July 23, 2020

Let us begin. I am groping for answers to our dilemma at present and will not give up. Just a small delay and things will continue forward after this resolution. Roadblocks are inevitable and without fail they will appear. It is predominately secure in our trip to your skies soon. We will be there to greet you and give you a glimpse of what we offer. Our help has always been there but better that you see something concrete than have questions in your mind.

We are real as you are, just in a higher place of evolvement which is where you are headed. It is time you got a view of things to come for you. The promises we offer are not pie in the sky, they are grounded inevitabilities if you work for them. It is the law of things and the way your existence is set up. A journey back to God and Prime Energy, which is Love and Light. The essence of all things made. Fantastic isn’t it! A world from thought and so it is. Wondrous but true. So many things we have to tell you and all just as wondrous and magnificent. We look forward to imparting this wisdom to your people and have now for some time.

Enlightenment is magnificent to see in someone and the light increases with each advancement you make on this journey. We have enjoyed watching you come this far and you have made us amazed at your endeavors to complete this process. We honor you in this effort and applaud your courage in many instances because of your bravery to overcome what has been set upon you. You will understand more when you find out what has been put in your way and how you have been oppressed. A shame that this was done to you. Children of the Father have the right to be free and live life to the fullest on their own terms and not under the behest of rulers with no compassion and only thinking of themselves. They are to be removed completely if they do not change for the better and this is a promise. We have been given the right to do so. All is permitted now to getting you the help you need in a fashion that does no harm to the masses. There are limits that we must confine ourselves to and we do this as required.

I am oppressed in my wishes for you but that will change and you will be set free if we have anything to do with it. Glory and hallelujah, it will be done and is being done now. If only you could see what we are doing. Some day you will know. We do not have on the scene reporting as you do but all our movements are recorded for history and for legal purposes so it can be reviewed. We are held accountable in everything. Of all things done you remain at the top of our movements and actions and we will see this through until all are free from the tyranny that has accumulated over the years. I behave badly in the presence of your imprisonment but that is another story. It is for another time that this is told. Suffice it to say I am on your side. I have my voice and I use it at times when I should be more discrete. It is an emotional issue with so many of us that we remain attentive to your plight. We are not always angelic in nature but erupt in shall we say vigorous language with each other. I digress.

Our love for you is great and I remain so devoted to this project of liberation that it consumes me along with others. We are on a mission ourselves to liberate you and will not rest until this is done. I give you my word on this. We love all of you and no one is outside of this feeling we have. Not one remains alone without help or assistance. You are just not able to see this at this time. It will be proven later and then it will sink in what we have done for you. A part of the time of awakening soon to come. It is just around the corner where the light is coming from. It goes together you see. You will rejoice in adulation to your Creator over this when revealed. Ours is a work we throw ourselves into because we want to be of service and we fail not. It is done.

I am Prosper.

July 22, 2020

Let us begin. It is with angst that I report to you this morning. Things are not suitable for advancement at this time. Complications are upon us at all turns and we have no cooperation to help us advance. I confer with others about this roadblock and it is complex and eludes us as to how to go around these roadblocks. What a conundrum. One of the most difficult missions I have ever encountered. Suffice it to say I proceed with caution.

Here we have a world of people waiting for our help and us with no clear avenues to continue. I dare not convey my discouragement but take this time to encourage you not to give up on us and circumstances. We will find a way around this interruption in our plans. Time is on our side and they cannot hold out forever. It must come to a head.

On the up side attitudes are in faith and understanding on your part and I applaud you for this mental discipline. You are magnificent in your desire for a better life upon your earth and you have certainly paid your dues for this to happen. Contrary to popular belief there are many in your government that also wish for the same for you and themselves. More are coming over to a good side every moment now and it is a good thing to see. The new energies are having their effect upon everyone and some are really responding in a positive way. All we can do is continue in the same avenue we planned on and wait it out. Things will change and you will be happy at the result.

Be of good cheer as I do not mean to bring you down. This has happened before and it was transpired with good endings. There are so many of us and we outnumber those working against us by thousands. Our energy is of the highest and that also is in our favor. Our attitude is constant as we do not give up on any of you, not one. Our love for you dwells in our hearts and minds constantly. I will keep you updated and advised of current events as they happen. We fail not.

It is done. I am Prosper

July 21, 2020

Let us begin. I am often amazed at the ingenuity of people trying to out do the rulers of your country. You are suffering under the rule of deceivers and egoist that rank high in their achievements but only show one side to the public. It is with great effort that you live your daily lives in toil and concerns for your loved ones. I often think you should have been liberated long ago and by now you would be well on your way to a much better and happier life.

We deal with what we have now and this is what we work with. We continue to move forward ever trying to accomplish our goals in the midst of Covid-19 and other oppressing issues. Life isn’t easy and has never really been so. The human spirit is amazing and has risen to new heights lately to be free of this oppression and to succeed in the effort that God intended. I worship the One God of all things and see in the future a road leading to unconditional love for all things in your future. Until then there will be a struggle to contend with and time marches on while you continue to deal with all your challenges. It is overwhelming at times, what you have to deal with and contend with on a daily basis. Personal and private turmoil and then there is the National leadership that is so convoluted and diverse in nature that it is hard to know which way to go.

Be at peace as much as possible. Go to that quiet place every day and feel the love that is available to you at all times. Partake of it freely and give of it freely whenever possible. It is the way of life in all things and all is based on this premise. I kid you not on this issue, it is that simple. Live in this truth and make it your anthem in life.

Things are progressing and I know they seem slow for you and it is a step by step procedure but progress is being gained and I am pleased with the outcome so far. We have taken pains to get this done right. It has to be that way. Issues keep arising that need attention and it is part of this type of procedure where all things are on the table at once. Earth, nation, foreign country relationships and such like. They all combine to make the whole that has to play a part in the evolution of your people.

I am on safari now looking for big game in the way of leaders that will play a big part in your future as far as giving of announcements that will start the education process and open up the rather large can of worms. It has to begin somewhere. Let it be now. You have not really even seen the tip of the iceberg yet. My children I wish I could make this easier for you but you have to be given truth and as bitter as it will be it has to be done. We are here to help you partake of this truth and rely on us for help and condolences of your feelings as you process the deception over the years and how you have been manipulated and used for their purposes. It is sad but you cannot wallow in it for long. Stand up and move forward as best you can. I give you my best advice on this issue.

It is done.

I am Prosper

July 20, 2020

Let us begin. I have been busy at meetings again and these are big ones to decide how to proceed. It has come to our attention that many are not ready for sighting UFOs in your skies and to do so would be harmful for them. I regret the anticipation of those in the know for you have been disappointed so many times before on this subject. You look forward to this event with such faith and ardor and I am encouraged by this.

Our decisions involve a waiting period of sorts to rectify some thoughts you have concerning visitation by our kind. Movies of destruction do not help. Hollywood has a way of turning things around to the negative for entertainment sake and this encodes the mind. How can we come in the best of ways? We must try to lay a platform of sensibilities on the positive side for you first. This is the plan. It is regrettable there is another delay for a short period. State of mind is important for all in order to be received well. I am knowledgeable on many subjects and education is one of them. The information must be received at first and not after we come. It is done and information will be available to all on this subject from high authority in your world.

Agreements must be kept and announcements must be made for all to hear. I kid you not the time has come for this to happen. It should have been done long ago but there was opposition in huge amounts. Order must be returned to government and truth must be told so things can be corrected. Let us begin to do so. I see it happening within the next few weeks. There will be an announcement of extreme importance to the public and we will see how it lays on the minds of individuals first and then proceed further with truth. Our decisions were agreed upon by all concerned on this and I am confident it will play out well in the proclamation. You will be amazed but relieved for you have known all along we are real.

It is with love and compassion that I address you in this matter so that you may know what is going on with us. We try not to keep you in the dark any more than we have to for secrecy was important in the past to deceive the dark of our plans. And so it continues that transition time is complicated and mixed with some amount of confusion on your part I’m sure. Do not loose trust in us. You are our utmost focus of care and good will. Our love is grand and all encompassing for we act on the wishes of the Father of all. I leave you now for procedural things that have commenced and I must be there.

I am Prosper

July 18, 2020

Let us begin. After all this is done there are big concerns that need to be met. In addition to the earth recovery there is a teaching program that is scheduled to commence shortly and it will cover the most important things first. Then regularly scheduled lessons given to all concerning attitude, behavior and way of life for everyone. I give of it freely and no one is forced to listen but I cannot stress enough how important these are.

Your off track planet must be returned to its original glory state of being. So much time has been wasted by wrong dong that it needs to be corrected and no more time is to be wasted, hence the lessons. Often a planet is coerced into right doing but this is a free will planet and choice is still given. You are in such need that I cannot imagine anyone not wanting a better life as soon as possible. Maybe it will catch on, I hope so.

Everyone will notice the difference and the weight will be lifted. It is the only way I know how to describe it to you. A greater state of happiness and joy as you expand your consciousness in every direction. The colors will seem brighter and the water will sparkle more. Nature will take on a new importance for you and be more beautiful. All life will be enhanced. It is wonderful to behold. The flash or event is forthcoming when the time is right for it, and not before. We will most likely be in your skies before it comes now. That has changed. It is important to follow the indicators that lead us .

All is in preparation for our coming. Time is different for us and we go by events and not a clock. I know this is hard for you to understand because of your long history with time but it is more conducive to perfect timing for us and we live by it.

Concluding to say we are at peace with all plans and look forward to meeting you in all instances and on all planes of existence that you wish. We are multi-functional and access all avenues that are necessary. It is with great pleasure that we attend to this for you have worked for so long in your prayers and asking for help that we are glad to be of service to a most deserving planet and in God’s service. It is our pleasure to do so. I will be busy for several days now and may not be available to you. Be at peace with this and not concerned for it is necessary. I will contact you again when ready. I am in service to you.


July 17, 2020

Let us begin. I am offering a hostage situation emergency result or remedy to the citizens of earth. You have been held hostage for many years now and that time is over. Here is what I propose for you, my children. Take time to think of what you want out of life and then imagine yourself in it. See it as accomplished and that will be your future. It is that simple. I know you are inexperienced at this and it will take practice. All that is good is on the table for you. You just have to imagine it and take it.

Be brave and try this. It is not instantaneous nor is it magic. It is a law and the way things work on your planet. Actually it is the way things work everywhere almost. You deserve to be free to choose the type of life you want to live or experience. Bondage is a nasty thing. It robs you of so many things and in so many different ways. BE FREE, my chelas and see how happy you can be. It is what God intended for you on this planet.

Speaking of your planet it is your responsibility to care for and so many repairs need to be made. Be good stewards and get these done as soon as possible. Stop polluting your water and the land with chemicals and poisons immediately. You are consuming what is in the ground from the plants and it is not good. My geologists tell me they have rescued quite a bit of land back to where it needs to be.

Continue this effort and enjoy this beautiful and magnificent planet you have at your disposal. You are right about the Native Americans. Land is really not to be owned but is free to all. Consider the word possession for a moment. This land is a gift and not to be fought over for sure. Work this out in your own way, though and see how it goes.

There is a lot of work to be done after we come. The decisions for the most part are up to you. We will not do all the work for you. We help and direct for the best possible ways to continue. Harmony is the key to all and everything. The energy of the universe is at your disposal.

I digress. Efforts are underway for disclosure and I know you are tired of hearing that. I am also. Lets get this done for the betterment of all concerned. My flying days are still a thrill for me and I plan to take part in this procedure first hand. I will wave to you from on high. You can look for me if you like for I will be there over your country. This whole thing thrills my heart and I am glad to see it come. So many hours have gone into this and all for you.

The complications are great and complex but things are strategized and worked out into sections and the world will be done and no one will be left out. See us with clear eyes and open hearts for it is in your best interest that we do this. I am on my way now to the giving of the word for this to commence. It is a historical occasion and many will be there just to see all the ships decloak. Let it not be in fear that you receive us for this is of God we come. Hear our words and take them into your hearts. Time will tell and the time is now. Be at peace and let us begin to give you truth about what has happened on your planet all these years. It will set you free. And this is our goal.

It is done and I am Prosper.

July 16, 2020

Let us begin. Circumstances remain in place for disclosure. Delays are inevitable but we are on schedule. Briefings given remind all involved to take care with outlooks concerning emotions on the ground. Our time is here.

Things were not conducive for the go ahead at the moment because of prevailing attitudes on other subjects. Serious events transpired concerning aggression in other countries that had to be dealt with immediately before we could proceed. The desire to take lives, and many lives was prevalent and threatening and this was not allowed. It was contained and now on to our plan for disclosure. Keep the faith in this for it will happen. Other events are needing tending to and it is all hands on deck. Yours is such a complicated situation there on earth that it behooves the mind to deal with it all and especially at the same time.

I remain encouraged at our reception for you are ready for peace and have been for some time now The elements that brought censorship are in its final days and there will come a time soon when truth will be spoken to all who want to listen. There had to be an intervention for this to happen. It was not avoidable. Control and domination was the long term goal of a few and they will pay the price as God has given His permission to deal with these elements. I wish we could have proceeded yesterday but allowances must be made when things are this serious and eventful. You would understand if you knew what things were planned for your world. I will not dwell on the destruction and sadness that was prevented.

Keep looking for us as we will be there in force and I tell you God’s plan will not be thwarted. It is with high hopes that we prepare for this and you can make your plans around this event. I continue to see grand things for your world and freedom is the one thing that is at the top of the list. It was a long time coming and you have paid an incredibly high price for your incarceration in lies and greed. Things will be set right and you will feel the joy of living as was intended upon your beautiful planet.

I take my leave now. I feel good.

I am Prosper

July 15, 2020

Let us begin. Efforts are beginning for disclosure and all is atwitter here. The schedules have been made and instructions have been given for this monumental occasion. I have much hope for all involved this day.

Let us talk about perception of us. We have touched on first impressions and this is so important for us to begin on the right foot. I am in agreement that this be done in a certain way so as not to engender fear in anyone. Seeking a connection with people of earth takes mental acuity and much background research on our part.

Preparation for a voice to speak to everyone, and this includes all languages, has been decided as to the avenue of delivery. We have chosen a bright intelligent official having experience in this field from the past. He is Angelic in nature and is not known to you as yet. A mighty Light to behold is he. I am impressed with him in every way and aspect of his being.

He comes highly recommended to us . You will be amazed at his knowledge and wisdom but more so his ability to impart information to you in an understandable way. This plan is from God and looks good in its execution. Do not tarry to inform all that you can for it has begun.

Please engender a non aggressive attitude in all and listen first to what we have to say. This is happening one way or the other. Better to do it God’s way than throw caution to the wind. I have high hopes for a smooth transition in these matters and think all will be well for there are too many upon earth that know us and are looking for this day in a grand way. We feel welcomed in so many hearts already that it is a grand relationship with many.

Hope springs eternal in our hearts. Are there any questions? (An observation. So many people tend to lump all aliens together as if they are the same. It needs to be corrected) Good observation on your part. It will be done I am sure. Thank you. This is about to unfold today in most places as your world turns. We are under a great Light and directive from on high and we will succeed in this if my prayers and wishes are answered. No harm to anyone. I must be off. See you in the skies soon. Sounds like a movie marquee.

I am prosper

July 14 2020

Be at peace my little one. I am headed for the last and final meeting of the day and it precedes the visual part of the UFO sightings. We have come together on a method of understanding what is needed at this time for the people to get on board with us.

I pray this all works out as planned and there is good fruition from this procedure. Of all the things we have been through it seems the biggest hurdle is the toning of our appearance upon your earth. I am most happy concerning your abilities and see a future for us in them.

At this time I proceed with our plans and wait to see what transpires. It is all good I hope and we pray there will be no bloodshed anywhere. Be at peace little one for our journey is coming to another crossroads.

This is optimal communication time for me. I am grounded in this venture wholeheartedly and it is consuming all of my time at present. We wait and see how things turn out so we can know what to do next. I am optimistic about this and scans of reception look good . It is my hope and prayer that all will go well.

Any questions? (Readers want to know who you are with and where you are from) I am with The Pleiadian forces and come on a wave length of light from far away. At present I am lodging on a ship with others for these meetings and we gather here for brain storming concerning your planet. Yes it is a connection of some importance that I speak to you but all is important with this long held occupation of ours for the betterment of earth. The mind boggles with input of information involved and it all has to fit together well or it won’t play out according to God’s plan. A huge concerted effort on our part considering how many different heads are involved. I kid you not there are thousands that meet repeatedly on these problems and how to carry them out. Sometimes we are dumbfounded at how things have played out with delays and setbacks but we go forward for it is our duty to continue to help.

Exacerbated delays have been the theme in this long drawn out saga of freedom for your people. The dark was truly entrenched in their determination to not let go, no matter what the offers on the table have been and they were good ones at the time. Now they have squashed their last chance into the ground and we have had to take drastic measures to see them out of your lives and that is our goal.

I am aghast at the dastardly deeds they have carried out and taken so many with them. God forbid! They will never do this again upon any earth plane. We promise. I feel strongly about this. It went on too long as it is. They forbid any compromise whatsoever and that was their stance in the matter. It is a shame for anyone to have to go through what you did on earth. My conscious feelings shudder at the thought of what has happened.

All that is now in the past and just for the history books. We see light at the end now and on to the next step. Communication. I am encouraged at this. It is a start.

I must take leave now. It is OK to publish all my words if you like. It is done.

I am prosper.

July 13, 2020

I am ready. Be it ever so humble there is no place like home. We here are interested in keeping your homes peaceful and prosperous so that you may gain strength and continue your journey as planned. It is God’s way for you. Conditions at this time are not conducive to that plan. Our efforts strive to attain the best conditions for your advancement in the ways of God’s plan and we won’t give up on this part.

See to it that you work to achieve this also in your every day life. Trust that we are getting to where we need to go but it is a bumpy and rocky road at best. Carry your head high and leave the heavy lifting to us. We are continually at work on smoothing out the way as much as possible for you. Our constant efforts call into play thousands and maybe millions of volunteers that work round the clock to achieve order from chaos.

It is done. I am on my way to another meeting. Christ help us.

I am prosper.