustenance you need to not only survive but to advance to higher levels on your path of life. It is what everything is based on and has not changed in importance or meaning, ever.

I beseech you to delve head first into a life of service and do not look upon it as work but as the enjoyment of life in giving of self to make all things better. A possibility of upgrade, so to speak and you do have that power within you to do this constantly for it is God given to you. The universe is full of possibilities for service not only on your planet but the stars are the playground of your desires and we have experienced this for ourselves for thousands of years. What a gift! The doors are open to you and the universe is yours.

I have expounded enough for now and take my leave. It has been a pleasure speaking to you and I go in peace as I hope you do.

I am Prosper

August 11, 2020

August 11, 2020

Let us begin. It is with sadness that I come to you this morning and report that our efforts have met with failure. It is hard for me to admit but there it is. The problems are numerous and once we overcame one another turned up and it continued. They became insurmountable and I had to admit the truth about the situation. Suffice it to say I am more than disappointed. This was our big plan and now it is cast aside. We are looking for another way to get the education part started and at present have not come up with another avenue as promising as the broadcast was.

We will continue to search and we will not give up. I am at a loss at the moment and search high and low and again are in many meetings to solve this dilemma. Please do not leave us or cast aside your trust in us. We continue to work in your best interest for this cause of earth citizens. It behooves us to accept this setback but it does not dissuade us in our determination to continue. We forge ahead.

Let us have another fact session, please. Our universe is vast and wide with planets, life and new creations. It is a continuous process in evolution and is the way things work. New planets are being created all the time and development continues. This takes many years and your planet has been around for thousands of years and has a vast history to go with it. This will be revealed and you will be amazed.

This creation process is done by many advanced souls who have earned the right to do so and are fully capable with this process. They are called Michael Sons. Your Michael Son is Christ Michael Atonn and he did create your planet. He is a descending Son and has earned his stripes with thousands of years of learning and experience. He works directly with the Father in all things and is a Light being. His description is difficult to put into words and He is very powerful and mighty in presence. He resides in close proximity to your universe and oversees all things related. He is fully capable of creation of planets. Yes, this is true. Creation is through God and at the direction of Creator God but at this point Michael Sons work with God in this creation effort.

I know it is difficult for you to take in and this is a big step but bear with me in this as it is a foundation point. There are many Michael Sons and this is a title or designation of achievement. No longer someone in training, so to speak.

Continue with your prayers to The Father God but know there are many between you and Father God that are also on their path of learning and many do have achievements and titles from years of this learning and achievement. There are many beings in God’s creation and no, you are definitely not alone and not the only ones that have been created. It is a vast known world that we live in with many universes and many suns and planets. Your known world is very small and your path is open to much achievement and learning. It is time you opened your eyes and vistas to the knowing of the truth.

Take this in Chelas and deal with it carefully. Do not discard this information before you have had time to consider it. Just because you have not viewed it with your eyes does not mean it is not there. God is great and up until now you have had no idea how great God really is. It is so vast there are many places I have never been. The venturer that I am still has many planets to explore and visit. It is exciting and amazing what God has accomplished. I am still in awe at the beauty of your planet as many planets as I have seen over my years. It is exceptional in beauty. Give thanks for it. It was an extraordinary gift.

This is a beginning and do consider my words. Review them carefully and let them rest gently in your mind for awhile. We are a reliable source of this information as we have been around a while and lived with this information and it is trusted. Be at peace with your decisions to accept or reject. Just give it a chance.

There is much to learn and we are behind in giving it to you. Your advancement in all areas of life depends on this truth and a good foundation. All scientific knowledge has to begin with ideas of truth to begin with. Let us not drift from what is necessary in this building of knowledge for you.

I go again to seek out alternatives of delivering this information to you. I will not give up and am one of many in this endeavor. Be at peace and we fail you not under God’s direction. I go in peace now.

I am Prosper

August 10, 2020

Let us begin. It has been a long process and yesterday was no exception to this rule. We worked ceaselessly and tirelessly to bring things about to a proper conclusion. Again we ran into snags and proceeded to get them out of the way for a go at this education. Today we will try again for the TV announcement.

I want to be there and watch what happens at the beginning of this talk to each citizen. It is important for me to do so. Let us hope that today things will come about without a hitch in ANYTHING. I go to prepare a place for you to begin and we will take off from there. I dare not promise you anything at this point for you have been disappointed enough and beyond your trusting point. It is unfortunate that you had to contend with this at all. I would have wished differently for you but things are what they are and this whole process has been fraught with setbacks from the beginning.

My hopes are not diminished in this event and I fail you not in any respect on this. I am in your service along with millions who have come to your aid. Be at peace with this process as it begins, please. I go now

I am Prosper.

August 9, 2020

Let us begin. I am on my way to render assistance to overcoming the snags that remain. They are few and should be resolved shortly. It has been a long night and many worked relentlessly on these issues to bring this about for you/us. It seems things are mostly in line again and we are about to proceed today with this education. I am in high hopes over the progress we have made as one big issue was present and has been overcomed. It is part of the package that there are things or hurdles that will come up in this process. I remain euphoric over the announcement that we are real and we are here to help. A red letter day for all of us for sure.

Heads will turn and we will get attention and I hope everyone will have a chance to hear what we have to say. It is important that we get this across, we mean no harm to anyone. If you have a car crash while listening that is your problem and we regret the surprise but some things are inevitable. A surprise, yes it will be. It will not be insurmountable for you and should fit in to your beliefs and thoughts nicely. You have known in the back of your mind for some time now that we exist and we are here in your skies. We are just coming closer and making ourselves known at this time. We could not depend on your government to announce disclosure so we are having to do it ourselves. We can do it nicely, thank you.

Today we will try again. I hope we have all the kinks out of things and time will tell. This is a big production and so many little details are involved, but we are big producers and have the man power and organization to take care of all the things involved. It is our forte, so to speak. We are organized with a capitol O. Let us begin this thing and lets roll.

I bring you truth,

I am Prosper

August 8, 2020

Just as it takes time to create a world, it takes time to repair one. There are things of this earth that you do not understand and yesterday was one of them. I am off again today to find a way around some environmental issues that pertain to magnetism and vibration and these have to be in sync for things to transpire correctly. The laws of nature do not bend, even for me and I must respect them. Suffice it to say that it will be overcome and without much fanfare. We are still on track and this is just part of the rolling out of the broadcast. It was unforeseen for awhile but now is being addressed and adjustments are being made.

I hesitate to offer again that today is the day so we will just see how the day goes. I definitely do not want you to have the roller coaster ride of emotions to continue that you have been experiencing with disappointments in the past. It is not what I desire for you. You have been through enough and I dare not add to your displeasure of this momentous occasion. Take this in stride and let us continue to be hopeful for what is to come.

I am on my way to supervise for I want to watch things up close and first hand. It is not only my position and responsibility to do so but the child in me wants to be there to witness this. It is my right. I bid you all a beautiful day and another step in your education. It is with joy that I start this day and maybe things will work out better for everyone today. Be at peace.

I am Prosper.

August 7, 2020

Good morning. It is early, I know but things are buzzing and I am off soon for other venues. Keep your TV on today to a major station and listen for an intervention. It is imperative that we start soon on this and I am ready and set. We will see how it goes and hope for the best reception from everyone listening. They will flock to their TV sets soon when this breaks and our words will be heard by millions. I am confident that it will be received well for the most part and that is what we want. A gradual recognition of the truth, no matter how long we have been here in your skies and helping your planet we do not want to shock any more than we have to.

I splurge in the area of over broadcasting because I want all that can to have an opportunity to hear the beginning of the broadcast because it will be the most famous words in your history. You are not alone and yes, God did create others to experience his creation with you. We are not that different from you in a lot of ways and we have families and children like you do. We strive to do the right thing and love one another as commanded and we do continue learning like you do. The main difference is that we are more experienced in the ways of living and learning and do not have war nor do we use money in any way. We are free in that respect and you would do well to strive to that end also. It has worked for us for millennia now and yes, it can be done successfully.

In other areas your planet is beginning to recover and heal and that is where you come in heavily on this front. It is your duty and your place to take charge of this and we will guide you in this respect. Earth was your gift and the responsibility lies with you to see that the wrongs will be corrected and earth will be returned to its original state of pristine beauty. No poisons and no garbage in your oceans and clean water is the goal, or at least some of them. We will get to the details later. Right now we begin the communication with you and laying the foundation for thoughts to come. All this is important in the beginning and is mandatory for the rest to follow.

I am off now to see first hand how this reception goes and wish us luck on the ears that hear us and their reactions to it. I am in anticipation of a good outcome .

I am Prosper

August 6, 2020

Let us begin. In trusting our source we appreciate your efforts to try and believe what we say. I know it is difficult to automatically believe everything that we offer but this is time tested material over thousands of years and it holds true today. It is our history, so to speak, and enters the category of laws and precepts that are constant. The nature of things as it were, and we stand by them and have for some time. It is the foundation of everything else that will be presented.

Let us consider the creation. God brought all this into effect by His thought and Light creation. It all began with thought. The mental process is energy and the Light is energy and it is brought into physical by His wishes on the matter, literally and physically. The elements of this air are present and it certainly is not empty space. You must learn this because all is brought into evolvement from this beginning point. God’s thought process into reality.

Man begins with Spirit and then goes on from there. Your were put into a body later on . The physical body is a secondary thought to give you the opportunity to develop and learn from your mistakes. It is a quicker process than remaining in Spirit alone. Therefore earth and the experiences here are a valued opportunity for you to gain wisdom through the learning process and is not afforded in Spirit alone, at least not at this speed at which you are offered. Be thankful for it for it is not all that get this opportunity to do so. It was a gift to you and some begged for it.

I am considering starting the education process earlier than planned because the reception has been good with this material so far. I venture out on thin ice in expecting you to take in all of my words but we must begin somewhere and now is the time. Our plans remain with the broadcast stations and it looks good from here. I hope everyone goes through with what they have agreed upon. It is imperative they do so for this to work well. My nature is one of dictatorship but I now realize there are those who feel they do have a choice in the matter and yes, they do, but I would not want to be the one to go against the wishes of the Father concerning the liberation of your planet. This has been a hot topic button that has been activated and when the Father decrees it is obeyed by all and there are no exceptions on this. It is one of the precepts of all that is in our knowing existence. His word is law.

So, under that understanding we now proceed to the next step. Our revelations begin asap and they will be heard. It will probably begin with something like “Greetings to all on earth” and this will surely get everyone’s attention. As the old song title was “Turn Your Radio On” is in our thoughts it has true meaning in this instance. Of course most of it will be on TV on the major stations ABC, NBC and CBS. We hope all are on board at that moment. If not they soon will be as every one will want to hear what is said at least at first.

It is an exciting time and nothing will be the same ever again on this planet. The day aliens came to earth and proclaimed the truth about everything. It is a big assignment and we are certainly up to it. What remains is how you will react to it all. We monitor you and proceed accordingly. Blessings be upon you this day in your history and every day forward for we know what you have been through and it was less than terrible for you and planet earth. It is done.

I am Prosper

August 5, 2020

Now, Our time is limited before we must begin the education part. It is ready and now available to begin. We have so much to cover and it is proper that we do so immediately and I know you don’t like that word along with others we use but it will begin quite shortly if not soon. There is another word you don’t like, soon. It is appropriate. Be open to our words and avail yourself of them to study and comprehend. Take them down and go over them. It is essential that you do this.

Our ships are continuing to fly lower and lower over your cities and now in the countryside and smaller towns. Wave to us for we are real. Your government is finally beginning to come around to our way of thinking and it is past time that this was done. They really have no choice in the matter. When a planet prays for help so intensely and Christ is listening then a decision is made and help was authorized and now has been given in copious amounts and will continue to be given. It is our service to you that we do this and we are guided in our approach to everything.

I bring you encouragement of sorts in your fight against the virus you are consumed in thought about and that is that the virus is on the way out and will die out and hopefully these times of restriction will be forgotten for you are now freer than you have ever been. There is no need for you to dwell in the past over this and please do not live in fear for it takes so much away from you to do so. Be gone, damned spot, or something like that. It is done.

I find many of you reading these words and it is spreading now by word of mouth. I am glad to see it and hope it continues to do so. I guess advertising was out of the question as your news agencies would not have accepted it. Just give it some time and they will be clamoring for my words on the matters at hand. There are others also who give of their thoughts and teachings and their words will be sought after also. So many opportunities have been missed in this area of communication but that is water under the bridge. Now is the time and it will get done come hell or high water. I kid you not , it is a given thing.

Give of yourself daily to others and help your fellow man through this time of enlightenment by our words. The foundation must be laid and it has to be strong to support all the other information we will give to you. Our plans are set and we begin in due course. Notice I didn’t say soon. In all honestly you have waited far too long for this and we are euphoric here that we begin with all this at hand.

Disclosure is yet to come in a big way but there are so many now giving this information that it cannot be contained any longer. The cat is out of the bag, even though so many of you always knew we were real and here. Heck, there have been aliens in your skies and on your planet for thousands of years so this is not a new thing. Unfortunately they were not all benevolent. Some did you harm and got away with it in the past. No more will this happen now. We will see to that.

I go now and continue to perform my duties, which at the moment are numerous and heavy. It is with joy that I leave you.

I am Prosper.