August 18, 2020 Second Post

Now is the time for you to prepare for sudden change in all things. This is an added channeling for you citizens to read. It is concerning that we must add this onto your lesson but it is necessary that we do. It has come to our attention that caution is needed in monetary matters and you need to have some cash on hand in case the banks are not able to remain open. It may be that your ATMs will be on hold for a bit also.

Things worsen for a few days before they get better and we want all people to have access to some cash and not be dependent upon a bank being open. Do not overly concern yourself at this message for it will only be temporary. The main consideration is that of the looting of stores and shops of those who do not know this is a temporary situation.

Be at peace, all of you and know that things will right themselves in short time, I give you my word. This is not an emergency situation but a short necessary change to roll out some other programs in your favor. Do not panic and be at peace over this for it is just one of those necessary things that has to happen for future growth in your country. Not even a large bump in the road, so to speak. Let this sink in and prepare. I give you warning of this situation for your benefit.

It is done.

I am Prosper

August 18, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that I begin this message and remain hopeful for contact with you on the education front. We have made headway into negotiations with others and some have been very receptive to our need. I think they realized we are not going away and we will finish this objective and they will not stand in our way, one way or the other. We do have some amount of power on our side even though we will not force our wishes upon anyone. It is God who will see to his wishes in the end when they are continually thwarted and opposed.

Be at peace for if ever there was a time for it, it is now. Too may people will not stop at friendly protest and take to fighting and violence in the streets. It is not our way nor should it be yours. There are other ways of getting through to people what is wanted by the masses and it is not through hurting someone else. Make banners, parade through the streets, write to your government officials but do not turn to violence for it is not the way God has requested we do things. Your rights do not include this option. Conform to His word and see how much better your lives can be . Train yourselves in the commandments and re-form your lives for your happiness. See that it is done, please.

Come with me to the table of learning and partake of the lessons I am offering. We have started on good footing and I want to keep it that way but I will not soften the words or the rules for you. The truth will be laid on the table for you to see at all turns of this education process.

Here we go. Take consideration of the amount of time you spend in pointless chatter on your phones. How much do you criticize others during your day. Are you always truthful in your dealings with others? Take note of how much time you spend watching useless TV and reality shows. These are the lives of other people who are making money for someone somewhere and that is the main objective of these programs. Do not play into their schemes and they will be forced to drop their programming.

Spend this time in a more constructive fashion learning the laws of God and the commandments and some are quite detailed. Go over them not only once but take them into your minds and learn them by heart and see that you endeavor to live by them. Be conscious of their meaning and do not bend or misconstrue their meaning for you will be held accountable for all and every thing you perpetrate upon this earth. It is written in your book of records and this does not go away. There will always be a witness to your activities and the witness is you.

See to it that your life is on a higher level for it is a gift and an opportunity to learn while you are here and learn you must if you are to advance on your path. This is our purpose, not to just exist and breathe air but to serve others and return to God. There will come a time when you will see how much opportunity you have wasted and wonder why you did not make better use of your time.

Be at peace during your journey for it is a much better way than living in fear and in resentment of others and what you think they have done to you. Do not blame others but be circumspect in your dealings with others and this is for your own good. The weights of justice are balanced in your favor for you have been blessed in all things. Start by opening your eyes to each new day and ask yourself, what can I do today to make this a better place to live. How can I improve the earth and take better care of her? Am I using my energy in a productive way and not just for entertainment for myself. Father help me to be accountable of my actions in all ways and be my comfort and help in all things for this is not only possible but is truth.

We support you in your efforts and try to guide you in your everyday lives. Listen to what we give to you for consideration for we have been in the teaching business for some time and you are not the only people or planet we have helped. It is our job and purpose to do these things. The table is set for you and you are invited to come and listen. Take advantage of this time and these meetings for education purposes. It is ordained by God that this is done at this time in your history. Give our words a chance for it is for your own good that we do this.

Comport yourselves in a Godly manner and at the end of the day lay your day out before God and offer it to him. It is in your best interest and you will see the difference in your lives. They will flourish in happiness and joy. It is the way of things.

Your economy is faltering at present and is on life support. Be prepared for some major changes concerning your monetary system and that of the world as a whole. The money situation is trying to right itself to a stronger based system and this has taken some doing for several years trying to work this out in all countries. It was and is a major concept with intricate parts to handle. It is being done as we speak and just a few more weeks or months and you will start to see light at the end of the long tunnel concerning your money. You have suffered greatly and worked hard for little in return. Those in power have taken from you for their own interests and this is stealing. This will be removed and a better system be put into place. See that you use your resources wisely and remove the leaders not worthy of your votes.

We proceed in your skies and on your earth, yes there are those among you who are from our teams working for you. They look like you and you cannot tell where they are from. It has been this way for ever in your history. Some good, some bad but we have tried to protect you since we have been given the OK to do so. We must get permission to act in all things before we move on any objective and this comes from on High. You belong to God and it is at His will that we proceed.

Take time to pray and talk to God. Lay your heart out before Him . This is a private conversation and see how He will move in your heart for a better understanding of your relationship with Him.

We are opposed to handing everything to you and will not do all the work for you. You are responsible for most of it so get cracking. Time is wasting. I have been accused of bringing out the whip and chair but this is not my style so be at peace with my teachings.

Some of you are doing quite well in the learning process and I am encouraged to see your light increase as you continue. It lifts our hearts to know that you are trying. I have talked enough for this lesson. Continue in your Godly ways and be of good cheer.

I am Prosper

August 17, 2020

Let us begin. Now is the time for things to happen in the mainstream media. Topics should start coming into view for people to discuss and bring out into the open. Economy, rulers, world conditions and health care will be focused upon and negotiations will start to take place for better discourse of these areas. Please take note that they are in focus and have your input ready to throw into the arena. Take charge of these areas of interest and revamp them into what you desire for your country and governance. It is time for you to have a say and to form and mold the rules into a working agreeable set of rules that will accommodate the citizen more fully in an agreeable manner. A more profitable state of being for all involved. What you have now is not working and pockets are being lined with your tax dollars and this is not fair nor is it legal according to God’s laws. Take it from me, those in charge are getting rich off of your ignorance of what is done behind closed doors. It has to stop. Open those doors and look behind the curtains which have been drawn to you to keep you out.

Money has been the big motivator of all things in the world and this has to stop. Be informed because now the barrier will be removed and you will be able to see what is really going on in these areas. God has made it possible for you not only to see what is going on but to have a hand in fixing the problems. Do not hesitate to get things done. Be brave and protest in a calm way to bring about change. Heads up on this.

Continue to address your hot button issues and rearrange them into working communicative bases for agreement and for change . Learn to negotiate and bargain in arenas of change and take into consideration the best avenues for the betterment of all concerned. What is good for the people, what is kind, fair and logical. Not what is profitable to some and robbery to others. Change your ways by changing the way you look at what is and what could be. Compare and weigh on the scales of justice. Give in to new things and give them a try. If they don’t work, change them and try again. Govern your country with a new approach and this is one of love and not partisan objectives. What is good for my party is old and archaic and should be thrown out completely. Give the new approach a whirl and see how it goes. You may be surprised at how well this works. This all starts with your leaders and do not fail yourselves in choosing them wisely.

Be of good cheer as things are moving along at a fast pace now toward a good end. I am in constant negotiations on your behalf and I will persist. The person that will not go away quietly, that’s me. Like a bad haircut, you are reminded of it every time you look into the mirror. Only in my case it will not grow out, it will remain until I am received and addressed in a friendly manner. I can be most persistent if necessary. We are here under God’s direction and we will not give up nor will we abdicate our directive and goal. It is that simple. You do not forget what God has directed you to do nor do you walk away from a mission.

Keep that in mind when you read His commandments and by the way your 10 commandments are not complete. There are more and you can find them in the Phoenix Journals if you look. They are explained completely and you will have no problem understanding them. Invest in yourself for a better life as God intended. There is a reason you have problems today and it is ignorance of the laws or non-compliance of the laws. This is truth, comprehend it and live by it. One who does not live according to the laws will pay a price throughout his or her lifetime and this will not be someone else’s fault. It will be yours. Learn the commandments and laws of God and then tell me how well you are doing by them. Then see why your life is not exactly what you want. It is logical, what I say and the laws work for you, not against you. Be a good student and avail yourself of further education of how things work. You follow sports and how could there be a good game if the laws were not followed? Know the field you are playing on and know the rules that govern the play. See to it.

Now we come to more pressing matters. Your country is heating up with anger, rage and protests. It is becoming dangerous for you to be out in large crowds. Do not enter into the fray of things controversial but find another way of protest that does not involve violence. Looting is outright theft and is a violation and will be a part of the so called karma process. You do not take from another without repercussions of some sort. It puts negative vibrations into the field of play and these vibrations will come back to process their activation upon you, the same as positive actions will and so, it is the same for both. Live lovingly and this love will come back to you. It is that simple. Be astute in your observations. Take time to learn how these actions of living bring about what happens to you in opportunities and other ways.

We have covered enough for now. I wish you a pleasant day free from controversy and violence. Be at peace in all things and actions. Give of yourself to others and consider my words please.

I am Prosper

August 16, 2020

Let us begin. It is with attempted tidings of accomplishment that I greet you this morning. We are pledging to continue to find a way to address a large number of people on the earth. I am at a loss at present to do so. I implore you to not give up on us and continue to seek higher learnings, no matter what source being given. We continue to run into roadblocks and those in charge veto our wishes and that is their right to do so. It has to be accomplished in some manner and I will not give up on this issue. We are here to stay for you and no other reason. So, I proceed and will continue to give lessons here for all that read.

Let us start to examine courage and fortitude in the individual, as it were. Given your state of the world, it is courageous just to face each new day and have any hopes of things getting better but here you are in that condition. The heart stores all records, or better your soul does, and remnants of your past lives are all present to give you strength and fortitude to continue to climb this path you have chosen. A most difficult challenge at this time and also in your past . The drive comes from the Father and is hard to ignore in most cases. You are not programmed to give up on this path for it is your purpose in life. Bringing us to today from your past histories you continue to struggle with accepting His commandments in respect to some of His wishes and continue to try to bend things into your own version of what the law is. Make no mistake about it there is no wiggle room on this. The law is what it is and there is no way around it. There is only One God of all things and Creator of all things in origin and there is no other way we are supposed to live. It is as simple as that.

Do not corrupt His words or wishes on the matter. Will you suffer the consequences of not following His laws? Yes you will and that is the law also. This is where suffering comes from. Do not blame others for this suffering. It is laid out before you in the balance of things and this is your own doing in the matter. Jesus did not come here to learn the lessons for you, you must learn them yourselves for your own advancement on your path. View this sentence clearly and repeat it.

Now, Jesus did come to earth and was a mighty presence on your planet and tried to deliver truth as best He could in all cases to everyone. He was met with idolatry and ego and disbelief in large amounts and most were not in a mindset to listen to Him, even though He performed miracles in healing and other areas. Today He still serves as leader and worker of miracles in His own right and is leader working on things concerning your planet and will one day return to you. I can only hope that he will be better received this next time than he was before.

Your planet has been one of the most difficult challenges we have ever come across and it has taken many to get you this far removed from tyranny and dictatorship. We have a ways to go, even though we have come this far. Your dictators and tyrants are still among you and must be weeded out. This is where you come in. That courage I spoke of commands leadership of the right kind and you must take the time to read and educate yourselves in the matter of governance of your country. Somehow you must see the importance of putting the correct people in offices of leadership so that you can overcome this vast derivation of paths you have let yourselves be on.

Start now to educate yourself as to what you want for your country and what direction you want to go in order to give you the freedoms that you desire and want for your people. It is a must that you do this. We cannot do this for you. We can only instruct and guide you and suggest in these matters. Take up the cause and banner and delve into your government and weed out the ones who do not care about you but care about power and money. See that they no longer serve for this is not what you call service. It is blasphemy against God.

I see things from a higher perspective and it is easier for me to point out what needs to be done but it is for you to do this. We do not force but what I tell you is in your own best interest to do so. It is with loving kindness that I do this so please listen well and consider what I am trying to tell you. Consider it with new eyes and the thought that all things are possible if you are working through God’s laws and wishes in the matter. Do not give up for a brighter future is awaiting you on the horizon and it is for you to accept. Your have certainly paid the price in the matter and for generations. Do not let these lives die in vain. Choose freedom and hold onto it with both hands and protect it.

I am done.

I am Prosper

August 15, 2020

Let us begin. It is with concern that I address you this morning. I am caught up in a negotiation of importance regarding the broadcast of information and lessons. It is complicated in agreement but broad in scope. Many do not want to give up control and feel we are taking over for further detrimental reasons. They do not believe that we are focused with good intentions and also that our intentions may change in the future. They are reluctant to give us any credit and do not want to relinquish any control over their area.

If we could only speak to a broad number of people but we are not forcing ourselves upon anyone at this time. There may be a need in the future for your self preservation and that has happened in the past. We want you to continue life on this planet and we have taken steps in the past to see that you were not all annihilated. Yes, it has happened more than once on this planet. You were just unaware of the circumstances when those of evil intent had rather take out all, including themselves, than live a happy and constructive life under the law. It is a twisted mind that thinks like this and there are so many still on your planet now that need to be removed. The numbers are dwindling but still some remain. They are dangerous and require close scrutiny at all times and we are doing that. Fortunately some control has been taken from them and they do not have the opportunity they once had or they would try to destroy everything again as they have in the past. It is with deep sadness that this situation still exist but it does. We continue to play our parts in this play of power upon your world.

Now to brighter and happier things. I come with news of a good sort regarding your environment and water in large bodies. It is being cleaned up and there are those on your planet working to this end and doing a mighty fine job at it. Much love is given to them for their efforts and they are aware of the need for this to be done and pitched right in to avail themselves of the huge challenge that confronted them. It is with respect that I tell you of their efforts and they continue with the thought of not giving up on this huge issue. More power to them.

Breaking away from long held ideas is difficult if not impossible at times. Especially from an unknown source where the ideas proffered are so different from what has been believed for so long. We hold ideas that have stood the test of time and have been proven by God’s view and edicts. We give it to you straight from His desires and wishes. After all He is the first source of all that is.

Our ideas are only new to you and exist through the universes and others strive to live by them at all times. There are other planets with beings in different levels of evolvement and they also are working to adhere to God’s laws as given to them. Trial and error seem to be the words of the day on this pathway adventure. It is the way of learning and works well if you pay attention to what does not work and try to change your perspective on what does work. We endeavor to help you in this area and only point out what has happened in your past to get you to change your views and seek out new ways of getting along to make better headway in your advancements. It is with great love and affection that we are here to guide you in your travels upon this planet. Again I reiterate that you have been given a beautiful gift in this planet and you are bound by the laws to take care of it.

Things being what they are I have high hopes for you in all areas of your future and am looking forward to many new ideas coming your way for your happiness and reconstruction that is not only in your government but in your mind, so to speak. It is with love and high hopes also that I bid you great times in your future where you may exist with the joy and blessings of good will from each other and this will make a world of difference for you to experience. I take my leave now and wish you a peaceful and happy life.

I am Prosper.

August 14, 2020

Let us begin. It is with agonizing temperament that I take this time to place a hold on education, other than in these posts. Our team is working on a new avenue of informing and it is being examined in depth at present. It may take some time, so things are placed on the table for now. I will continue here and hope that advancements are made soon. There’s that word you don’t like. It is appropriate, though.

Let us look into the aspect of language. It is a constrictive medium to use and our thoughts can become misconstrued quite easily. One person thinks one thing and uses a word and the other has a different meaning for that word. The message is lost in correct meaning to convey a message. Our way of communicating with mental thought is more accurate because emotions and other aspects can be transferred that way. It carries more information with the thought. We have been communicating this way for some time now. I am not suggesting that you drop your vocal communication but I will say that you all have the ability to develop the mental thought process and it is more conducive to accurate conveyance of messages. Just a little idea to put on the back burner, so to speak.

We continue to fly low in your skies and are being seen with a vast number of people talking about their experiences. Larger ships are being used and we will continue this approach. I am encouraged by the sightings and slowly word is getting around with no thanks to your news mediums. The internet is a great source for this and is being used by many to relay sightings and they are describing their experiences in detail. Please continue this.

Amazing to me is your method of skirting an issue because of peer pressure of consideration of what other people think. Important issues need to be discussed and at least faced and addressed. Aliens from other planets should at least get a few minutes of conversation during your day, you’d think. What is going on that you can avoid a subject for decades of your life and attempt to ignore it altogether? It is something I don’t understand. The elephant in the room! I am continuing to work on this aspect of your personalities and trying to find ways of breaking the silence in closed groups about this subject. There is such an opportunity for you to benefit from this give and take of dialogue.

We are not controllers of your lives, we are liberators of them. We are here and we are staying until our job is completed and this will take years and the time depends upon your ability to get things done on your planet. We are in no hurry.

I see that your congress has issued more restrictions on your lives with their machinations and the rhetoric just becomes more complicated with time. More and more words do not make happier people. Things become so complicated that even the attorneys have to crack the books to keep up with ways to proceed in court. Original ideas are done away with and laws become necessary to pile on top of other laws to continue the status quo of things. Where does it stop for you? Now it would seem that you need to re-group and start over with examination from the beginning and weed out the unnecessary rhetoric in your laws and start with the original objective, a free society and country based on individual freedom based on the laws of God. He is the original writer of what should be done and how life should be lived. You can’t get any better than that. Go back and review His words on the matter and use your heads to come up with government that is by the people and for the people and let that stand the test of time.

Yes you can combine government and God’s laws and have them compliment each other and work together for a tremendously happy life. Examine where you are today and see with clear eyes that do not glaze over concerning certain issues. There is still free will on your planet but the allowances to so many ideas have let undesirable practices come into your societies and prosper and it is detrimental to your living to have such erroneous ideas being practiced in your country. Allowing everything is not a good idea for you to be living by. There are restrictions and there are those who go directly against God’s laws and this is not good on any level of accountability. Be astute to rule out those ideas which go against love, compassion and loving one another. It is only common sense to disallow harmful actions against others. Need I go into detail? You know.

Let us begin with a new world, one that pays attention to their past and where it has taken them. Re-plan your base of thoughts and procedures and re-work your laws and your governments of the world and start from there. We are here to help you but it does no good to continue to live with the same corrupt ideas that have not been working for you in the past. Consider a change of big proportion and venture into new territory with your governance of the people. Start with new leaders of higher character and thinking and then revamp your laws and court system. It can be done.

I give you these things to think on and consider. It takes time to change things and you have the time now to get this done. I bring this before you with hopes that you will take time to consider.

I am Prosper

August 13, 2020

Let us begin. It is with proper consideration that I propose an alternative to the broadcast and that would be direct intervention of other means of communication. This would involve computers and it might be best if we do not go further with our plans at this time. It would get the word out and encourage education but limit somewhat the number of people that could tune in so to speak, because not all people have computers. I am at a loss to come up with something better at this time.

It will commence shortly and we can get on with education which is so very important. I dare not jinx this avenue of expression and am crossing my fingers at this prospect, I kid you not. It is with great hopes that we have better success with this than we did the other.

In the mean time I continue to expound here as I have been and we will get into another lesson.

The soul is permanent and develops along with learning and experience. There are those walking among you that do not possess a soul and are more of an automaton. These are droid like people and I am reminded of Data on Star Trek, only these people are not as smart. They have been made, or produced, on an assembly line with a human body but have no moral conscience of any kind. They are used at the whim of the dark forces to accomplish whatever they want done and some assignments are dastardly deeds.

Some of these droids are in high places and control a vast area of people. It is so deceiving the work that they do. Fortunately we can spot them a mile away, or more closely 50 miles away. We have vast technology to do this.

So much deception among you and you cannot tell this is going on . You have been so deceived for decades when these droids were placed among you and they had time on their hands to work their way up into the positions of power that were needed. We are seeing that they are taken out of your society and they will be dealt with in our legal system with the appropriate manner and laws.

Until that time they will still hold some of the controls. We will see that they fade away for various reasons. It takes time to do this and has been going on now for awhile. One of our things to do list items to accomplish.

We continue to aid you at all turns where we can and see that you are given a chance to develop with your own abilities and not be coerced into certain ways of life like cattle. You are in the process of being freed from your prisons. Develop your abilities and talents now and see how far you can go with them. So much talent out there that you have and it has been stifled in the past. God never meant for you to be held back like you have been and this has been sad for all of us to see. We have mourned for you as the years and dastardly deeds have been heaped upon you. It is with pleasure that our eyes now view this transition for earth and a “feel good” feeling for us to be part of this transition. We beseech you to take advantage of this time in your history to take wing and fly. Soar to the heights and see what it feels like to be unburdened with restrictions and limits and laws that hold you back.

Think on these things and look at what is going on now in your world. Solve your problems by looking at your leadership. You outnumber the leaders and have more power than you think. View with microscopic eyes at the behavior and mostly the reason behind the restrictions that have arisen before you. Take note of all that goes on and be brave in your scrutiny of others. Rule your nations with courage and strength of character and these are the people you want to lead . Your choice is right before you and it is yours to take in hand and run with. I wish you good choices in your government and leadership. For it all takes agreement in this area and not the bickering and diversity that is going on now. Work together and you will be amazed at what can be accomplished.

I have said enough for now. I take my leave and continue with our plans for education. Go in peace.

I am Prosper

August 12, 2020

Let us begin. At present my mission is stymied and stagnant. It has happened before but I was surprised that it occurred now. We have overcomed more difficult challenges but this is a large one. We will not be defeated and continue to give it our all on the matter. Some possibilities are open to us and we are availing ourselves to explore every avenue. We do not give up and it is not in our nature to do so. We accomplish nothing by doing nothing, so we are quite active at all times on issues. It behooves me to find such roadblocks in this one area and I am constantly amazed at your country’s lack of cooperation on education. You’d think they would want the advancement that this knowledge could bring to not only N. America but to the world. It is beyond me what thinking brings about such rejection and for such a long time. I have never known of others who wanted to remain ignorant of truth.

The soul is everlasting, along with Spirit, which is of Godly measure and content. It is sacred and not only individual but collective with all creation, or nature. All is recorded on this soul level and remains with its learning so that advancement can be made. It can be a tremendous tool and needs inspection from time to time to evaluate what circumstances bring about such learning . Be aware of how you think and how you learn. Do not pass up an opportunity to advance in love, compassion and the desire to be of service to others, the earth and the environment. It is what life is all about and how God created us to be. It is also the most fulfilling of emotions and brings about the happiness you so desperately seek in your lives. How can I explain that service is not something that takes away from you but gives you the food and sustenance you need to not only survive but to advance to higher levels on your path of life. It is what everything is based on and has not changed in importance or meaning, ever.

I beseech you to delve head first into a life of service and do not look upon it as work but as the enjoyment of life in giving of self to make all things better. A possibility of upgrade, so to speak and you do have that power within you to do this constantly for it is God given to you. The universe is full of possibilities for service not only on your planet but the stars are the playground of your desires and we have experienced this for ourselves for thousands of years. What a gift! The doors are open to you and the universe is yours.

I have expounded enough for now and take my leave. It has been a pleasure speaking to you and I go in peace as I hope you do.

I am Prosper

August 11, 2020

August 11, 2020

Let us begin. It is with sadness that I come to you this morning and report that our efforts have met with failure. It is hard for me to admit but there it is. The problems are numerous and once we overcame one another turned up and it continued. They became insurmountable and I had to admit the truth about the situation. Suffice it to say I am more than disappointed. This was our big plan and now it is cast aside. We are looking for another way to get the education part started and at present have not come up with another avenue as promising as the broadcast was.

We will continue to search and we will not give up. I am at a loss at the moment and search high and low and again are in many meetings to solve this dilemma. Please do not leave us or cast aside your trust in us. We continue to work in your best interest for this cause of earth citizens. It behooves us to accept this setback but it does not dissuade us in our determination to continue. We forge ahead.

Let us have another fact session, please. Our universe is vast and wide with planets, life and new creations. It is a continuous process in evolution and is the way things work. New planets are being created all the time and development continues. This takes many years and your planet has been around for thousands of years and has a vast history to go with it. This will be revealed and you will be amazed.

This creation process is done by many advanced souls who have earned the right to do so and are fully capable with this process. They are called Michael Sons. Your Michael Son is Christ Michael Atonn and he did create your planet. He is a descending Son and has earned his stripes with thousands of years of learning and experience. He works directly with the Father in all things and is a Light being. His description is difficult to put into words and He is very powerful and mighty in presence. He resides in close proximity to your universe and oversees all things related. He is fully capable of creation of planets. Yes, this is true. Creation is through God and at the direction of Creator God but at this point Michael Sons work with God in this creation effort.

I know it is difficult for you to take in and this is a big step but bear with me in this as it is a foundation point. There are many Michael Sons and this is a title or designation of achievement. No longer someone in training, so to speak.

Continue with your prayers to The Father God but know there are many between you and Father God that are also on their path of learning and many do have achievements and titles from years of this learning and achievement. There are many beings in God’s creation and no, you are definitely not alone and not the only ones that have been created. It is a vast known world that we live in with many universes and many suns and planets. Your known world is very small and your path is open to much achievement and learning. It is time you opened your eyes and vistas to the knowing of the truth.

Take this in Chelas and deal with it carefully. Do not discard this information before you have had time to consider it. Just because you have not viewed it with your eyes does not mean it is not there. God is great and up until now you have had no idea how great God really is. It is so vast there are many places I have never been. The venturer that I am still has many planets to explore and visit. It is exciting and amazing what God has accomplished. I am still in awe at the beauty of your planet as many planets as I have seen over my years. It is exceptional in beauty. Give thanks for it. It was an extraordinary gift.

This is a beginning and do consider my words. Review them carefully and let them rest gently in your mind for awhile. We are a reliable source of this information as we have been around a while and lived with this information and it is trusted. Be at peace with your decisions to accept or reject. Just give it a chance.

There is much to learn and we are behind in giving it to you. Your advancement in all areas of life depends on this truth and a good foundation. All scientific knowledge has to begin with ideas of truth to begin with. Let us not drift from what is necessary in this building of knowledge for you.

I go again to seek out alternatives of delivering this information to you. I will not give up and am one of many in this endeavor. Be at peace and we fail you not under God’s direction. I go in peace now.

I am Prosper

August 10, 2020

Let us begin. It has been a long process and yesterday was no exception to this rule. We worked ceaselessly and tirelessly to bring things about to a proper conclusion. Again we ran into snags and proceeded to get them out of the way for a go at this education. Today we will try again for the TV announcement.

I want to be there and watch what happens at the beginning of this talk to each citizen. It is important for me to do so. Let us hope that today things will come about without a hitch in ANYTHING. I go to prepare a place for you to begin and we will take off from there. I dare not promise you anything at this point for you have been disappointed enough and beyond your trusting point. It is unfortunate that you had to contend with this at all. I would have wished differently for you but things are what they are and this whole process has been fraught with setbacks from the beginning.

My hopes are not diminished in this event and I fail you not in any respect on this. I am in your service along with millions who have come to your aid. Be at peace with this process as it begins, please. I go now

I am Prosper.