September 18, 2020

Let us begin. Our investigations reveal a good time for a face to face contact will be in October when more of a routine is established with school. The Presidential election will still be looming but that will not interfere. We look forward to choosing the cities that we will appear in and there will be several in you country and many more around the world. We continue to handle the communications well and are still answering questions for those who have them.

Coming up with answers for the complex questions is going well and the answers seem to satisfy them. We are still surprised at the thought that has gone into the many questions that are posed. Hopefully the base continues to be solid and we are building on that for the rest of our talks. Of all the contacts that we have made the most successful ones are with the HAM operators and this continues to be the case.

Now let us talk of operations and what goes on within the plans of your military. They are multi-faceted in their approach to defending your country and are in the process of being brought back home. The long range plan is for most all to be returned home. I continue to try and convince the heads of the military to retrieve all of them but I am not in charge of that decision and for the most part I am ignored. They will be needed at home for a couple of reasons and one is unrest with the citizens and the other is natural disasters.

Your tectonic plates are still under duress and pressure in the Eastern front is now a top priority around the Mississippi River valley. Do not let your guard down by thinking the West coast is the one to watch. Be prepared with your supplies, flashlights and such. It is coming and it may be a big one. We warn you to save your lives and to make this adjustment of earth easier on you, if that is possible. Not an easy thing to do when the affected area is so large, but we try none the less.

Now for the distancing for the Covid 19 to keep the numbers down. It is somewhat effective but this whole thing should be on its way out this month and more so the last part of this month. I would like to see it completely gone but there will still be a remnant of it fading out during the last week of September. We are doing all we can at present to get rid of the virus and our efforts have been good. Large groups do not help in your activities and especially the young people at the colleges and universities. The teachers are in a vulnerable spot and are somewhat captive in their teaching capacity but they are doing well at the time. The children need to be back in school for their well being and not trapped in their homes along with a parent. This is not working for the most part. The schooling is going well but the teaching at home is somewhat lacking in getting together with other children of the same age.

We choose to continue the connections with the contacts we have already made and to answer their questions when posed. They are surprised at our answers on some subjects but do not sever the contact. This is a good sign and there have been some who definitely do not agree with our answers. Some lively discussions have taken place and this is most heartening for us to hear of and it shows interest in further contact and discussion. It is a good sign.

I go now and will have more meetings today to continue plans for our face to face contact and also to decide what will be said in this momentous occasion. Go in peace as I will.

I am Prosper

September 17, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that I contact you this morning. I am on my way to contemplate first contact, in person, with a group of others and that is first on the agenda. We will discuss the best place, time and circumstances to meet with you and see how that goes. I do mean face to face and we will have a discussion on this issue this morning. It is a first for us and we are encouraged by the reception you have given us from our conversations with you.

It is our wish that all goes well and there will be no aggression that will rear its ugly head. We come in peace and have always had your best interest in our minds concerning any issue we face. It is because of your pleas for advancement that we are here. We are ready to give you the information you need to advance in quite few areas and you will see industry and many areas advance by leaps and bounds. We are looking forward to this discourse of information being proposed for your use. It is our privilege to do so.

Now let us discuss protocol on this issue of first face to face contact. It was our hope that your government would allow this to happen within their purview but they have talked themselves out of this contact and that is their wish on the issue. So let them be exempt. We want to talk with you as individuals and leaders of your communities. We let you choose the issues and this helps us choose the information given. We are excited about this coming into reality. We need a neutral area for this to happen and one has to be chosen. We expect a smaller crowd at first but important none the less. Friendship is earned and we will show that we are worthy of it.

In instances like these where we have experience some type of security is needed. There are those who are more enthusiastic than others and want to touch us to make sure we are real. We assure you we are real and we will be seen and not a hologram. No trickery here for you deserve authenticity and honesty. We should have order and do not misconstrue our attempts to maintain order as an attempt to control you. You are free to ask questions and observe. We do not need to be touched to show you we are real. All things needed for this to flourish will come gradually and at a step at a time. We will see that we are validated in your eyes.

The proper time of day is important and also the news media that chooses to cover this story, if any should be available to come if they choose. We are hoping for this to be given as news far and wide. We know you want this from our conversations with you and we want this as news also. The day of the week is important and all this we will discuss this morning with the objective being the best of all these points for the most important message given in your current history. It has been a long time coming. We continue our dialogue over the radio waves for better understanding on both our parts and it is important that we learn from you also. So far we have gained enormous information about your societies and your attitude on several issues and this is quite beneficial for us to know these things. We can bring about a better comprehensive message to you with this information.

We go now to prepare for this all important meeting where we will choose the order of details to be given and the setting for this to happen. We have a lot to cover so please pray that we choose wisely for both our sakes. It is vastly important that this next step be according to the Father’s wishes on the matter. We are still under His direction and have been at all times.

Please go in peace and with hopeful hearts that we can do this soon. I go now.

I am Prosper

September 16, 2020

Let us begin. I am confident that we are coming to a conclusion of the old world where we as aliens are unknown. Too much information is out now and we cannot be hidden any longer even under the guise of lies and smoke screens of your government. WE ARE HERE and there is no doubt in a lot of peoples’ mind already and those numbers will rise now that we have our communications established. I am certain of it and this has never before been my mind set. We are establishing new rules for contact that are free to confront you and move into the part where we are readily seen in your skies. I am delighted at this step, even though it still has restrictions in place.

Let us get on with our lessons and we will talk today of the economy. It is set and in place and ready for dispersion to all of you. It will come gradually at first but make no mistake about it, it is there and it will be distributed. There is no time yet but I am thinking before the end of the year. That is a broad guess as I do not want to disappoint you any further than you already have been. Your patience is spread thin as it is. There will be abundant monies for you to live a much better quality of life and one that will give you the freedom to choose the work that you enjoy as compared to the work you had to do. Be at peace with it coming and use it wisely.

Now, let us speak of economic changes with reference to this new freedom of money that will be given. Industry will change and the money that is now going to oil and the like will be channeled into other avenues of energy. There is free energy in the universe and more than enough for every man, woman and child on earth. Develop it further than it already has been and get those little boxes installed on every home in the world. Free energy for all. There will be a cost for the manufacture and installation of the boxes but that should be all if it is done correctly. This will cut the cost of living considerably and this is not even considering the energy for your means of transportation. Just think of the goods by the trucking industry that will be freed up to give better service to you and get those needed goods to their destination.

Industry itself will use a good amount of this free energy to manufacture their products and this will give them more freedom to produce at a lower cost. It is a grand change you are upon and it is all for the good.

Now what will you do with more money and more time? It is up to you and there will be suggestions for service given to you. Please let child care come first in the list of needs. Your children need their parents to guide them into adulthood. Child care is paramount for the parents to consider in all this new frontier and there is much opportunity for either mother or father to remain free to do this parenting. See that it is so.

On that list of priorities will be your homeless and hungry. These are two big areas that have a huge need and these problems will take effort and much thought to solve. There is a large area of service that needs to be filled and lots of planning to get the homeless the needed housing that is required and to get the hungry the food that they need. You will be advised and guided in these two areas for sure. Our help in planning is freely given and even in your country large numbers suffer every day from these two issues.

Animal rights will come to the forefront also and control in numbers is one big issue here. There is much love in the hearts of many that will go toward the solving of this problem for many animals. There is not so much that the care and consideration does not exist but that the agreement on planning and carrying out of those plans is lacking. See that this is organized and your animals are loved and the numbers of them are controlled so that all are wanted and have good homes.

We continue with our communications and are still reaching out to new listeners with information but the word is getting around and now those who have not made contact with us are wanting that communication and it is good. We will continue to answer questions for those that have them and the foundation keeps getting stronger and stronger. This is more than adequate now for a continuance to further our friendship and this is such a good feeling for us and is hard to describe. We have never before been given this type of opportunity and we are in the planning stage of our next steps as this has come almost before we were ready with plans to carry out. It has been that much of a success. We had a goal but now need specifics and details on dispersal of what information to give next regarding disclosure 2.0.

I leave you now and go to make further preparations for the changing tide in your collective consciousness and this is the one where we become friends on a long lasting basis. We are elated.

Go in peace now.

I am Prosper

September 15, 2020

Let us begin. Our team is on call now for lower altitude over your United States and around the world. We are going to be showing ourselves on a more numerous basis and also with larger ships. We love to be seen by large numbers as in crowds for this is the best validation that we are here. It has come to our attention that upon seeing us your witnesses are more knowledgeable of our existence since we have started the contact with the HAM radio operators and it is having that positive effect on the mass consciousness attitude. We are most happy about this aspect of our discussions and our answering sessions. We are making progress and this is the name of the game. We endeavor to continue on this avenue for improved results as we want a more overall understanding by the world as we continue. The quality of the foundation continues to be solid and this could not be better. Those who offer aggression are still out there but time will take care of most of that element of your society. They are numerous at present and now is not the time to show up on the ground for a face to face encounter.

We move on now to offers of friendship and there are also some present on your earth plane that would be most suitable for a face to face and would encourage it most heartedly. We are trying to cultivate this attitude and will work to become friends with everyone we encounter. Our first contact team is well educated and experienced with this scenario and have done this many times before. As we have said they will look like you and speak in your language with many answers for your questions. Our planning has opened new vistas of possibilities for us and this gives you more options for improvement and not only that but moves you ahead at a faster clip than was thought in the past. Our contacts are continuing to increase in numbers and we build daily on these with offers of help and answers to the many questions that are posed.

We consider the many time frames for this contact and will choose the most appropriate one when the time comes. It is advantageous to pick an appropriate time for this when considering your political atmosphere and this side of the equation has not been that good. Everyone is thinking of the position for a Presidential election vote and we want the light on us when contact happens. Our first visit has to be known to all and right now it would not be foremost in the mind of the people. We want to be on stage center front as it were. Maybe with a spotlight.

We move on to artificial holograms that were planned by your controllers to show that we are enemies and to be destroyed. This will not take place and you should not have to worry when our landings occur for they will be real and there will be no holograms for you to wonder about. We will be real and authentic. We will see to that. I’m not sure what other nefarious proceedings your negative people might have but they should be taken care of before they are implemented. Take care that you do not fall for any rhetoric of a negative nature that will surface and be used against you with lies and fabrications of harm and destruction for we are of peace and will always be. We have so much to look forward to it is amazing.

Now for delightful aspects of this first encounter. There will be those chosen to meet with us and I wish it could be each and every one of you but that just is not possible. Some of you will have to see us on your televisions and read of us in your publications. We will try to get around to all of your cities in time and you will lay eyes on us for yourselves to see that we are real and not some demon from the skies as in some of your history and legends. This will take time and do not expect instant aliens everywhere on earth. We usually do not do instant contact with everyone and it would be such a shock for your minds. It must be done with monitoring of your reactions and this will determine how fast or how slowly it will take place. We endeavor to get it right the first time.

We take our leave now and continue our work on contact as this is going well and we are most pleased.

I go in peace now and wish you would do the same.

I am Prosper

September 14, 2020

Let us begin. It is with pride and joy that I address you this morning. Pride in the spirit of the people of the world and joy that this has gone so well regarding the reception that we have received. I congratulate you on your understanding of the reality of your plight and the concept of what we represent to you. As I have said before we are here to help in response to your prayers and wishes for a better life. We are connecting on a record level now with continued new contacts and we continue to converse with those already contacted and we answer their questions. It is continuing to be a challenge to answer your questions for they are far reaching in quite a few topics and I continue to be amazed at the depth of thought that has gone into them. My team is uplifted also that they can be involved in this monumental historical event of the contact with earth people and we are honored.

Now let us discuss attrition as it pertains to dropping out of the human race. So many of you have given up completely and dare not believe or have hope in a worthwhile future anymore. It is much easier on your emotions to do so and we understand that feeling. You are not so deeply disappointed but you are also not in joy or happiness at any time. Many of you are numb to most all emotions now because of what you have been through with many disappointments and cannot find the will or a way to climb out of this state of mind. We encourage you to feel again for the happiness and joy you seek is available, not somewhere on the outside of you, but within you as you connect with your Creator and with the Father of all beginnings. It is a healing process and certain events will help you with this process and once again you will feel the magic and joy of not only existing but thriving in the energies available to you, which are freely given. All you have to do is accept them and learn to take advantage of them. The mind tends to want to protect itself against further depression and disappointment and this is a somewhat natural response but can lead to nowhere in a hurry. Be courageous and learn to trust again in yourself and in your future, please.

On the other hand there are those thriving already in the new vibrations that have been given and are making grand headway in a positive direction on their path. We are overjoyed at the prospects we see for so many of you and your creative abilities are budding and ready to be used and we give you encouragement on this issue to begin to do this very thing. Our point of view gives us an overall picture but each of you is beginning to discover what opportunities are available and you are considering earnestly the potential that could occur for you. We are most delighted every time we see someone come out of their protective shell and attempt to create something new in their lives for themselves or their family that will improve the happiness and the quality of their lives. It is a small celebration when this happens and we do not pass up the opportunity to be pleased and overjoyed as this happens.

We go now and continue to lay the solid foundation for further and future information to be given to each of you on a much larger basis. We are uplifted and see our way clear now for much progress in this avenue.

I go in peace as I hope you will.

I am Prosper

September 13, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that we review all our contacts this morning and plan for a positive future. We have continued to reach out to all we can and have added many more to our list of people contacted. It is heartwarming at the positive response from a large number of these contacts. In the past our attempts were not nearly so successful. Our plans are solidifying now and the information we are giving them is laying a very sold groundwork for the future relationships. We are thinking that this basis for trust cannot be destroyed by anyone. We continue to enlarge our numbers and continue to answer their questions and they are very thoughtful questions giving us the knowledge that people are very intelligent where aliens are concerned. They know how to get to the relevant details and we are impressed.

Now it is with this information that we proceed and onto the next level of understanding on your part. This fact giving session brings us to another level and a higher understanding of a possible relationship between you and the aliens who are here to help at this time. We know there have been those aliens in the past that were not of the best intentions and what surprises us is that our contacts seem to know this also and are drawing the distinction between us and the ill intended. This is good. It is important that we are believed and that aggression is avoided when we attempt to approach on a much lower level with our craft. This is coming soon because of the work we re doing but mainly because of the mental attitude of the individuals we are contacting. We have highly underestimated their comprehension and their ability to weed out the wheat from the chaff. Probing questions you would not believe and we have had to put our thinking caps on high alert to answer some of their questions. This is challenging for us and also rewarding. We are delighted to do this very thing on your behalf but we are also surprised that we are learning about your societies in the process and the depth at which you cannot be fooled. Let us go for it!

We reach new heights in our achievements because of you. Our road ahead now looks much better and the plans continue for this grand disclosure, even though it started at a low level approach. The time line offers a much better choice of avenues to your education and we plan to take full advantage of them. Thank you for this.

We go now and continue to reach out with greetings to new listeners and with answers for older contacts. The questions just keep coming and we are so enlightened at the ingenuity of their thinking for they keep us on our toes at all times. So sorry we underestimated your ability to catch onto what the dark is doing for their hiding behind lies and deception is gone now and their real mission is out in the open for all to see and that is just what is happening. All are seeing the truth. The dark are no longer in control. How wonderful this is.

I go in peace now.

This is Prosper

September 11, 2020

Let us begin. It is now that we are seeing some hope for wold disclosure. This has been a long arduous endeavor and it is by no means over but we are closer than we have ever been before. It is with high hopes that we have chosen a method of communication that will work and has proven to be most successful with communicating one on one with the people of earth.

Never would I have thought when we began that we would have this much success with a grass roots trial but it has exploded into a deliverance of information that has astounded us at every turn. The individuals are creative and involved and most eager to hear from us and this is most encouraging for us to experience. It is by no means a done deal but the best reception we have ever had. It continues to expound and improve with each repeated contact. The questions are imaginative and show thought and intelligent mental acuity at every turn. We are amazed at the depth of their questions and endeavor to answer with truth and expedience. We are thankful.

Now onto other things. Let us discuss the disclosure for a minute and see where it takes us. Upon the education of enough people that this information travels to enough people that they become informed regardless of their government’s restrictions, then we can talk about visitation of our ships on a more closely involvement to the point of landing. That is a real possibility now with this background we are establishing. We have never before been this close and it is quite enjoyable to consider.

We plan for this but to see it in actual deployment is something else entirely for it is rather involved with pitfalls and failures. It must go well on the first try to establish a good and lasting bond with the people of earth. This is our goal and our focus when it happens. There are key cities that we will target and they will remain unspoken until the time of the event. It is foreseen that a dialogue in person is feasible and can happen upon your invitation and for this we await. There is a lot depending on the questions you ask after we land and the information you seek to know. This will guide us into more lengthy communication with you and we form our delivery upon your inquisitiveness and responses. We look forward to the challenge.

Now let us speak of aggression. We know there are factions of you that will quickly think of violence against us and we are prepared for that. We plan to wait until the event has taken place and most if not all of these violent thought forms will be removed or lessened to a large degree. The event is quite powerful in its capability to transform your outlook and heart in that it gives you a different approach from a loving point of view and encompasses you with the power of the Father’s love and light. This is trans formative to all it touches and no one is exempt from being touched by this when it happens. Why would you want to be excluded as this is the most powerful force of love and compassion you will encounter in a long while. It is a gift and thanks should be given for it. We certainly do.

Now the aftermath of contact and disclosure. At your behest we will work a plan of education on a face to face basis and let it take off from there. We are nearing that point and when the avenues of communication are open then you can start to receive the long term information to streamline your industry, health care and other areas, as you wish. It is by your invitation and we will oblige to give you what you need to improve your lives. There have been lots of promises made on our part and we will follow through with them. This is the time of proof is in the pudding, so to speak. See what we can do when given the chance. We are at your disposal.

Continue to pray for this influx of information in the way of answers to continue with the HAM radio operators for it is continuing to expound in exponential numbers at present. We hope for the best to a more personal conclusion.

Let us continue to communicate on whatever level is appropriate at the time and we will get further down the road to bringing about the new world for you to enjoy.

I go now and continue with our efforts in this matter. Go in peace for I will.

I am Prosper

September 10, 2020

Let us begin. It is with gratitude that I begin today with feelings of advancement for the communication with the HAM operators. They are quite the group and much inquisitive about us and our way of life. They have many questions and we are glad to answer them. I seek to inform on a grand scale and this is one way to do it. I am guessing that we have contacted more than 6,000 operators and this does not include their word of mouth to relatives and friends. It is a grand start and we are still in progress with this avenue. It has authenticity and a one on one basis which is what is needed for this trial. I am greatly pleased at their reception which is better than most any reception we have been able to get anywhere else so far. The news continues to travel at a rapid rate and information will continue to be given in this manner.

Now let us go on to other things. We have heretofore given you generalities of subjects and I was hoping by now that we would get down to specifics but that has not happened. We still have plans to do so and this, of course, is at your offer and discretion. The information for great advancement we do have and are willing to offer it to you for all areas you are interested in. Please, just ask us and we will design a delivery based on your needs and questions. I am hoping something will open up shortly in several areas where we can offer great information to you. We are here to serve, after all.

Now let us talk of importance of diet and liquids you consume. Your foods are devitalized and not only that they contain many harmful substances which shorten your length of life and also the quality of it. The liquids you drink are harmful for the most part and also contain chemicals not good for your body. We recommend fruit juices and clean water, which is becoming in short supply upon your earth. Let us talk of fried foods. They are more difficult to digest and clog the arteries and cause heart problems and sometimes heart failure. It is recommended that you refrain from fried foods altogether and switch to baked, steamed or broiled. Meat eating is also not conducive to good health as it contains harmful injections of hormones and animal fats that remain in your arteries and then harden to obstruct blood flow. Rather we recommend vegetables and fruits for maintaining good health and a longer life span.

Now that we have your attention I see that your election for president is campaigning away and the lines have been drawn in the sand. It will be a wordy battle to say the least and will be in the news for awhile until the election is held. Suffice it to say most of it is smoke and mirrors and the true character of the people running does not come out but the well arranged version of what the public needs to be fed. It is a sales job in the highest degree and the product being sold is a front for what is going on behind the scenes to control the people before during and after the election. It is undecided at this time what the outcome will be and if any big event will happen before the election. We do not know.

Suffice it to say we are also looking into our crystal balls for answers at this time. It all depends on how things are laid out and how Gaia responds to her earth changes for she is in charge.

We hope that you will remain in peace and no matter what happens will express yourselves without violence and destruction. I go now in Peace and hope that you also will.

I am Prosper

September 9, 2020

It is with sadness that I continue to attempt some type of positive reaction in the mass media. These people have a deep control over their employees and this seems to be permanent under some kind of threat to them or their families. I can understand their fear and reluctance to give in under those circumstances but somehow we must prevail on this issue.

We continue to make headway with our HAM radio operators and this is going well to say the least. This has been a complete success and we notice more and more people being informed of our presence through word of mouth and this is good. We are answering their questions and giving them this information is eroding their reluctance to have closer communication with us on a personal level.

Now, let us begin to explore the possibility that this method of information might just possibly be enough to get the job done, even thought it is a slow process. Getting information to the people is the overall goal and that is being done through this avenue. It continues to be the best thing we have tried so far. I continue to reiterate that the power is with the people and this is a good example. We will continue in these conversations with the operators and by crackie we will get it done.

Now let us discuss amplitude as it pertains to ground vibration and earthquakes. There is so much pressure right now on the tectonic plates of your earth that it is quite dangerous and poses a real threat for massive earthquakes at any time in the most vulnerable areas of your plate activity and movement. We warn you of this but are at a loss to say when this will happen and which area will be the first for activity. When this starts it will most likely have repercussions in other areas and will cause more activity to begin. We have no defense against this as Gaia has been free now to do what she needs to do and this is her call. We stand by to be of assistance to you in time of need and this would be one of them if this happens on a grand scale. I have no other solution for this as it is quite near to happening.

We go now to continue our communication with many in your world that show interest and have questions that need to be answered. They have this freedom and we are standing by to assist them in their education concerning us. Be at peace with this and we continue to have hopes of greater dispersal of information concerning disclosure but for right now this is it.

I am Prosper

September 8, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy and sadness that I address you this morning. We have been successful in our contact with so many individuals and the response is good. But our contacts are not in a position to enforce any pressure upon the mass media to print or speak of their contacts. They are blocked out of any recognition in a larger way. Their experiences with us continue to be told and information grows exponentially to others at this time and it is on going. This is good but our main goal was a world wide mass news blitz of our contact and arrival, a disclosure on a grand scale. The contacts that we have made are glorious and individuals now realize that we are here and are not going away. We are friendly and benevolent and are here to help and this is so much more that was ever expected. We continue with answering their questions for furthering their knowledge of us and our ways and purposes.

How is it that news like this can be blocked from a bigger picture and getting it to the people on a mass scale? We do not know. It will continue to be tried and pleas of broadcast will be offered to the mass media but it is still roadblocked at present. I am perplexed at this situation. What will our next step be? I do not know.

For our lesson let us discuss obedience of the individual to God’s laws and commandments. First apprise yourself of his laws and commandments and know them by heart. Take them into your being and study them over and over until you have them down. Then strive to comply with them on a daily basis and in all aspects of your life. They are real and you will be held accountable for them when the time comes for your life review. I kid you not, they will be the benchmark of your life’s assessment and records are kept of everything in your life. It is no problem for your life to be pulled up for review when your life is over and the reckoning begins. It will come. Be advised.

Now for other things. It has been noticed that you are living more fully and on a larger scale of freedom and it is looking good to us that you are venturing out in your abilities to express yourselves and this is the start of growing and learning new things. Continue on this scale and you will advance by leaps and bounds. It is a wonderful sight to see and was the original goal for this planet that you do so. Our hearts are full of happiness for you, even if you do not realize what is happening at the moment. Please continue.

Now let us discuss revitalization of the economy. It is coming in an open manner and you will have more funds available to you to enrich your lives but be careful how you spend this new money. Do not squander it on frivolous items and trinkets or toys for you to play with. Enrich your lives with meaningful items to better your lives to gain more time to relax and enjoy the life you have been given. Use it to serve others and to recover the freedoms you have been denied for all these years. Use it to gain better health so that you can enjoy the rest of your lives in happiness and continued freedoms. Just some advice from me personally that I give to you when this money is given for you to do with as you please.

Now, we will continue to get this HAM radio contact information brought about in a way that it will be picked up by the media and in this way we will contact ALL the people of earth. As it stands now we have made great inroads into the population of earth and quite frankly this is much more than we ever expected to do when we started. Such a good manner of delivering information and you’d think this would be newsworthy but alas, it has not been picked up on any big network. I feel there is a deliberate block and there still remains a large control umbrella over all the media. It will not continue. I go now in peace and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper