September 7, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy and exultation that I address you this morning. We have continued our progress with contact through this new avenue and have had monumental success. I understand that information has been given to all contacted about our presence in your skies and it has been received with acceptance for the most part. There is a saturation point that we have exceeded and by now the whole world has been informed that we are here. It surprises me that this was not tried before but we had no idea that this was available to us on such a wide and all encompassing scale. Mostly by word of mouth has this spread to cover such a wide area of individuals. Power to the people on this one and they have come through royally. We continue to contact with further communications and information to answer their questions mostly now and this will help us become better acquainted and we are getting to know some on a first name basis. This is a much better avenue than I ever expected.

It involves HAM radio and the complex network of operators that have the free will to express themselves with their broadcast on their own radios and receivers. Their extensive networking skills are well trained and quite efficient. Their history of helping in natural disaster is under reported and under valued. I tip my hat to them in their efforts and give them their due rewards. We wait now for this extensive contact to become news worthy for prime time news and see what happens then. For now it is a great victory in this effort for us and we are well pleased to say the least.

Now onto our lesson. We say that we are gaining momentum in our contact with you and the energies are changing in our favor. By bypassing your government it has given us a better understanding of just what the people can do on their own and how they are free in this one area of communication and they are most certainly taking advantage of it. You definitely have the government out numbered and up until now have not taken advantage of this in your favor. This is a prime example of what can be accomplished when large numbers of free people come together to affect change. Let this beginning be your standard for future changes that you want to happen in your country and in your lives. These men and women gave of their time and effort to respond to our contact and to listen and then to act by repeating their impressions to others and then the process was repeated. This happened all around the world. It can be done with most any goal or desire for your future. Do not put aside the power you posses for it is most assuredly alive and well and we are more than impressed with your abilities to succeed in any endeavor you wish to confront.

Now we talk about greed. This has been the motivating factor in the minds and actions of a limited few that have made it their life’s work to entrap and imprison you for centuries. Greed is such a low vibrational mind set that it takes away from you your ability to reach the Godly heights of awareness that you should strive for. It cripples you and makes you helpless in advancing on any front in your life. It has destroyed people, nations and many societies in the past. Please let these past history occurrences be an example to you of what greed can cause and try to root it out of your lives forever. It, in time, will be replaced with love, compassion and care for your fellow man and country.

We come to a close now as I have much work and planning to do on this new avenue open to us. Thank you again for your prayers and know that these have brought us to a new precipice of accomplishment and we are elated. I go in happiness and peace now.

I am Prosper

September 6, 2020

Let us begin. It is with sudden applause that we erupt this morning and we are elated here at our station. Our efforts have been met with success on a grand level and the response is magnificent. It is our pleasure to continue and to report that many are very receptive to our messages they have received. We are euphoric and will continue on a world basis until we saturate as much as possible all the while hoping that somehow this will be reported to the news and picked up on a broadcast. It cannot be ignored any longer, even at this point in your time.

The response has been remarkably in our favor and this was an excellent means of conveying our message to get started with touching the individuals in a meaningful way. We are continuing in all languages and all countries and I had no idea that this system of communication existed on such a grand scale. We cannot be denied at this point and are becoming so real that it is changing the collective consciousness and is readable with our monitoring. It is a grand success and we certainly will continue.

Now onto the lesson. You are individuals and yet you are part of the whole. You are fractals of the original pattern which is God. The same make up in each one of you that has the God fragment and you are so meaningfully connected with each other. That is why God has told you to be kind to one another because you are all part of Him and you are connected. When you are kind to others it is like being kind to yourself. That is how close you are. The same goes for animals but on a little bit different plane. There is also a connection with nature. Everything is connected and is definitely from the same source. Let that sink in, please. Do to one another how you would like to be treated because it is true and not just a nice saying.

Let us talk about kinship. There are communities and societies that have been together through out past lives and sometimes many of them and come back to the same area or society to continue your adventures. These involve cities and also countries. What you do affects the whole from the individual on up to your world and beyond. There is country history that has to be either completed or worked out or some debt has to be paid. It is the way of things and the energy created during these life times remains to be completed in some fashion be it good or bad. Revenge has paid a large part in your history and builds up lots of things that have to be worked out, forgiven or changed in some fashion. These must be taken care of and are not left hanging to just lay around. Country against country in war like confrontation has to be forgiven in some fashion and the same goes for good will to another country. It will come back in two fold to bring good will to others also.

These laws were put in place a long time ago and are part of the way energy moves and works. It is viable and alive and is not destroyed but only changes in form or vibrational frequency. See that you work on bringing good will not only to your immediate neighbor but to cities, countries and the world. The good will multiply.

Now on to marriage. One with another to share a life time together can be a highly rewarding experience if handled correctly and can also be so devastating if not. So many of you have exceptionally bad experiences from relationships and there needs to be some type of learning before partnering up with someone else. It is so bad that the divorce rate is very high and so many do not bother to even think of living with someone else on a long term basis and sort of keep the mental bags packed at all times so they will be ready to leave when things do not suit them anymore. This needs to stop as it is carried out today. There is much available that we can council you on and you will find that following a better set of rules will bring you to a much higher level of happiness in this area. The main ones that suffer are the children and the pattern continues down to the next generation. So many hurtful words, actions and moments that have to be dealt with later on in another life or another time. Let this stop now and quit hurting others and especially your children.

We continue to work toward our goal of being invited into your lives with conversation and lessons as we have been instructed by God to do. We are here to help brought about from the prayers and pleas you have put forth in the past. It is our pleasure and our desire to be of service on as many levels as we can. Let us into your lives for we are loving and kind and you will benefit and we are finding that we will also. You have taught us so much already in your bravery and fortitude against all odds you remain steadfast to continue.

I go now and we continue to communicate with the ones we have contacted and to contact new individuals for their communication. It is good. Go in peace.

I am Prosper

September 5, 2020

Let us begin. It is our intention to focus now on the communication with the individuals that we have contacted. It is a long and tedious process but is working and this is the first time we have had this much encouragement in contact ever. I believe this will lay a solid foundation for the next steps in the roll out of a nation and world wide broadcast somehow. We will see how this goes but for now it is a success in this first part. We are getting a good response from all contacted. Some fully with us and some apprehensive and some downright in disbelief but all solidly contacted none the less. This is more than good. It is quite amazing that this effort is yielding a solid response when your government thwarted our pleas at every turn. The power is truly with the individual people and that is where it needs to be. It is strong and viable. We are succeeding, even if on a small scale at first. This is a world wide approach in all languages and has been most surprising in its success. What an idea this was and we give thanks.

Now on to our lesson. Our thoughts to give you avenues to a better life will be given wherever needed. Here again it will be at your invitation only and we will not push anything on you. So, once again the ball is in your court and the furthering of your independence and use of it can be an avenue to improved techniques in all areas of your life or you can be afraid to move forward. The decision is up to you. We encourage you to take a chance on a face to face communication with us and let us give you the information we know you need to advance by leaps and bounds in many areas of your life.

Now we will talk of news and its ability to form and direct your thoughts without you knowing it. It has been a long held plan to take steps that have brought you to a place of being controlled. You’d be surprised at the number of years this plan has been in effect and it has rolled out exactly like they wished. Who are these people that want to control you? A small group who are decedents of the originators and who cling to the premise that you are worthless and even less than that. People to be discarded after their usefulness has come to an end and then led down a path of medications and decline until your bodies can no longer hold out and you expire. Yes, it is that insidious.

This has been put to a stop for the most part and our forces continue to deal with this attitude. There are those who have recently been successful in taking out some of the last holdouts underground and the battle was successful. They are no more. It is sad that lives have to come to an end like this but it was their decision and not ours. We warned them that this would be the conclusion and they chose to die rather than turn to the light and it was given to them. We mourn all deaths. Needless to say we owe our gratitude to those who risked their lives fighting these entities hiding underground and their lives have also been lost facing this group of un-enlightened beings. They will be rewarded for their bravery and theirs has been a rather long term battle.

Now let us talk about regaining your frame of minds to a more positive outlook. You have been played for far to long and it is normal for you to want security. We encourage you to re-frame your way of thinking and trust in your future and your choices for freedom. We have talked about this before but this is going to take some amount of effort on your part to get this change of thought habit done. Practice and then practice some more in being optimistic and hopeful and bring about those thoughts of prosperity and good will toward all. I know it is a real change of long term conditions but you must begin now and then reap the rewards. We will continue to repeat this to get you going in the avenue and you must carry out the attempt at a more loving and free life and this starts in your thought first. It is a beginning.

Our thoughts are always with you as we monitor you and there is always some part of your privacy that is delved into when we gather our information on how you are doing. Your light alone gives us exact readings on how you are progressing. There are certain individuals that have given us permission to read their thoughts and they have given up their privacy for this good cause. It was quite an adjustment for them to do this but it has brought about great reward in knowing how the general public will react to our coming into your lives with our ships and then with our words. Just think how you would feel if your every thought was known by someone else or by several people monitoring them at all times. I remind you it is with their permission and this decision made for their fellow man. We give thanks to them for their courage and their deep desire that this time of communication be given help in determining how these communications will go in understanding.

Speaking of reading minds. This is a way of life for us but there are standards of etiquette and protocols that retain ones privacy at all times and we will be glad to teach you these rules and procedures of respecting others’ thoughts. Yes, it is something you can and will learn. Thought does travel faster than the speed of light and carries more information than just words alone. Amazing isn’t it. This can be yours for the practice for you already have it within you.

We close today with the thought of forging ahead on an avenue of progress for we are getting ahead with communication. I will advise you on how this is going. We see a glimmer of happiness here at our post and this is good. I go now in peace and hope you do also.

I am Prosper

September 4, 2020

Let us begin. It is with immense hope that we have found a new way to communicate with quite a few people of earth. This method is slow and will take awhile to contact everyone but is workable none the less. We have begun trials to measure it efficacy and it looks good at this time. Those who are receiving are getting it correctly and from there we move on to the next one. It is rolling out as we speak and will continue through out the day today. I am very hopeful that this will solidify into something that will catch the news media by storm and it will take off from there.

Onto other things. We are now in the process of explaining how your earth came to be in the first place. It was created in a long time process from our universal creator Christ Michael Aton and he is fully capable of creating a planet and has done it many times. This one is special in that it offers so many opportunities for beauty that many planets do not have. I, myself, am amazed at its beauty and array of different climates and topography. You have been given a huge gift in this planet.

Forging the elements available in the atmosphere and empty space, as you call it takes many years of training and experience, which he has. Time and space are a thing of beauty because they contain so many possibilities in them and can be used in so many different ways. You will come to know how many universes there are and how many planets there are. Some are completed creations and some are newer and are still in the creation process.

Now you might ask doesn’t only God the Father do the creating? No, as there are souls that have been around so very long that have mastered this process through their continued learning and they are fully capable of doing many advanced things besides creating planets. Your Christ Michael Aton is one of them and is called a descending Son. He has gone to the heights of advancement and has returned to create his own universe. This is your planetary creator and is done through the auspices of God the Father. It is only through God that these creations are carried out so you might say it is done by God.

We go on to money now and talk about the importance it has been given in your lives. It is equated with power and this has been the name of the game on planet earth for quite some time now. It has become a god of sorts and speaks loudly in all areas. Its accumulation has caused the power struggle and the imprisonment of the people and I would like to see it done away with altogether but for the present you are still using it and it will become more plentiful in your personal lives. You will experience more abundance from the new roll out of the monetary system put into place and all will reap the benefit from it. The money has been released from its hoards and soon will come into your individual hands for you to use as you see fit.

It should loose its connotation that those with the most money have the most power as this is not true. Only those capable of ruling with wisdom and compassion should be in a position to dictate to others about rules and laws concerning their lives no matter how much money they have or can make. Your election systems end up being the one with the most money wins and this should not be. See that you provide another way of choosing your leaders than by counting the amount of money they spend on their campaign.

We also need to talk about hospitals and doctors. So many practices are outdated and the medicines given are not in the best interest of the patient at all and should be stopped immediately. Most doctors care earnestly for their patients and would love to heal 100% of them and see them live a healthy and happy life. This can be an achievable goal for them to work toward and we can show you how to implement new ideas that will astound you in the healing and medical areas of your lives. You have the facilities already to do this and you just need the information and opportunity to do this without the red tape of insurance to control and contain your ability to use different medicines. Your system is so constrictive in nature that it keeps doctors from being able to do what they trained so hard to do. This should free them up to work in the profession that they chose and want to stay in. A healer is a true calling and should be given the chance to do just that, to heal their patient and keep him healthy for a long life.

Now we have other lessons that are waiting to be given and hopefully eventually these will take place with us on the ground or at least a representative on the ground, face to face with the leaders of the industry or professions that are involved and we can discourse with them on a one to one basis about the changes needed. I know you are all looking forward to an improved life with more freedoms and more free time to enjoy the blessings of earth that you have been given. We look forward to this time also.

It is with great pride that I see you are gaining love and wisdom from all that has happened lately and things are progressing rapidly to a more radiant outlook on everything in your lives.

I leave you now with disclosure on my mind and hopefully before long on everyone’s mind. Go in peace. I am.

I am prosper

September 3, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that I speak to you this morning. We are exploring a new avenue for broadcast and may be viewed as a stepping stone to a larger audience. It will start small and hopefully increase in importance and volume as it goes along. It is hopeful at the moment and plans are in order to take advantage of this option. Please continue your prayers as this sets a positive vibration around the creation of this process.

Now let us speak further on homosexuality please. It is noteworthy that there are so many questions on this subject and I am quite pleased with this response. You are listening and that is what I want, an involved audience. A thinking audience. Please listen carefully to what I have to say on this topic.

Let us go further into why people are born with attractions for the same sex. Many, many emotions, including fear and attraction for loved ones are brought across into the next life and are felt during that life time. Attractions being one of them are also transferred into the new life and are expressed even though they contradict with society. If you happen to be expressing as a male in a previous life and you choose a female representation in the new life you are left with the attractions to another female. Same for the female who is in the new life a male. He will be attracted to another male. This is almost impossible to deny and is exacerbated when the lives are not separated by a certain amount of time. When the lives are close together the influence is heightened.

Now another reason is the amplitude of certain vibrational influences within the creation of the body in the womb and this is a contributing factor. It is quite difficult to explain because you do not have the correct terminology and understanding to grasp this concept. The cell formation under these influences brings about a conflict with the chosen sex it had originally planned on expressing in this new life. When the child is growing it is under the influence of that amplitude during creation and follows the thoughts and influences that are present in each cell of the body. It is quite difficult if not impossible to go against that influence for it is constant and you cannot get away from it by thinking or denying.

Another influence is fear. This also has to do with past lives and not just the previous one. An accumulation of fear brought about concerning one sex during extreme duress of physical pain or torture will crossover into fear in the new life and is affixed to a certain gender. Cell memory and also emotional memory is a big issue and also cannot be denied in this instance. You are trying to protect self and this is a normal thing to do under the circumstances, even though you do not remember the source cause or the details of how it originated. These are complicated issues and all bear heavily upon the attractions in the new life.

Let us begin to heal and there are techniques that will help these issues and you will come to understand how you are directly affected in your past lives and it will make it easier to deal with in this life. You are somewhat a victim of your past influences and a sort of healing process is required both physically and mentally to once again free yourself of all the past trauma. As I said it is difficult.

Now let us go on to another subject. Reincarnation is a hot topic button also and there is much you need to learn about this process. It was designed for this earth experience and is not the rule of thumb for all planets. You have chosen a short life span for your quick path to learning and this short life span is to enhance this and you are on a fast track. Being born again over and over gives you the advantage to learn quickly and provides the opportunity to do so. Many refuse and do not take advantage of this. We regenerate with the knowledge and learning of past lives with each new experience and build on each life while using the past experiences for further creation of new experiences which lead to more learning. Your choices such as gender and parents are chosen with counselors before each life and that is where the bleed over of emotions comes in. Country of birth is also chosen and for the most part communities and family members are chosen to continue or to finish a path that needs completing. This also is a complicated issue and much determining is done between lives to get this time, place and family all chosen for the best opportunity to complete any unfinished processes with others or with country.

Now let us speak of certainties. There are certain things you are given with each life to accomplish during that life time. They are charted into your life and come into play when the time is appropriate. Unfinished projects, as it were, are brought about and these are mostly things to do that are paramount in this life chart. So many other things are optional and of course you have the right to accept or reject any of it or all of it. An outright rejection to finish your planned objectives will only delay them until the next life time for there is a certain level of completion that has to be done in order to go onto the next level. Your are then placed into another set of circumstances to contemplate the new list of things to complete and also create your own choices with people and challenges to be worked out. Highly structured are your opportunities and you get to decide how you will play the out.

We endeavor to guide you in your process of life choices and have done so in the past with suggestions concerning choices but we never command or put pressure on you to do certain things concerning choices, except in the case of something that would hurt a mass number of people as in the atomic bomb. There are always teachers guides and angels assigned to each one that are readily available to you if you would just access them when needed. Now you know.

I complete this lesson with a wish for peace during this time of turmoil in your country. Stay away from crowds exhibiting aggression and devastation of people or property. Do not solve conflict with more conflict. Write letters, speak your truth and protest in peach, please. Please remain in peace I implore you.

I am Prosper

September 2, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that we explore some type of broadcast and get the message out to the world. We continue to look into new ideas that will make us newsworthy and eventually end up on a major network. This has been a most difficult mission, one of getting the trust of the right people and it has been denied so far. We hope that will change.

Now onto to the lesson. It is our intention to give you information of industry, science, medicine and psychology that will heal or improve your societies of the world. Technology being what it is needs a boost and there are things you need to know that will greatly increase your pathways to new inventions and medicines for healing. We are not pill pushers by any means but we know how the body works and responds to our proven methods and they will cause less problems for the body in the long run.

It is our mission to improve your government system and means of providing for the people. You deserve the information that has been denied to you and hopefully we will catch up to where you should have been in the first place.

We continue to offer our help and guidance to your country and to your world with no type of payoff for ourselves whatsoever, only that we will be joyful at seeing you a happier and healthier civilization in the long run. We are fighting a long held barrier of distrust and it may be well placed for the past but now is the time of trust where we are concerned. We repeat our mission is benevolent and guided by God’s directive and wish for your freedom and advancement. Your prayers were heard and we are help that has been sent and have responded. We are ever ready to begin and remain hopeful.

Let us talk about beginners of hope. There are those that have been closed off with walls built up for generations now and these walls must come down. You were meant to enter into relationships with others and that is going to be hard to do with all these walls in place. Try to release your fears and means of protection for self and engage in the new world around you. Begin to accept the possibility that it will be safe to do so and hopefully that will translate into trust for us as well. It is the natural response to react to pain and hurt with this self imposed protection of walls and barriers and it has served you well in one respect but it also keeps out the love and companionship that is part of relating to others and part of these relationships are how you learn and grow. One with another. Do not linger in your caves of loneliness any longer and venture out into the world of new light and love and relate in an honest way with others by being open and hopeful in your contacts.

May we speak of homosexuality for a moment. It is a very complex and confusing reality you are experiencing and one that needs compassion and information by all. Loving and kindly people wanting to express themselves with others they are drawn to is their way of life and they have suffered greatly from rejection by your societies. What a difficult life they have been drawn into and one that needs explanation of some length to solve the reasons for this. It has to do with influences from past lives for one thing and another is body physiology and chemistry for another. It is not a disease that is catching or that is learned but a response to the influences of vibrational imbalance when born and is real for those that live with this choice. It is not chosen lightly by those who feel this way because they are just responding to the feelings they come here with. We do not condemn them nor would we cast them out in any way. I use the word attunement at times and it is appropriate here and help can be given. The question has been posed, if God says this is wrong then why are we born this way. It will be explained and for the mean time give love to those who express themselves under this influence and do not hate them for their choices. Better love be given to them than increase the complexity of the situation by casting dispersion upon them. There will be more on this later for it is a complicated problem to deal with on the part of all individuals.

Now for a light hearted subject. We are happy to explore your humor and your comedy. It is one of the most enjoyable professions that we have come across and gives so much enjoyment to the masses. It always pleases us to see people laugh and have a good time when listening to a comedian with good clean humor and comedy to share with the people. You have developed this part of entertainment to a fine degree and as long as it is done within God’s laws we applaud you in these efforts. Joy lifts the vibrations and brings more light into the body and this is what you need. Making people laugh under your circumstance of earth is truly a talent and we are happy that you have risen to a high degree in this profession. It is what was needed at this time. Please continue.

We conclude by saying we are encouraged to see you are bringing more light into your world and continue to grow and we are encouraged by your response to these lessons. It is our nature to want better for you and our indicators as we monitor you are giving good news of your advancement in these areas. Do not give up and do not loose hope that things will continue in a positive avenue of progression for they are doing just that. Be of good cheer. I go now and continue to work in your behalf.

I am Prosper

September 1, 2020

Let us begin. It is with disappointment that I address you this morning. Another failure to broadcast and this time we got further than we have before. It seems that no one will take us seriously. I don’t know what they think we will get out of it for ourselves but they will not take a chance on us being good and having good motives. We keep trying.

Now for our lesson. Consequences are the result of past experiences and actions. They are not out of the blue or accidents. They come from thought patterns and continued forming of mental energy into reality. This is natural law and does not change. Think about what you focus on and spend time on and realize what the end result will be. If someone spends all day watching video games or playing video games their whole result will be no bigger than the name of the game. I f you spend your life helping others or making the world a better place then your energy goes on to multiply in the lives of others and good things will always happen. The energy goes out into the world and is brought forth into the lives of others by your influence and you have literally changed the world for the better. This is fact. Train yourself to mentally clean house of your negative thoughts and turn to positive ones and see how this improves your outlook, your disposition and your life. It will not fail. I am not saying you will have no problems but the positive aspects of your life will be multiplied.

Now let us discuss proposed reality or time lines. The collective consciousness will exhibit energy that determines what your time line will be and what happens in that time line. There may be several time lines created as possibilities and you will choose the one you want to live. Consequently there are options at every second of your life. There are those who create improved time lines and go on to live them out. There are those who create and choose destructive time lines and choose to live them out thinking all the while that it is something that is happening to them created by someone else. Not true. You, on an individual basis and a collective basis create and choose your future and time lines. They are possible realities for you to experience. This will become more clear to you as time goes along. We will discuss this more at a later date.

Now for education. Once you finish school or a university or trade school your education should not end. Spend time learning how your physical laws of life work and how the commandments of God are placed for your happiness and joy. Do not close yourself off from continued learning in all aspects of your life experience. This applies even if you are not in a physical body. We continue to learn here and never stop learning. It is a continual process no matter what form your soul takes. It is not dull or boring in any sense of the imagination. Stagnation gets you nowhere and life is a moving forward process, or at least should be. Be at peace with this thought and do not see learning as a drudge or something to be avoided.

Now, we come to spirituality as it pertains to receiving energies from the universe and from nature in general . The universe is benevolent and will see that you are given what you ask for if you are in need. It is there to serve this purpose for all, not just a few who seem blessed with all things. The universe does not discriminate in this respect. God was not kidding when He said that you would be taken care of. Put your needs out into the universe and let them manifest in their own way to fulfill your needs. They will come to you and this process will be talked about in depth at a later time.

Now, what does this have to do with spirituality, you ask. The same spirit that dwells in your soul is the same energy that is in the universe that will manifest your needs in your life. It all comes from energy and is used by God to enhance your experience of existing and experiencing. It just manifests in a little different way. Do not make the mistake by thinking you are ever alone or not care for. You just need to learn how to cast your needs upon the waters of life in a respectful manner. The energy of the spirit enhances your connection with God, the Father and brings you in closer contact with Him if you allow this to happen. There are many helps that you are not availing yourselves of at present and I think this is one reason you feel so alone. You are not left out in the wilderness alone and without help of any kind, never. God set things up for your benefit by His love and has never forgotten you. It has always been His way. Be at peace with this help He has given for He has always been there for you at all times.

We come to the close of this lesson and I am trying not to be deflated once again by our lack of cooperation over the broadcast. I continue to try to bring them around and will implore our cast of thousands her to continue their efforts also. I would hope that I will be able to give you better news very soon now . It is with continued hope that I take my leave now. Go in peace.

I am Prosper

August 31, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that we continue this morning with our lessons. We have covered many subjects and there is help for you in all areas of your life. Our long term goal is to be able to bring these lessons to you on all 3 networks and speak to many more people than we are at present. Our endeavors continue to negotiate this option. It has been difficult to do so but we won’t give up.

Now Let us discuss retraining of thought and outlook for your future. We have discussed this with you in the past and it continues to be so today. Your thoughts are what makes your future. You are creators of the highest kind and do not yet realize it. You have accepted that you create the little things in your life but have not opened up to the concept that you have the same capability for much larger projects. Yes, it is possible to move mountains and we ask you to open the door to this possibility. It is not outlandish or pie in the sky to do this very thing. How do you think this is done? It takes first of all the concept that it can be done and we start from there.

Thought is energy and this energy has a creative force that can be trained and molded in the proper fashion for constructive purposes. We are glad to council you on how to do this and it does take practice. I am reminded of several cartoons where this got out of hand and went wild. Actually you have done this in the past and that is where some strange scenarios have come from in your lives is the creation process took a wrong turn. There are guidelines of creation and we will show you what they are. There is as much possibility for creating the wrong thing as there is the right thing. It is a gift and an option both.

Now let us go to another concept of sorts, the theater of life. Your reality is not what it seems and was created for a particular purpose to achieve this end result that we have today. The grand purpose will be revealed to you at the proper time. This is why we council you on forgiveness and compassion toward all people, even those who seem to be wrong doers or the dark side. Some of them are playing a part and were called to facilitate this process of moving toward the light. They bring to focus the wrong that is evident in your societies and give you avenues and reasons to correct what is wrong. Do not be so quick to hate or cast bad thoughts upon anyone. They may have been sent to help you facilitate the thought process into action of a positive nature. Needless to say things are not always what they seem.

Have compassion on all people and shed your light on the evil doers also and not just the positive people in your world. Love brings about change in all things and in all people and it is not always revealed who is playing what part. Answers will be given for your understanding in this concept and the reasons behind them but for now suffice it to say that love is still the answer in all situations. Do not however make yourself vulnerable in any event or open yourself up to dark people. Just send them love and light.

Now let us talk about prehistory. You have only begun to uncover what is in your past. It is interesting to say the least and your earth is much older than you imagine. So many civilizations have come and gone and their remnants are available in your archaeology in most cases. It would help if you had a road map and we will supply you with one when the time is right. A most interesting field is that of archaeology and it will continue to be more so when you have something to go on. You have some details accurate but need help in making sense of some others and we have the information to bring you along in the history of the people who have lived on your planet. Most valuable will be the learning of events and what was lost through wrong doing. Learn from others and know that some of you are those very people that have once lived in ancient civilizations and have come back and live today. Quite an idea isn’t it.

This concludes our lesson for today. We go with the broadcast on our minds here and thank you for your prayers that this will be a complete success. A definite turn in our news for today and we plan to make the most of it. Go in peace for I will.

I am Prosper

August 30, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes for tomorrow that I began. Let us discuss moderation in all things. Our tendency is to overdo everything. Eating, drinking, gambling, and so forth. Be at peace with what is enough and forgo the rest. Look at it as being in line with what God has in mind for you concerning your behavior. Use your self control at first and then it will become second nature for you. Go to bed earlier and get more rest. Your whole nation is lacking in rest and relaxation, not to mention fun and happiness. Seek quiet times for yourself and do not put this aside so you can watch TV. This TV viewing is abundantly overdone. Read your laws and study on God’s word. Forgive yourself of all past transgressions for it is necessary to move ahead. The burdens you carry for years astounds me in your ability to reproach yourselves and not forgive. You readily forgive others of their misdeeds but not yourselves. Learn the lesson these transgressions provide for you and seek forgiveness from yourself.

Now a word on transgender desires and possible operations that will change things. There is a way to resolve these problems and they are real problems for the people that have them and we will give help in this matter. Some teaching needs to be done here and some physical attunements are necessary. It can be done without trauma and physical changes that harm the body and hurt the mind in the process. It has already caused quite a problem on your earth and is something that needs to be addressed with a different approach.

On to liquidation of assets that have been stored for generations in others’ control. These have been freed from their hiding places and the wealth will be distributed into areas that will benefit the people and not hoarded in vaults where only those in control have the keys. I’m not sure you understand how this imprisonment plan has been implemented for years upon your people and all done in the wide open under your noses. It was insidious and driven by a need for power and ambition on the part of a very organized few. It will stop and has. So much so has the hoarding been that all people of earth could live comfortably if it were distributed equally and that is the goal here that you live life more abundantly and this is what God wanted for you. It did take awhile but was accomplished and you will see.

While we are talking about money let us begin to consider welfare to the poor. It is a good thing but as most know there are people out there taking welfare that could be productively working and feeling better about their contribution to society. Taking and not giving back all the time is not the way to live and these principles will be laid out and discussed in a manner that will make implementation easier. Too many are living on the backs of too few and this was never a workable consideration for any country to try, much less use.

We have cornered the untamed energies and are proceeding to put things back in the order they were intended. Many work on your unseen energies and have been for years now. They, at present, are in constant flux and left to their own devices would cause considerable problems for everyone. Energy is a beautiful thing and under most circumstances it does not need tending but there are those who have tried to manipulate it for their own good and this has unbalanced them and made them dangerous. Frankly if we had not intervened they would have been so destructive they would have annihilated millions. Leave mother nature alone and she will function in the most beautiful and precise ways you can imagine.

Be at peace as much as you possible can with these changes that are coming. The riots and unrest are offshoots of underlying thought forms that need to be brought to the attention of everyone but not in a destructive manner. They are real and your different races are in the process of learning how to deal one with another. Slavery is involved here and many countries made the mistake of having slaves for labor and are paying the price for this wrongful decision. Never should you imprison a person in his path of life be it physical or mental and especially for your own reward. There are things here that need to be forgiven and that is part of this also. We will discuss this in length on a later date if given permission to do so on the air. Our plans are large in compass and cover many topics for your consideration. Do study them.

Now a few words about reincarnation. Yes it is real and was planned for your planet to give you multiple life times to gain wisdom from your choices and was part of the fast track to learning. It was and is a good plan and has worked well for you even if you do not understand or agree with its concept. All things are intertwined with this plan but they give so many opportunities to work out conflict between people and countries. Many tendencies are brought over from one life to the next and play into the relationships of the current life. Therefore you are given the option of clearing them up by forgiveness or good deeds to another that you have transgressed against. A form of checks and balances if used correctly and all of them without your in depth knowledge of a past life. Do believe that it has been that way on your planet.

It was spoken of in the Bible and part of that teaching was removed for various reasons at the time. It will be taught again and hopefully understood as a gift to give you more opportunity to learn and forge ahead on your path of life. What a good thing it is to be given a second chance at almost everything in your life. Think of it in these terms and it will give you a better understanding of the concept in general.

We continue to believe in the contract signed for the broadcast and tomorrow will be a big day. There have been so many delays that I know you are all hesitant to get your hopes up as am I but we go forward none the less. We rejoice at the prospect and our joy is equally shared with all of you who will hear the messages. Continue your prayer that this will be allowed as your prayers are potent in intention. I leave you now and hope that you go in peace.

I am Prosper

August 29, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes, once again, that I come to you this morning. Let us continue to pray for you have shown me that you, once again, can rise to the occasion and amaze us all at this post. We continue to form the words and thoughts that will be used upon this momentous occasion. Join in with us as it happens live on this broadcast and hope for a good response. Be advised that they have the option to conclude the broadcast at any time during the discourse. This was one of their sticking points and they would not budge on this. We continue to hope for a full disclosure and will come to the point quickly.

Now onto other things of the lesson. Our ships are quite advanced to your thinking and come in most all sizes up to and including 3 miles long. They are cities in the air and many use this as their permanent home. Generations have been brought about and lived their entire lives on ships and they are most majestic in form and procedure. So many things are available to us here and we avail ourselves of most all of them at one time or another. Hospitals, gardens, lakes, yes lakes, and just about anything one would need to live a full productive life. They are grandiose and are thought based in their movements. They accommodate us in many ways such as temperature, humidity, air quality and comfort areas like spas and quiet times. A customized wonder land of just about anything you can imagine. You will be amazed.

Now, onto religion. This is a touchy subject with most everyone and everyone thinks their thoughts are correct on God, Christ, Buddha and etc. We do have many words on this topic and will go into detail later but for now let us say that Jesus did walk your earth and he tried to teach and this was his mission. He was taken up to heaven, which just happens to have been one of our ships and he resides there to this day. He was a real man and lived in close contact with the Father and was directed by Him in all ways of his activities and words. He will return to your planet as promised and reign there for quite some time or until the need for Him is over. He is a highly trained and learned individual and paid the price on earth and was nailed to a cross as the Bible says. Believe in him for this did happen.

Now we discuss the events on your planet concerning mind control, which is prevalent in some sneaky ways that you may not have considered. In your advertising is one of the biggest ways you are influenced. How you think is an open field for those who want control of your spending to try and influence. It is a cut throat business with techniques that would surprise you. Take casinos for instance. Temperature, lighting, oxygen content are all part of the control business along with music and food. It has taken quite some thought by a certain segment of your business organizations to push you into the spending mode and frame of mind. It has worked well up until now and this will come to a stop also gambling is not a recommended pastime and can lead to heartbreak and poverty in the biggest way. It breaks families up and destroys most aspects of your life when you lose control of your ability to stop. We have seen this happen too many times. Be at peace with not being able to gamble. It can be an addiction.

We come to surplus in your country. There are so many things that go to waste here and we don’t understand why this is happening when things could be put to such a better use than to be trashed or not recycled. Food is one big waste that often goes out the door and is picked up by a garbage truck. Try not to waste your food like you do. It is grown with purpose to feed the masses and can be better utilized and some are working on this very thing now with excellent results. We watch them feed the hungry and poor and we commend them for their efforts.

Other objects can be re-processed and the materials reused into other forms quite well and this is a plus and your country is just now coming into this part of recovery. Your are well on your way with recycling and we are proud of you in this effort to reclaim objects to break down and reuse in another form. Keep it up. We will be here to give you ways to use more items and have less waste in the future. One of our many plans at the moment.

We have conquered our mental challenges in the past and have been through what you are going through now in the way of surrendering ourselves to God and His way of providing for us. There is energy in the universe that allows for taking care of people who know how to ask and take advantage of the laws that do provide for all. It is God’s way of seeing that all needs are met. Notice I did not say all wants, but needs. Become more at peace with your definition of abundance. Most of you have more than enough to eat in your country and the rest of the time can be spent in service to others. Do not overeat for this is de-constructive in all ways of working and serving. Your body definitely does not respond well to overeating. Your choice of food is also vitally important and we will get to that subject later in our discourses. There are so may things to cover and we want to get started a soon as possible on these.

Your time for a better life is here and we are ready to help you create it and discover how to have a more abundant, happy life in all ways. You have so many good things ahead of you and you will not realize this fully until it happens and you will then know what you have been missing.

Trust is the name of this communication and we endeavor to prove we are worthy of your trust in all ways. Give us a chance. This web site is aptly named because it is an offer of trust that we hope you will certainly take advantage of. We go now in peace and have hopes for future communication on a grand scale. May you take time to consider our words for your benefit in all ways. So be it.

I am Prosper