August 2, 2020

Let us begin. Our staff here has been buzzing over all the country trying to get the most sightings as possible. It is a fun job and they are delighted with it. We see so much recognition in their aura and we can read this and it is quite accurate. We continue to do this and wait for your government to comment on these appearances. Our goal is total saturation so everyone can say “I saw one.”

Now is the most opportune time for getting the word out that we exist and we tend to take full advantage of it. Our revelations of truth must begin soon for we have quite a lot of territory to cover. I am also looking forward to this part as conveyor of words and meanings but the reception will be mixed I am sure. Will they listen? I hope so.

There are those in your government that will do their best to try and block this information from ever getting to the citizens of earth. They will FAIL. We will see to it for this is from God, your Father that this directive comes. They will not go against Him.

Be assured that I am on top of things and monitor the status of our reception and take this into my consideration. We are good at monitoring and have been doing so now for decades. You’d be surprised at what all we are capable of doing and if you think on this you will know we have nothing but love and compassion for you. It would be helpful if you could monitor our intentions also for then you would have your confirmation of us.

Be satisfied with things as they are unfolding and know that it does take time for all this to happen in an integrous order for it to be successful. We plan for success. This is not our first rodeo, as it were. Our ships are mostly of one size that we are showing right now but rest assured that we have huge ships waiting to be unveiled at the proper time. It is our way of doing things.

My best to all of you who read here. My words are taken in by loyal readers and I hope they are spreading the word to others. That is an important and necessary part of this whole thing, word of mouth from one to another. Like something catching but in a good way it will spread. On that subject let us discuss the virus. It will come to a halt soon and we will see to that. It will die a natural death but we will give it help to fade away. It is time you had this burden lifted from you plates. Better days are ahead for you and now we have had the ok to intervene. It is commanded that we do this and we carry out our instructions with every detail taken care of. We miss nothing. Our accuracy is perfect on this. The Father would not have it any other way.

Be alert as things will heat up now with us taking over the air ways and at first it will be a shock. We are here and we have something to say. Be at peace my loved ones for we are proceeding with high hopes.

I am Prosper

August 1, 2020

On to today’s message. It is with joy that I broaden the venue of activities brought forth at this time. Our plans encompass more territory now and we venture out into other areas or avenues to accomplish on our list of things to be done. We have had much success so far and I hope this continues. Our next venture is that of education and this is being contemplated in depth at the moment. I continue to farm out inquiries as to the broadcast plans and people involved and wait for feedback to be given. It is looking good at the moment and this information is mandatory for the beginning. Our sightings are continuing and I am still happy over the success of this part.

We will not send those with two heads or long fangs to greet you. Suffice it to say we will be looking mostly like you do and this will get things started. I have my levity here. I am pleased to convey my greetings along with others in hopes that you, as a group mind, will take our words to heart and consider them in depth as we try to undo so many years of false teachings, whether it was clear deception or just random wrong thinking and perceptions of what is. It has to be corrected to establish truthful grounds to lay other meanings upon.

This teaching may take years for those who are interested and I am thinking of your scientists and doctors and astronomers. Laws of the creation will not change and have been in force since the beginning of things. You must know them in order to understand other things. It all has to make sense for you. Your teaching is inadequate at present to get from here to there. I enjoy this part of teaching and education and think I am good at it. We will see how I come across with things and how you receive them.

We are driven to succeed in this and will not give up. We greet you inhabitants of earth with joy and satisfaction of work done so far by both you and our team. A joint effort, so to speak that has been heart warming and will be recorded in history as those far away read of this success after a long period of struggle. A day of dawning with bright sun and joy.

I bring this to a close now and leave you with this understanding. We love you in depth that is difficult for you to understand. One day you will know our heart’s desire for you to be happy and live a better life than you have had on this earth. It is done.

I am Prosper.

July 31, 2020

Let us begin. I am glowing at the moment because things are going so well. We have steps to complete but all is in order to proceed. We are waiting on America to come forward with an announcement and we will see who comes through with that step and this will make a world of difference as to the wording they use and how it is received with each individual. Also it will take awhile for it to hit the airways throughout the Nation. All need to be on board with this information. It is necessary for further progress.

In the scheme of things all looks good so far. We continue with our successful sightings and reception is heartening all around the world. On to the next step. Education and things are set up for broadcast. We will take over some of your broadcasting stations and go from there. We will have no interruptions for this as this part needs to begin on solid ground. It is imperative this be done correctly.

I am in charge of part of it and the speakers have been chosen with much care. Highly understandable for your country and all countries will be heard in their own native language. Clever aren’t we! We are practiced at some things and this is one of them. The reception is the key factor here. How will we be received with our information? Sighting a UFO is one thing but hearing a voice not from this planet is totally another. We have to be known as real at some point and now is the time for this.

On to the education on paper or on website. It is our belief that a person travels their path alone in connection with their Heavenly Father. Each person is responsible for their actions in each life time and this is reviewed upon death. There is no hiding of anything. Total transparency as Father knows all things pertaining to each of his children. It is recorded in their Book of Life and on their timeline. How else will you learn. You receive instruction and counseling not only at the end of your physical life but whenever you ask for it. You are assigned teachers and angels throughout your life for this purpose. It would be good if you acknowledged them and asked for their help and most importantly you listened to them. Be assured, no one is alone in any lifetime. You are loved beyond your knowing on this matter.

It encourages me that you have listened so far at this point in your history, those of you who read here. The big challenge are the millions who have not listened and who do not know of us to begin with. How will they react? How will they adjust to the knowledge that there are others living at other places in your universe and outside your universe? This is the question. We will see.

I go now and prepare for this broadcast at the perfect moment in your timing. A few more days yet for the sightings, which continues to go well. I just shake my head at the US of America, sticking to their lies up to the last moment possible. How will they explain it when our voice comes to the world? Will they be embarrassed when we tell the world they always knew of our existence? Tune in tomorrow as the world turns.

I am Prosper

July 30, 2020

It is with joy that I communicate with you this morning. All is going well and I am seeing the response I had hoped for all across your country. It is heart warming and gives much hope for things to come. I continue with the plan and this is working out so well that surely your country will have to acknowledge us soon. You’d think!

Let us begin with wisdom. It is learned from experience and failures. Failures are a gift and much can be learned from them. Life here on earth is such a good learning experience and that is why you have been given many opportunities to partake of the experience. Some of you have learned much and some keep on making the same mistakes over and over again. Be at peace with the many lives you have chosen for they were in your soul’s best interest and were a gift to you in this arena. What a place to learn and so beautiful.

Giving of yourself to others is service to others and directed by God’s laws. It is THE way of life and should be your mantra. Most of you are busy with so many things concerning money and trying to pay your bills and get ahead. In the back of your mind always is the thought, or should be the thought , of service to those that need your gifts and all of you have areas and opportunities to do this for others. It is fulfilling and doesn’t cost anything.

So often you get caught up in your daily routine that you forget what life is really all about. So many rules and constrictions you have and so much paperwork. The poor trees that give their lives for such useless records! Learn to start each day with asking for guidance on how to live each hour in the service of God and you will be amazed at what the flow of God’s thought can bring to you and to others through you. It is magnificent. When you align yourself with the universal power and ask to be used in His service so much can be accomplished and just think if all others did the same thing. Your world would flourish in leaps and bounds and you would see amazing results in no time at all.

I am on to the task at hand and disclosure for America and especially North America is working to be free at the moment and will follow the selected schedule. All is still in cooperation with us and this is good. Such a change from the past when no one would budge an inch on this topic.

Speaking of secrets there are more announcements to be brought out and on various topics. Grab your seat belts and hang on for this is now going to be a bumpy ride and you thought you had bumps in the past. You haven’t seen anything yet. Shake a tail feather, as the birds do and go with the flow of unveiled facts made available just for you, all in the vein of truth. You are worth so much more than to have the truth available for you to see. You deserve this, even though it will be a shock to you. It is done with love for things have to be set straight and now is the time in your history for this to happen. Be prepared. Even those who think they know what is going on will be shocked for we will see that you have access to what is real.

All done with love by our Father’s direction and command. His decision to do so for you are his children and always will be. I leave you now and get on with making way for you to have this time of truth.

I am Prosper

July 29, 2020

May we begin. It is with joy and delight that I contact you this morning. The sun will rise on a new day and freedom will reign once again on your beautiful planet. I am still amazed at the beauty offered here to everyone to partake of it. What a gift! Such diversity.

I feel those viewing our ships are doing so with glad hearts and the time is right for this to happen. Some aggression will appear in small pockets but for the most part it is a grand success we have here, one I did not imagine would go this well . My expectations have been greatly exceeded. Well worth the wait for this reaction to happen. Just a little more of this world wide and then we go on to breaking into another part of our disclosure. The plans are set and will proceed whenever ready. Those on board are still with us on this and it looks good.

I find the elements needed for this to be successful are well laid out and all it needs is for the American people to accept our words for contemplation and consideration. It will take time for them to accept as they have a long history of being lied to and being deceived. They are wary of new information and especially from us, partly thanks to your Hollywood films which scare them royally. Very convincing that we could be destructive and not benevolent as we are. I am encouraged and uplifted at the moment and progress with the best of hopes on both your part and ours. May we all find happiness from this encounter and developing friendship.

It is with determination that I continue as the work is laid out before me and the job continues. I am in charge of many aspects of this venture and the responsibility is heavy upon me to see that this is accomplished correctly. Thank you for your part in this as it is going well and I am pleased. Be diligent to this process and accomplishment will come to you.

Be not apprehensive at the coming events in your country as things get complicated when changes are made. They will even out and peace will come after adjustments are completed. Many will disappear from office and be replaced with new faces but better leadership will follow from them. They are chosen from their abilities and heart’s desire for this country. Believe in them and support them for it is on High that they have been chosen.

Liberty and Freedom will once again come to your land and to the world. It is a fait accompli I see for you. I am being summoned and must go. It is done.

I am Prosper

July 28 2020

Let us begin. Here it is the time of declaration and truth is upon us at every turn. We intend to acquaint you with the basics first and then go on to the details. It has been a long time coming and we have lots of territoriality to cover. The teaching will be done by broadcast from our ships and you will have total access to them world wide. This also is a big endeavor and will take some time to get to it all. I am aware of your concerns on earth and we will touch on most subjects to clarify them in their expression and facts. Our speakers will be several and all easy to listen to. There will be no video at first. That will come later.

I am continuing with the sightings over large cities and now we will venture into smaller areas. All will see us eventually for we are many and we have that planned down to the countryside. Of course it depends also on how large the ships are. A mile or so big and it would be hard to miss. We do not want to overwhelm you at this time. My part in this is logistics and planning for the disclosure and we are in the midst of that. It has been amazing and monumental at the very least and I am so glad to be in a first row seat. I can gauge the reaction of those viewing and so far it has been spot on in our hopes and wishes. Your country has yet to mention it anywhere in the news and that was to be expected because of the total lack of honesty concerning our existence. The days of secrecy are numbered for we prevail on this matter. Our benevolence encompasses all concerning the people of earth and we fail not.

The time of lying is over and the time of the liar is also over. They will be replaced with those who will be open and honest with everyone and this is what makes leadership so important. They will be chosen carefully and on your terms, not the way things have been done in the past. What a sham has transpired in your past and it went on for years. So much deception and deceit perpetrated on the American public and no remorse whatsoever. I have never seen such things on any other planet that lasted this long. Your government takes the cake, so they say.

My team of flyovers is having fun and they perform with joy and adulation to the Father for this opportunity to do so. It is grand. I am still reveling in this part of things and it feels good. This is a pleasure and I intend to avail myself some more of this pleasure. Sometime in your near future I will be appearing in the skies over your home and you will see us/me first hand. A feature to come as it were. Allow me some levity, please for this is the proper time and place for it. So long has it been serious and foreboding a situation. Freedom is a wonderful thing and you are being liberated worldwide. It has been directed by our Father for this to happen. I am in glee and it feels good. What submission you have displayed and not knowing what was going on. It will never happen again on your world. It is done.

I am Prosper

July 27, 2020

Good Morning and it is indeed. The view is lovely from here and the things I see are good to view. We continue to be seen over the world and acknowledged. Undeniable for sure. It continues and this is the fun part of our journey. Wish you were here. It is fascinating to behold, the unveiling of our ships is like unveiling the truth that has been sealed for so long and kept from you. A truly propitious time in your history and things will never again be the way they were.

I am still in awe at your beautiful planet and I have seen a lot of planets. Yours is indeed an emerald of the skies, such beautiful colors and diversity you have been given and it is your responsibility. Do her justice and work enthusiastically to repair the damage that has been done. You will be instructed and guided in the process. It was all worth it, the years of waiting and working and trying to overcome the dark. We rejoice and soon you will also. Now time is on our side and we will make the most of it.

I am in your skies and viewable. We are in force and yet only part of the large fleet is visible. Speculation runs rampant on how long it will take your government to speak of us. They are a big holdout. Only the ones with nothing to hide will come forward and speak. Secrets to the end and still trying to deceive you and keep truth from you. Will they never learn! We overcome their desire to withhold with our presence and in the end you outnumber them with your desire for truth. You have so much power and do not realize it. When God is behind you you cannot fail.

This is even more than a vacation for me. A truly impressive event and not only here but word travels over all known existence that you have been liberated. One day you will know what a big deal this is. I am soaking it all up as best I can for this feels good and I needed to experience it. You will see and you will comprehend in time. I am happy. It is done.

I am Happy Prosper

July 26, 2020

Let us begin. Our attempts at appearing over large cities are successful and many have seen us so far. We will continue to be seen and we will not be denied. Our efforts continue in this vein for some time now to get everyone acquainted with us and then we will start the education part. The transition to education will be done world wide and with much fanfare. We will not fail this time around and look forward to it with massive amounts of glee and happiness on our part. So far the reception has been good and we are received without aggression or retaliation on your part. It is successful. Hallelujah!

I am on the front line and viewing this first hand and it is where I want to be. I am pleased at these maneuvers and it is going well at this time. We will proceed as planned and continue until all are on board with the knowing and this is an undetermined amount of time at this point. I will keep you informed as time goes on and let you know of our schedule of education. I am in joy.

I am Prosper

July 25, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy this morning that I speak to you. Things are falling into place and we proceed as planned. Make note that all is going well now and sightings have begun around the world. Announcements will come out and people will talk about seeing us in their skies. I am encouraged by things so far. We proceed.

The disclosure from key figures is in progress and hopefully will not be disturbed or delayed. They are on board with us. I can hardly believe it is happening finally. So many long hours in the planning process to get this far. The dark forces have been thinned almost to extinction on your planet and the atmosphere is lighter (in weight) and Lighter (with light). You will begin to live your lives in freedom now and learn how it was meant to be by your Creator on high.

There have been lives lost on our side to bring this about and this is unfortunately the case when going up against this type of foe. We mourn our losses like you do and special care is taken to tend to them when this happens. They will recover and go on with their experience in another form but still live to the fullest. The Spirit is not deterred in this respect. It is strong and hardy and does not give up its path to achieve. That is how dedicated we are that we give of our lives to free you from your bondage.

Now to the fun part. If only we could wave to you on the ground. That time is coming soon. Right now we are being sighted over large cities to confront the most people and word will travel in your papers, on social media and in the news. Undeniable it will be for sure. A BIG deal, so you say, and we plan to keep it that way for awhile until all cannot deny it is happening.

Be at peace for we bring you good news and give of our knowledge freely if you will just listen. For we are from the Father in this and in all things concerning you and this project on your planet. It has been a long time coming and all are rejoicing at the moment. We beseech you to receive us in good faith and no one needs to be afraid or apprehensive about this. We fail not to liberate you completely from your terror of bondage, even if you did not know it at the time. We liberate you and you will finally know the extent to which this was done. The truth will hurt but this has to be shown to you and you must know of it. This may take awhile but we now have the time and the means to do so.

Now is the time of disclosure and then education. We are back on track and things look good. Thousands of books written trying to inform everyone of our existence and now here we are in front of you, as it were. Happiness is in our hearts and minds this day and we revel in it for it was a long time coming. I bid you farewell for now and will see you from my vantage point in the skies. I want a first hand look at how you receive us and will not be denied of this. I do have my rank to do so and this pleases me.

I am Prosper

July 24, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I announce to you that the roadblock has been removed. It is full steam ahead now and we proceed. All are on board as it should be and progress will be made. I am heading for my outpost as it were, to observe closer the results of events to come. I am in great anticipation of the future now and hope there are no more delays as this was a long time in coming.

The schedule remains the same and it is planned to commence immediately, if not sooner, (Ha). I am giddy. We have worked so hard for this time in your day to come and we hope you receive it well.

There is not much more to say at present. We have high hopes and wait to see how we are received. Watch for events to unfold and pray our reception goes well with each individual. It is our wish. I must be off now. It is done.

I am Prosper